Cheap Solar Tracking

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mmmkkkk: @meiralfasi can i direcly connect battery to servo without using servo adjuster??

jhuckable: her's my email. thank you

fwu5022: 省錢有效

1125RBuellrider: Awesome! One thing tho, the sun does not go back and forth, it goes one direction. Once the sun goes down, it will stay pointed at the last place the sun was. When it comes up in the morning, the light will be coming up from the other direction, so the servo may not move backwards until noon...


hannes mayer: Very great Idea!! What are the specifications of the photo resistors? I´ll try this too

Max jAN: great video and great thanks

mmmkkkk: can i direcly connect battery to servo without using servo adjuster??

TheXXSCOPEDXx: Can you do this without a servo drive?

arul narayanan: Good :)

torcente: bravo, respect you, I shall cheer for you

Yves-Samuel Bédard: @meiralfasi yeah after a little moment I finally finished to discover the name on it. But thank you :)

madisre: can i use fps 3003 in place of fps 148? is it okay?

justgivemethetruth: OK .. so how does it reset overnight back to the east?

michael970: Great video I may have to give it a shot.nice project for me and the kids.Thanks for sharing your info.TAKE CARE

KAOS: Wow, I really like your project...brilliant. I will try it out.

TheEPROM9: Power that using a solar engine or solar rechargeable battery's and let it live on the windowsill, nice little toy that will happily follow the sun for years. All mine were built using BEAM robotics. Its a lot simpler than the BEAM designs I've seen and with good sensor positioning a lot better at tracking, although the swaying motion of BEAM designs does make it interesting to look at. It's always nice to see such devises created, and they can be quite useful.

tascrafts: That's ingenious!

JRBeaman: Cool project. Great tracking that is easy to make, and low cost.

Flyin777: Could this same circuit be used on a large solar panel using a more heavy duty servo?

Gustavo Araiza: happens when the sun goes down the photocells will seek the sun in the morning

tsbrownie: That is great. Suggestions on how to scale it up to 240watt panels?

Outboundz: now i understand why chemtrails are sprayed it freaking struck me like lightning

mmmkkkk: i already solder the three wires same as you.. but i didnt use servo adjuster, just direct from battery to servo.. but its seems not working.. servo adjuster just for test/adjust the servo rotation right??

mrsamjam1999: Can you explain beter the electronic board because the wirering is confusing looks like you remove one wire when u soldering please , good video.

garabini NJM: Hi meirafasi, or anybody that can respond my question if may i use the eletric antenna rotatorcould i reach the same results or soif yes i will apreciat if sombody give me some information about that , thank you every one,njm663

Bubblytubebob: How do I make that servo connect to a big enough motor that can turn a 2000 lb solar array ?

lahim55: Hi, can you please write the type of photo-resistor? THX

Archie Archie: Awesome video. Thank You for sharing

iwill920ya .: awsome idea thks

Meir Alfasi: @bluefusion99 You have to solder the new three wires to the three pins of the servo potentiometer , its basically connected in parallel .

avatordanb: Very clever and so simple. Great idea. I suppose one could use the servo arm to activate micro switches to control motors for a larger device, such as solar panels or a parabolic heater.

321RCHeli: @midodiali RC nicad batteries like the one shown only use 2 wires. Even though they plug onto 3 pins, only 2 of them are for power and the remaining pin is for the servo position "signal", which is not used in a battery connection. In other words, the third connection on the battery plug is not actually connected to the battery.

Meir Alfasi: Thank you . It is important to center the dial on the servo tester.

AZRIL ANUAR: can i replace the servo motor with DC gear motor.???

TheCodingProductions: awesome thank you!

Thomas H: Nice and simple, I like it.

bluefusion99: I have a Parallax Continuos Rotation servo, I have opened it up and located the potentiometer. The only problem is that the Positive, Negative and Ground wires for the servo are already soldered to the 3 pins of the potentiometer. Where should I solder the new 3 wires???

parkstc: I made a Mini Solar Tracker according to your idea. Thank you for your kind instruction.

mrdrumsauce: very cool, nice work, thanks for posting this

Meir Alfasi: @Yvessam Yes it is SPORE I'm glad that you have recognised it..

rantsila: @1125RBuellrider You are right, but you can make a switch that will return it back to the same place where it started. It will switch off the servo and turn it on when back.

shartne: How big of servos can be bought ? I am think can I make it power a solar panel thats 5 or 10 pounds?

tdennison22: Do you have to use the servo adjuster? Or can you just connect the battery directly to the servo?

steamlilly: I need to make a /light sensitive switch for my dark room (cuz I don't want to use separate AC adapters for each locker) And all i find is solar tracker! Anybody can help? :)

Antipico: Nice project but neets servo mod.. I have a similar project on my channel. It uses single 555 timer (0.2$) to control the servo, still not a microcontroller. With that the servo can be controlled with any 0-5V voltage source. i.e. it can be used to make a self balancing robot and so can this!

tomli123001: This is amazing and I hope I have thought of that when I was doing my uni solar thesis project.....

Ram Gueta: אתה נשמע ישראלי!

onblur: Good work. I was planning on doing something more elaborate, but it seems kinda silly now. Your solution is really impressive, and way more simple and straight forward. Thanks for the helpful video!

Alexander1560: nice video, here you can an advanced solar tracker :

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