Beauti-Tone Countertop Refinishing Kit

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Roy Ward: Leaving the faucet and sink in place was some lazy and dbag workmanship.

Richard Davis: Looks fabulous but how durable is it?

Thorn Bush: Bought the product and worked well. The countertop in video was in pristine shape compared to mine. However I used Bondi body filler to repair damage since I didn't have days waiting for drywall filler to dry. Coatings dry a lot faster than they say. 2 coats of primer 4 coats of stone coating 2 coats of clear in a day. Would use again if had too

Avril P: Awful product, not happy with it at all. I wore the mask but my lungs got sick right after I used this product. I wasn't that happy with the appearance of the product when finished, would have been better off just replacing the countertops. Countertops have not held up to scrubbing and it stains easily too. I'd pass on this one.

sare4706558: where can i buy this product???

Patricia Moore: This is the exact same video I watched for another brand/product. DAICH Speadstone.

Lucky Cardona: This product is awesome. I did my kitchen countertops,
5 months ago, and they still look great.

Lorraine Bowyer: Would this stone resurfacing product work over Corian?

curquht83: I just used this product on my countertop... here are some tips that they forget to mention ... probaly to make their product seem easier to use for sales.

1) grab an extra all purpose brush or 2, it will come in handy since there are 3 products coating your countertop.
2) doesn't hurt to grab some tray liners or extra trays
3) after sanding, the ''idea'' is to remove the dust to not cloud the finish, use paper towel (it will take a full roll) and water to this. Using just a damp rag will do nothing more than smear the dust all over the place. It takes alot of scrubbing to get all the dust off and the paper towel is a good way to tell if its all gone ( if it wipes clean or has residue on it).
4)Do not use a lot of pressure sanding... go very lightly on all parts of the counter top, or else you will easily scratch it and chip it.
5) prepare for 3 days... not 1 , to have limited to no use of your kitchen area, i.e. eat out, fridge and stove moved off wall.
6) EXPECT inperfections, unless your a proffesional.

The rest is self explanatory as described in the video, it is simple to use, and is worth it if you put the time into it.

الحمد لله: مرحبا ما اسم هذه المادة الاخيره

Lucky Cardona: What type of roller was use for this project?

Pivot Eurl: IS THIS MATERIAL WATERPROOF? i mean will not be damaged by time and water using?

Bathtub Resurfacing Buffalo NY2540: Please take your time with prep work as that is one of the most but sometimes most overlooked area.

Surface Magic llc: Weird but this video is not loading correctly. I tried restarting it but it just sits there without playing.

Surface Magic LLC: If you are going to re-caulk it prior to refinishing it. Then please use a good paintable caulk.

Bobby L Carroll: Did you or do you caulk around the sink edge, faucet and back-splash area with some type of silicone caulk, clear or colored before or after the process is complete or at what point in the process, or do you need to caulk at all? Thanks ahead of time.

J: This is a crapty product, especially for the DIY no experience person. The clear coat is total rubbish. And for the price folks, you can go buy a new counter top and install it in little time, verses applying 6 coats. The clear coat is THIN,even with 2 coats, and in a few years time you'll be asking yourself why you didnt just buy a new counter top as it begins to wear through. PLUS, is it even food friendly? I have my reservations.....

There are soo many better quality products out there for around the same price but offer far more durability.

Lea Lopez: Is there another color besides black, like navy blue?

Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch: this is absolutely beautiful I love it

simon Faulkner: what is this product name

Beauti-Tone® Countertop Refinishing Kit 5 out of 5

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