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Daniel Adkins: very awesome gun

Daniel Adkins: very awesome gun

ConcertOpedia: How you you disengage the pulled backed gun with bullet in the chamber?

milehighac: I'd have to agree with that statement. I always hear people talking about how they have put a few hundred rounds through their gun. I'm like, I put about half of that through my gun each range trip. After, at the very least 600, rounds, I would consider a pistol reliable or not.

platformzero: How's the accuracy? How's the long trigger pull? I'm new to shooting sports. I've heard that double-action-only pistols are not as accurate as single-action. Any problems with this pistol?

kam lau: They got 10 round mags at academy

Gatita Traviesa: nice

Chifte: I would also like to add it wasn't just me firing 3300 rounds through the tiny gun, my lady also enjoys it and has her own now. She probably fired half of them. I think it's bat crap crazy to want a heavy, full size gun to carry around. That's unnecessary, uncomfortable for anyone healthy sized and active. The only people I see talking about carrying full sized pistols are fat guys that never move around or people that don't carry every day. I carry every day, all day, trust a TCP with my life

Chifte: I've a TCP with 3300 rounds through it, I bought it 9 months ago. Yes, I have shot it that much, if you don't believe me and want to go far enough I have all the boxes and most of the receipts. My TCP is meticulously kept. The only issue the TCP has was FTE for the first 600ish rounds, annoyed the hell out of me and almost made me want to sell it but I'm glad I stayed with it and broke it in. Most altercations take place at less than 10 feet, you don't need to be a dead eye to use a TCP.

mistereveready: I know this is an old comment but I own 3 and the quality control is a bit questionable. My Taurus 1911 the rear sight slides side to side. The Judge I have the cylinder is a little loose but nothing detrimental. The new Taurus TCP 738 I got less than an hour ago feels a bit cheap (because it is), and was a total pain to disassemble and reassemble. Taurus is a good brand for people who are on a strict budget.

salembadass: There is a lil hole in the bottom of the pouch to push it up so You can grab it, that's how the pouch works

Ih8stupidhumans: All this adds up to BREAK-IN, and if you're worried about wearing it out, well hey! It has a lifetime warranty. You can never put too many rounds through a gun you are going to protect your, and maybe someone else's, life with.

Ih8stupidhumans: Seems many people commenting on GunWebsites' suggestion to fire 2000+ rounds through one of these clearly have no idea what they are talking about. 200 is just as was stated nothing, it's a good start and will help get a feel for the weapon but it won't be broken in till 1000+ rounds have been put through it. There is nothing wrong with firing this much ammo to test, you need to get used to point shooting this type of pistol, mag changes/ releases, break-downs for cleaning.

suicidemayhem: again, there is no need to fire a handgun 2000 rounds to test reliability. if it will reliably fire 200 rounds, thats plenty to fire when attacked.

suicidemayhem: why? 200 is enough to get used to the gun, especially at only 6 rounds per mag. if you have to fire a gun 2000 rounds to test reliability, there is a problem. if you're getting attacked that often that you spend 2000 rounds defending youself with a handgun, its time to move. if you can reasonably expect it to work for the next 200 rounds after the first 200 firing fine, you're fine. no reason at all to spend 2000 rounds in it, thats ridiculous.

Sgttdc: I've owned my TCP since April and just received my CCP. I was wondering if anyone carried the extended magazine (8 rounds) anywhere?

Jordan Tiemann: This gun is made for concealed carry not realy as a range gun as you can see by the compact, light-weight design. Yes you should be able to take it to the range and get a feal for it ,but if you want a gun that you can put 2000+ rounds through without some small problems than this gun is in my opinion is not it.

quicklady: you put the gun in the pouch upside down and draw it my pushing the gun up from the bottom hole.

titus922: I've this brand new and have shot 400 rounds with it. No problem with FMJ round but jammed up 5 times shooting 25 rounds of hollow point rounds. Anyway it's really a nice concealable pistol to carry around everyday for self defense.

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Taurus TCP 738 5 out of 5

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