Stryker 440 Review And Tune

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NickRon06: cq cq cq dx this is BARRY MILLER i got my wheel chock and boat anchor radio workin whats my qsl 

Raymond Ybarra: Service after the sale is excellant , thank you .

csxmanindiana: I bought a 440 used and the thing to convert it was in the middle one sideways. What does that mean and I done what you showed and I just wanted it converted to CB. I hooked it up in my big truck and no come back on CB channel 19 so I hope that fixed it

hamtalker2007: i got mine from gi joes south of lexington ky they a dealer and it is a loud radio

51nw: always a stupid comment from a dumb ham!

paraglidermx: You npc-rc it.

SuperTruckerTom: Nice Watt meter. Did you get the optional NIST calibration after you built the kit or did you buy it already assembled and calibrated. For Z28 Google it. It also is a great tool for setting up base antennas.

hamtalker2007: i am starting to like mine i just bought one today

MATTATTACK JR: I just bought a Stryker 447HPC. Will this be the same on mine or is there more differences between the 2 besides colors?

cbrepairguy: @D0cTerG0nZ0 Not all but a lot are... The trick is on the set up.

cbrepairguy: I bought it assembled and calibrated. I didn't bother with the NIST cert. The meter was enough as it was..

BNut86: can you do a review on the ss-158edx

D0cTerG0nZ0: are all 10 meter mods this simple thanks

slowandlowcelica: @cbrepairguy If you know of anyone that has bought the digital vector meter and has the capabilities to actually use the lpc5 coupler. Tell them do not buy and use it in line all the time. I have lost my 32 pill and 24 pill after adding this into the system. I bought mine put together straight from site. Tell them to keep using birds. It is a nice meter but can not with stand the high power as claimed.

gatesmw50: @cbrepairguy Well I would be REAL Careful about turning up the DC input supply voltage. You should have a good accurate 10 meg ohm input resistance digital multimeter, not some 20,000 ohm/volt meter. You may THINK you are at 14.9v but it could be over 15 volts with an analog multimeter. Otherwise you'll end up with a nasty surprise. AND for 110 watts versus 90 watts PEP SSB output no one listening to you will know the difference. Nice video though!

bluejay148: thats a sweet radio there

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy how do i get alold of you im in fort worth texas!!! shoot me a email

DANMAN: Not feeling the digital watt meter. Flat topping for sure, but its CB, so I tend to actually agree with your comment that it may still sound great. Cool video!

Greg Libby: Hello Doug I have picked up a STRYKER 440 H.P. And I would say Mine is at Stock settings about 35 to 40 watts output... No matter where the Power is set at. I would like (YOU'RE MOD) Done to My Stryker How Much does this MOD RUN?? And how do I get the radio to you? Thanks Greg

fordbroncodave: thanks doug, 302minnesotadave

Mr. Bob: Hi! I own a Stryker radio, even when I dim the blue lights, it's still to bright. Do you know how to shut it off, or maybe put a switch on the back to turn it on/off? Thanks, Bob

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy well what is your 20 out there im in fort worth texas email me

csxmanindiana: @csxmanindiana I fixed it. The jumper goes on the left and middle

shawn putnel: i have a 490 and would love for you to be able to get mine over the 150 it does now can you?

csxmanindiana: On the say to convert to CB goes on the left and center? Which is it...thanks

aa9g1: I don't think 99 watts on 11 meters is exactly legal, but on the other hand, we've got CBers running over 1 kW (1,000 watts) here in my hometown just to talk across the street!

cbrepairguy: I can get more than 150 out of it for you.

csxmanindiana: Out of the box what is the watts and how much can you get out of it

Raymond Ybarra: I recieved my radios rci 2950 o/s, stryker-sr-447 hpc and galaxy dx 2547 base station. you did an excellent job. thanks a lot ! my friends say my radios sound very loud and clear. again thanks !

shawn putnel: @cbrepairguy

cbrepairguy: I will try to do one for you.

oney135: what would that radio cost with the mods you did to it

Barry Miller: 4 watts, legal limit on 11. That's why 11 meters is so trashed up and you have to have 1000watts.

PittmanLegacy: Alright, Im not too knowledgable about this kinda stuff.. But, From what I've been told this Radio will not work on regular 40 CB band? How do I get it to work on that band? Thanks.

cbrepairguy: Out of the box you will see about 50 watts of swing. With the mods done you will see about 80 as I have set it. This will last as this power I don't like to go a lot higher because of heat.

davidhinson1: i didnt know a 440 will do 100 watts i though they will onley do 70 watts . but i got a 490 it will do about 150 watts

hamtalker2007: you must be a ham operator to, i love how easy it is to convert that radio i may buy me one

cbrepairguy: @rbybarra60 Thank you..

Marzinno Lembo: I have an original 440 HP non MOSFET .i believe it has a Motorola final in it.after taking it out of storage for a while in now hums whenever I key can I tell if the final is blown?The needle in the meter does move like it should when keying.And I did have a noise toy put in.But it was always loud and clear.Any help??

Raymond Ybarra: You do a great job on my Stryker 440. The radio sounds great!

Brian Kellner: @PittmasLegacy you need to have it on band D. That is what a normal 40 channel CB radio runs on. And make siure it is on am

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
Stryker 440 Review and Tune 4.4 out of 5

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