4l60e Transmission Shift Solenoid Replacement

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Priscilla Garica: my is a 1995 and its be doing no reverse its 4 days now.

Sea Life: Are one of this solenoids spring loaded?? my one came out fine put the other flew right out almost a foot scared the hell out of me...

Ernest Cantu: Do you have the take the pan off to get to the solenoids?

Jack Hawk: Thanx for the close up view.. about to do this on my h2.. have no 1st or 4th the check engine light code says solenoid 1-2 bad.. hope this works and doesnt need to go to the shop.

SL Alexander: 2007monte carlo
no reverse,shifts and drives!But once u put the van n gear, every gear selection becomes drive
neutral,and reverse becomes drive! They don't pull as hard but they will pull the car foward. Any ideas or is this one broke?

Sam Larossa: You rock!!!!

Truth Game: what model caddy is this?

LightningSurvivor 14: what happens if that metal valve component pops out?

Roger Hendrix: I have a 2002 1500 Silverado I bought it and on my way home it had first second and third on the exspress way I lost third so I had to drive it at a high rpm I had a friend put another tranny in which he swore it was good and shifting and its doing the same thing other  than taking off in third or I can drop it down in one and bring it up in three theres no 2 or over drive I unplugged the harness and it did shift in 2 a  couple of times when it was cold on its own but it snatched or jumped in 2 ?????????

farrukh ali: I have 2006 Chevy TrailBlazer 4.2 V6 and its have a hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Do you recomend to change the solenoid? And do I have the same solenoid in my truck?

Andy Pac: Young chap, are these solenoids under the transmission or on top? Can I change them without jacking the car up or does it have to be on a ramp? Do I have to drain the transmission fluid too? Thanks.

On The Way Home: what is the pig grunting sound for crying out loud??

Adrian De Leon: i have a 2005 trailblazer 4.2 v6 is it the same?


Michael Montoya: I have a 95 gmc suburban, it has no power if I go from park to drive, if I start in second it goes fine but I have to manually make it shift with the column, 2nd till about 35 mph then kick it in to drive, rpms don't drop at all unless I shift it myself, if I start in drive out will speed up I can even drive on the highway hit 85 but it don't want to shift what is this?? how do I fix it? engine light comes on and off

Cub cadet: thanks, very simple procedure for anyone mechanically inclined. my 03 stopped shifting into 4th and was thinking about paying the local GM dealer to do this,.but after watching,,i will do myself.

John Work: What was the transmission doing mine drives around good in 1st when you goto 2nd with foot on the gas it goes Into a neutral state HELP?!?!?!?

milldabeast519: hey i gotta auto 2002 s10 and when its shifting or up and around that shifting rpm range i hear a annoying "chirp" or "ching" very faintly and it sounds like its the tranny... any ideas? thanks

thomas martin: I have a 2001 Aurora change the shift cylinder twice not doing it again do you think I have a bad transmission how long do they last

Lamar Grand: I have a 93 suburban and my speedometer won't work and it won't shift i have first gear and second gear but no 3 or 4 and it reverse gud what can be the problem i change the vss sensor

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