Stryker 440 Review And Tune

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NickRon06: cq cq cq dx this is BARRY MILLER i got my wheel chock and boat anchor radio workin whats my qsl 

Barry Miller: 4 watts, legal limit on 11. That's why 11 meters is so trashed up and you have to have 1000watts.

Marzinno Lembo: I have an original 440 HP non MOSFET .i believe it has a Motorola final in it.after taking it out of storage for a while in now hums whenever I key can I tell if the final is blown?The needle in the meter does move like it should when keying.And I did have a noise toy put in.But it was always loud and clear.Any help??

Mr. Bob: Hi! I own a Stryker radio, even when I dim the blue lights, it's still to bright. Do you know how to shut it off, or maybe put a switch on the back to turn it on/off? Thanks, Bob

Brian Kellner: @PittmasLegacy you need to have it on band D. That is what a normal 40 channel CB radio runs on. And make siure it is on am

Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs: You npc-rc it.

51nw: always a stupid comment from a dumb ham!

aa9g1: I don't think 99 watts on 11 meters is exactly legal, but on the other hand, we've got CBers running over 1 kW (1,000 watts) here in my hometown just to talk across the street!

Greg Libby: Hello Doug I have picked up a STRYKER 440 H.P. And I would say Mine is at Stock settings about 35 to 40 watts output... No matter where the Power is set at. I would like (YOU'RE MOD) Done to My Stryker How Much does this MOD RUN?? And how do I get the radio to you? Thanks Greg

MATTATTACK JR: I just bought a Stryker 447HPC. Will this be the same on mine or is there more differences between the 2 besides colors?

gatesmw50: @cbrepairguy Well I would be REAL Careful about turning up the DC input supply voltage. You should have a good accurate 10 meg ohm input resistance digital multimeter, not some 20,000 ohm/volt meter. You may THINK you are at 14.9v but it could be over 15 volts with an analog multimeter. Otherwise you'll end up with a nasty surprise. AND for 110 watts versus 90 watts PEP SSB output no one listening to you will know the difference. Nice video though!

cbrepairguy: @D0cTerG0nZ0 Not all but a lot are... The trick is on the set up.

D0ct0rG0nz0: are all 10 meter mods this simple thanks

Raymond Ybarra: Service after the sale is excellant , thank you .

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy how do i get alold of you im in fort worth texas!!! shoot me a email

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy well what is your 20 out there im in fort worth texas email me

Bobby Sports Photograph: @csxmanindiana I fixed it. The jumper goes on the left and middle

Bobby Sports Photograph: On the say to convert to CB goes on the left and center? Which is it...thanks

Bobby Sports Photograph: I bought a 440 used and the thing to convert it was in the middle one sideways. What does that mean and I done what you showed and I just wanted it converted to CB. I hooked it up in my big truck and no come back on CB channel 19 so I hope that fixed it

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Stryker 440 Review and Tune 5 out of 5

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Stryker 440 Review and Tune
Stryker 440 Review and Tune
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