Deep Plowing

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Maik Scheibe: ein lacher das kleine als Zug

Rolando Riojas: hi, can you give me the model of plow. thanks

LeeAnne Armstrong: wow wow

philipk: Whatever the purpose, you can believe no farmer would use three tractors for no good reason--they watch costs to make a profit.  We didn't break that deeply on the Texas Panhandle.  We went somewhere between 12 and 18 inches.  It breaks up to soil to allow drainage and root development.  The organic matter on the surface is turned under to become humus and over time loosens the soil and adds to its fertility.

Finn Bøgelund: The reason to ploug that deep is to plant Tulip onions also called Bulp, thats why they do it only

Onebadpowerstroke: That's how you break a tractor in half trust me it can be done

tris3050: That was just pornography !

Norman Mcgill: I would think this deep ploughing was because compacted soil is causing poor drainage.Breaking up the soil to a greater than usual dept could improve drainage in a low area.

sickel cell: great top soil .

Jeff: I hate to be the poor bastard that had to go back over the top of this field to smooth it back out so it can be planted again. Bad enough when I go down 10-14" much less this deep.

Charles Gerst: The only thing I see here being accomplished is helping the oil companies produce diesel fuel.

Gareth Ifan: Good job..but why plough so deep?
I'm sure you have your reasons..maybe a once in a lifetime thing..

Roman 6718: Tak tohle se jen tak nevidí )))))))) ani v Rusku páč tam by udělali traktor kterej to utáhne sám .

tim h: I'll bet that dead furrow is a bitch!! lol I wonder why they did it and the results?

Col. James Braddock: Why??
Can someone explain?

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ROBST3R: Why would they need to plow that deep??

Ekbergarna Linus: Why plow that deep?? It must cost a lot to plow with three traktors, three people  driving...fule...etc... You must grow some huge potatoes there to earn something .-)

baddoggie101: What beautiful looking soil.

Tristan102100: don't have a whole lot of experience in agriculture specifically, but i have enough hours to know that that is a great way to break something. unless you are using a breakaway rope

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deep plowing 5 out of 5

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