Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts

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Fu: Sweet! Looks just like the Lyman lube.

tractorman96: whats a lubrisizer?

bapabob: I watched the video again and I caught a phrase you used. "Field expedient" Last time I heard that phrase, I was running a long wire from a flag pole over to a roof top to get an HF link back to the states! Thanks for jarring my memory of the good old days! Try chilling the washed on ice before pouring the wax, it may help set up the bottom faster and stop leaks. Just an idea.

Iraqveteran8888: Will do thanks.

Iraqveteran8888: Thanks for sharing... As long as it saves money ,right? I mean crap...4 bucks for one stick of lube...ouch!

RemMan700: Looks good. Do you have to have a hole in the center? The Javalina lube didnt look like it had a hole in the center.

metalhead2508: Lard will turn rancid. It's rendered pork fat. You want an organic material.

bapabob: Looks like that is a winner. You could always vary the center hole size by using a wooden dowel or pencil if you needed a larger hole.

Iraqveteran8888: For there sticks, I'm using 50/50 homemade Alox and Beeswax. I poured about a .5 LB tray of Beeswax, then poured in about a half bottle of Lee Liquid Alox. The lube is not too hard and not too soft...About the same consitancy as the Commercial 50/50 Javelina.

AA550cord: As always nice vid. Great idea.

iconhelmets: what is that for like what does it do?

jackdpowell: I am very impressed with your thought process. My question is why the need to form it all? Is it plausable to pour the heated lube directly into the sizer via the baster?

Schpankme Verimuch: @Iraqveteran8888 .. you can also use cheap (dollar store) Extra Hold Hair Spray as the Mold Release Agent.

Iraqveteran8888: This is 50/50 ALOX and Beeswax. I added just a litle but of crisco to make the lube flow a little better and I added 1 whole bottle of liquid Lee Alox. It would go 2 pounds of Beeswax, 1/2 pound of Crisco, and 1 bottle of Liquid Lee Alox. Adjust the crisco to desired hardness.

VRMN8R: Good job man! I love your "brainstorming session". Ingenuity at its finest.

Xbones801X: very good idea Eric. i cast my first bullets last weekend and plan on trying out my Lubrisizer for the first time tomorrow. was looking at replacement sticks at $5 a piece and knew there would be a better way. which home made lube recipe you use so i can do this.

Swagman00: Perhaps an odd idea, but if you have a mini fan blowing at the base of the PVC, it might cool the wax fast enough to "cap" the leakage.

HeelaMonster: Finally got around to trying this method to make lube sticks, and let me tell you, it works fine! I sprayed the inside of the PVC with some PAM, and they slid right out! Thanks for posting this video, lo those many years ago!

Nater018: Gotta be a Marine...great job Devil Dog!

Iraqveteran8888: Its my turkey baster...lol

Iraqveteran8888: I know that the idea needed a little polishing up, but really this was just a brainstorming session that I caught on video. I do that alot. I don't even own a Lyman Lubrisizer, but plan on getting one. Funds are short...lol At least I will have a cheap source of lube. $3.99 a tube....OUCH.

K1LLROY100: Love this kind of ideas. Cheaper is always better!! Great work mate.

randrbullets: Use 3/8" threaded rod, on a board. & 1" copper piping cut to a length of 41/2".If the seal is good on the board, pour your melted mix SLOWLY into the piping cavity. Let cool (a hair dryer on "no heat" setting, When cool or still slightly warm to the touch, "unscrew" the piping from the rod. Let cool some more. After all is cool, then warm up the outside of the piping slightly and use a 1" dowel to push out the lube stick from the piping. Works great for me, been at it quite a while (old guy!)

Iraqveteran8888: @squid1230 Rem oil...I just sprayed it with gun oil. Try some mold release agent if you have it. That or make sure your lube isn't too brittle or hard.

Iraqveteran8888: That would ultimately be the best way to work it. In the case of my bench here, the scilicone dishes are nice becauseno product is wasted. If it spills or leaks, just chunk the little peices back in the mix. I like PVC also because its cheap. I like cheap. Talk to you soon.

Iraqveteran8888: LOL....I know....I can picture a big assembly line and little tubes of PVC pipe.....

metisman100: why not just use lard its what they used back in the day

Iraqveteran8888: @stainless1911 I start off with a half bottle of Lee liquid Alox and go from there.

Neil Carpenter: Is the alox measured by weight, or volume? Is it Lee liquid alox?

jdstep: FYI - You are correct that lube sticks are 1" x 4", but your hole is too small a bit off center. It needs to be 3/8" diameter. I found some 3/8" aluminum tubing to make my molds and set up a tray that holds 10 at once. Great way to save bucks if you use a lot of lube.

mejt223: Is that an RFID braclet your wearing?

ironworker978: I have been trying some pan lubing, but I am having some of the bullets come out of the pan with no lube in the grooves. Have you run into this problem

Iraqveteran8888: @cory8791 I haven't bought a luberisizer yet, but I know for a fact they will work perfectly.

Iraqveteran8888: Thanks. I try my best to get the most bang for my buck and my viewers (no pun intended).

copyrman08: where did you get the alox ? did you use lee or some other brand.?

Iraqveteran8888: Sometimes this redneck engineering works out...lol

copyrman08: @squid1230 rem oil is remington gun oil

Iraqveteran8888: Its center. This is just to get people thinking.

Iraqveteran8888: No...It's a KIA braclet for some guys our unit lost in Iraq

cory8791: how did it work out?

The45Shooter: Worked perfect. I shall copy this! Link this to castboolits Sir.

Dennis Brenningmeyer: Keep brainstorming. Thanks!

squid1230: What the heck is rim oil, and where can I get some? I tried this process minus the rim oil and I can't get the hardened lube out of the tube.

stevestreet01: Once agian bro, very nice!

RemMan700: My God... Does your mom know you are using her turkey baster again? LOL j/k

bigbuckjeff1: Is that Barry Darrs formula of lube?

Iraqveteran8888: Glad it helps. Thanks.

Iraqveteran8888: You can pour the lube directly in, yes. I suppose in the giant scheme of things its just easier to pour out about 20-25 sticks and be set for a year or more. You could always make a mold containing about 6 of the tubes you can turn out several at a time.

North Carolina Prepper: since you done have a lubrisizer before you mail it out. have some one that has one measure the hole im thinking 1/4 inch.

Ammosmith Reloading: Looks like it would work. The center threaded shaft in the Lyman is 1/4" stick...You can also use floss to cut it. I was thinking of doing the same thing but using a hole saw and a drill and set up a board to hold the PVC recessed into the hole and a wood dowel or nail shaft for the center.

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts 4.9 out of 5

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Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts
Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts
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