IPhone 5 FaceTime Using Straight Talk

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cooking with C wade: tell me someone call the freaking numbers he just showed on freaking youtube

Dulnath Perera: how to do it in iphone 5s

JaschaMotiv: Thats not he in tha screen haha he hold his iPhone 📱Fake Video

Latadrian Varnado: You take to long

Dodge Man: Can i buy one someplace cheaper and put the straight talk sim in it? Will it work?

Yong Yang: Do you know if this will work on H20s network?

Girl cray cray For chocolate: Thank you soo much

Joxiel Romero: straight talk? carrier? never heard of it. I just use verizon

quickie vapes: So I can go to walmart and purchase the iphone 5 with the $45 unlimited straight talk plan and I can do facetime without using wifi?? It will work just fine with the coverage that it comes with or whatever????


Chip: FaceTime me at ericd2186@gmail.com

Makanahei: Sounds like your taking a crap hahaha

BlackSadCat: Wharap!!!

Fernando Romo: its all right bad ass cooll

hanni6022: facetime me at hanni6022@gmail.com

Otávio Martinelli: B R A S I L

Anon-o-moose: where did u get ur iphone 5 from att? apple?

Nishani Medagoda: Ok

Hoqbi Abdulla: thats what i mean i have an ATT iphone 5.. it wont let me turn it on over cellular data.. my phones also factory unlocked

Hoqbi Abdulla: why is it that when i try turning my facetime on over cellular data a pop-up comes up and tells me to contact att? i cant turn it on :(

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iPhone 5 FaceTime using Straight Talk 5 out of 5

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