How To Setup Google Chromecast

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Alberto Valdes: making it a better product would be if I can tether this Lil turd to my phone where I won't need both to be on WiFi! that would make it a better experience not just for me but alot of people

Synthetic Dawn: meegopad t02 has windows on it already and much better then this crap

CutieGlaze17: I love this product!! Easy to use and so fun to play around with

Simon charnley: Does 4od work with it from phone?

The White Knight In the Comments: Biggest Mistake I've Ever Made In Buying a Product... Doesn't work at all... I'm not the only one. 

Eva Segovia: Do you need wifi for this ??

Anthony Stone: So really if you don't have a Netflix account this just makes youtube show up on a bigger screen? Lol

Parris Jones: I am having the worse hardest time connecting the Chromecast wifi to my s3. When I click the Chromecast name it says "Internet Not Available." I went over a friends house and my phone connected to his. Someone told me to call Linksys, they said my router was outdated. So I upgraded to the series they recommended(e2500) and it's still saying the same thing! I used my sister's s4 and it connected right away. I don't understand it must be something wrong with my phone. Please help!

jacob smith: What all devices does this work on

Rosanna Martinez: im having a hard time do I need to have my own wifi in order to set up please help

DaveGX: I have a ?  When you connected, was your WiFi connection from your phone like a WIFi app?  Reason I'm asking is because I have a WiFi hotspot app on my phone called FoxFi, and I can't seem to figure out why, rather than detecting neighbors' WiFI, it won't seem to find mine.  I'm not sure what to do.

str8upme2: I'm using the same phone u have as well sir my wifi has a wep key would that stop it

str8upme2: Frustrated mines keep saying it needs set up it won't connect to my wifi!!?? Won't let me get to the see code sign?

Hugo G: Hey Need your help installed the chromecast in my computer and phone, tablet my phone and tablet works just fine but when I try it in my computer it wont find it I don't know what to do any ideas thanks. PS: good video

C Berry: Thanks for showing the ability to skip ahead in a video that's being streamed. I wasn't sure if it had this capability. Quite a few reviews I've seen didn't mention that feature.

Marky Rob: I want one, I'm in the UK though

Shane Phillips: i juist ordered one

MrJeffw223: Great job

VMini91: You can power it through your tv if your tv has a usb port on it so there isn't a need to plug it in the wall. Google released a great product with this. This will be perfect for my dorm at school

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How To Setup Google Chromecast 5 out of 5

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