Gigabyte Z77x-UD5H 3770k Hackintosh Guide

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dragngt: Did you ever get the USB 3 working?

Zeshan Sarwar: Out of your 17,000 views. I think I have viewed more than 500 times. lol. Every time I install I see your video. And I have been installing for past 4 years

ebaymaster: Very helpful! I'm going to save this video in case I decide to dual boot OS X again :)

Alexander Orest: Could you please add the multibeast config/drivers installation for the motherboard in the description field? That would be really helpful! And also any config that needs to be done afterwards! Thanks!

Ry Ry: Good video, but you really ramble through some parts too fast. Especially at the BIOS section. I think your video would be better if you slowed down a bit and spoke clearly. I found myself having to stop and re-play very short segments of this video just to understand what you said. But the information I did get out of it was usefull. Thank you.

Matthew Mohammed: this mobo is the best

Corwin Bermudez: After two days of banging my head against a wall I watched this video and finally got my hack pro up and running! Thanks for posting this, so helpful!

KeyboardWeirdo: Did you use internal graphics while installing or the GTX-670?

Laurence Leonard: tried your settings crashed my Mountain Lion

soicanspeak: Cant understand what you are saying, you are slurring your words, and skipping steps: "youre going to need to get a preexisting installation so you can install giga-base" wtf?! um, ok, sure, Ill do that - ya right!

Scott Barnett: This is the first tutorial that worked perfectly. I was never able to successfully run multibeast without the grey screen. Thkx!

Joe Chiazza: Are there any special bios settings that need to be made?

John Taylor: Tried to follow your UniBeast instructions but in having it create the USB disk with Lion, the installation fails in UniBeast despite me following your instructions exactly. Any ideas or solutions you could suggest ? Thanks !

mano ranjan: its nice

entropy0321: If I'm using a friends computer to dload Mountain Lion for my build, and he already has Mountain Lion on his Mac... Will I be able to download Mountain Lion or at least Lion without changing any of his settings? Sorry, I honestly did google this (even with boolean search) and just haven't found an answer. Thanks in advance:-)

Jessica Anastasio: could you upload screenshots of your bios settings its hard to understand/see in your video. If i have same mobo processor and nvidia gefore gtx 650 should i be good to copy your same settings?

Britton Gream: so i successfully installed OS X with 2 partitions, in order to dual boot, but when i launch the disc for Windows installation, it doesn't allow me to format the unallocated space, bc it is 'GPT' im assuming this means GUID Partition Type.. Any Ideas?

McgregorKLB: I have the exact same setup as you and have a simple question. If I set the time in OSX correct, and then dualboot in W7 the time is 1hour off. If I set it there, then it will change 1hour in OSX. You must know where I am talking about. How did you fix it?! Thanks for your video mate!!

MCvideos: @Shaggythumper99 Same mine is taking forever and I have a little circle with a line trough it.

Ronnsonnn: @HackintoshTechguy I followed every detail and still I get the boot0 thing. I have almost got the same build as you, but my CPU = "i5 3570k" does this make any big difference?? The only way that would be possible to go on the mac is trough the USB but thats not the solution. Please help me anyone?

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Gigabyte Z77x-UD5H 3770k Hackintosh Guide 5 out of 5

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