Chevy V8 Engine Animation

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Fordman Truck: music ruined the vid

pool2002: I was listening to paralyzer then switch mid song to this video....

dash captures of Vermont: now to explain what certain components do what and are called, that would be nice

Christophe Daucé: Let's see my 350 on stand with zoomies exhaust ! It has some sound :-)

JESÚS GÓMEZ ALONSO: Is it "fuel injection"..?

Felix Müller: v8 with 16 valves is nonsense

ericou812: would be better without the music and have a dude explain how the engine works

Mat A: Reajust the rockers if it comes loose again you will need new push rods and maybe a cam

oliver morales loza: muy buen video

Mistah Taylah: theres a lil bit more he didnt show. put a engine together with no seals and its not gonna be good

Masmotors: what software is this nice i want it to use

Dustin Young: LOOKING FOR HELP.... bought a 85 c-10 with a done up 350 with aluminum heads, and a nice set of rocker arms and cam, i have had the truck for about a year and just recently started having trouble with some engine knock. i've taken the valve covers off and found a very loose push rod and rocker are on #4 cylinder, im almost ready to pull the heads off and have a closer look any suggestions??????? anyhting wil help ive been told i might have to do a whole cam and timing set

SanDiegoHotRod: I finally bought the Virtual engine dyno but cheaped out and did not get the 3D Engine Builder version. Helps designing small blocks for sure. Seeing the tuned port gave me flashbacks to when I worked at Chevrolet in 1989. I build custom engines now at my own shop (Corvettes and Customs) in San Diego. Looks great but I would have used a bigger Harmonic Balancer. LOL

justforever96: @cncdude1 I take it that you're insinuating that I'm a pimple-faced teenager or something? Wrong. Second, you obviously have no sense if tongue-in-cheek humor, although what I said about nitro Top Fuel engines still being 2-valves is perfectly true. Of course a 4-valve engine is "better" from a performance standpoint, but I like the idea of using a 2-valve just be different. And there is always the Chevy LS and the new Hemi, neither of which suffers much from being a 2-valve, pushrod engine.

Andy vecchi: To bad engines don't put themselves together like that.

irish89055: interesting, though it doesn't say which size V-8.......... best watched on MUTE..

justforever96: @liamcollister A 2-valve (per cyl) engine can match a 4-valve up to the highest levels, with the right cam. Forced induction goes a long way too. Nitro drag engines putting out 8000hp are still using 2-valve OHV Hemis. As for smaller vs larger displacement...a little engine can make the same power as a bigger one, but only at a cost in reliability. A 300hp 2.0L I-4 won't last nearly as long as a 5.7L V-8, if driven at capacity. Besides, 4-valve is so cliche these days...OHV is the standout now!

Pablo Rodríguez: Hi buddy pretty cool video.. Do you know where can I get a combustion engine planes or plots? This is cause I need to do the same work in SolidWorks and I don't know where can I get a 2D drawing with dimensions of a engine and I do not want to spend time measuring a real engine. Thanks

Sidney Pierrot: La grande simplicité de la mécanique Américaine, simple, mais d'une très grande efficacité... :)

elmerhdga: @liamcollister Limey fool, Chev V8's are way outside of your understanding, you are too young, too silly, too uneducated to go futher (sic.) with an explanation that you can't possibly understand.

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Chevy V8 Engine Animation 5 out of 5

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