Samsung R455C Review

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Sam16: I have this phone, but it does take a lot to get in the internet

Powcoolkid: Price

April TracFone: Hi usnavyseals32654157! This is April from TracFone Wireless. We are willing to help you get this issue situated. Please send us an email with your phone number, serial number and contact number together with your most convenient time for us to call you at

davidsco: Wish you'd show what the texting look like. The font and word wrap

LiS Wright: Does the camera allow you to retrieve pictures and transfer to the computer with a data cable; or do you have to send your photos to another phone? I have the LG500 and disappointed that to retrieve pics I have to send them to someone else. No way to get photos out of the phone into my computer. Please reply.

usnavyseals32654157: I have the same phone and I don't know how to set up voicemail can u please help

usnavyseals32654157: I have this phone and I dont know too set up voicemail can u please help

Jake Kamps: Idk if I'd say 1.3 megapixels is really nice for photos, when my LG enV Touch had a 5 megapixel camera for not much more money on my part. Of course that was with a 2yr contract.

corri batten: No

SpaceboySixFour: Does it have GPS? or Google Maps?

Serenity3325: There is a way to take the airtime off i did it. You have to go into the prepaid menu and it's somewhere there. I don't have it anymore but i know it worked for me.

corri batten: Yes it will let you set up mp3 files as ringtones.

Graven754: Ok, i'm new to tracfone, well phones in general. I plan on getting this phone tommorow, but i would like to know if i can transfer MP3 files onto the phone and then set them as your Ringtone. I'm not talking about the ones that cost you minutes from tracfone. I want to put the Final fantasy 7 victory theme as my ringtone. If anybody knows the answer to this please help me out.

corri batten: no

WildBillHabiki: Does it have a twitter app?

April TracFone: Hi Jerrymprice, my name is April from TracFone Wireless. I have read your post, and I would like to help. The service days information on your phone screen cannot be turned off nor be removed. It is a default feature for all TracFone handsets. Should you have further questions, you may email it to Please include your name, a contact number and your TracFone phone number or the phone serial number. Thank you.

corri batten: Thats a no and i cam make a vid to show you how to put the facebook app on

Janellee26: Does this have where you can take the airtime off the display screen? Thanks. Also, how do you add the facebook app? thanks

Treebranch424: Yes, this is one of the phones that comes with Triple Minutes for Life built in. Mind you, that is true if you are using the phone through Tracfone; I do not know if the triple minutes benefit would work through Net10 or another prepaid provider. You can check out the Tracfone website for more details.

corri batten: Cool can not wait to see it.

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Samsung R455C Review 5 out of 5

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Samsung R455C Review
Samsung R455C Review
Samsung r455c review video
Samsung r455c review video
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