Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts

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Steven Lemaster: Pretty cool idea in my opinion

iamtheleadmagnet: why not just make it in blocks and then heat and then poor it in the luber sizer no need for molds or sticks then

strangefire1: first one?

K1LLROY100: Love this kind of ideas. Cheaper is always better!! Great work mate.

HeelaMonster: Finally got around to trying this method to make lube sticks, and let me tell you, it works fine! I sprayed the inside of the PVC with some PAM, and they slid right out! Thanks for posting this video, lo those many years ago!

metalhead2508: Lard will turn rancid. It's rendered pork fat. You want an organic material.

metisman100: why not just use lard its what they used back in the day

Justin Schubert: try Pam or any other none stick spray you can also use water glass(SODIUM SILICATES) but it is toxic and should only be used with clay plaster or metal molds (porous materials)... a good cheap stand by is Vaseline.

The45Shooter: Worked perfect. I shall copy this! Link this to castboolits Sir.

nbadhorse: Did you give the recipe for the mixture?

shakeval: would WD40 work just as well?

Swagman00: Perhaps an odd idea, but if you have a mini fan blowing at the base of the PVC, it might cool the wax fast enough to "cap" the leakage.

Schpankme Verimuch: @Iraqveteran8888 .. you can also use cheap (dollar store) Extra Hold Hair Spray as the Mold Release Agent.

VRMN8R: Good job man! I love your "brainstorming session". Ingenuity at its finest.

Nater018: Gotta be a Marine...great job Devil Dog!

Mig Lasik: freakin ball sack lick

camerl2009: @tractorman96 lol it lubes and sizes cast bullets

bigbuckjeff1: Is that Barry Darrs formula of lube?

tractorman96: whats a lubrisizer?

Josh Allen: @copyrman08 I believe hes using Lee liquid Alox that comes in the 4oz bottles...

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Homemade Lubrisizer Bullet Lube Sticks- Initial Thoughts 5 out of 5

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