Arduino: Arduino LCD Tutorial

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DEADASTRONAUTFX: fantastic, im a total noob , but eager to learn this stuff....cheers man, subbed. :)

JTizzle420: Currently working on LCD displaying with my 16 hz arduino clone. Got the kit and everything and was happy to see the LCD screen in there! Anyways, I set up my circuit and software exactly like this website When I plug in my circuit everything seems to work fine except I get the top row of the LCD screen with white boxes that dont seem to go away. I did a little research and apparently the issue is because the LCD isn't initialized properly? Which doesnt make sense since I'm using the example code. I can adjust the contrast of the screen just fine and I'm almost positive everything's connected correctly because I've torn apart the circuit 4 times and redid it and got the same error every single time. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this dilemma I'm having.

Johnathon Shell: Very awesome! Thanks!

staaaajn: Great video. Very well explained. Thanks for teaching me something new.

seanlovesjobo: Do you mind giving me a hand? I had the lcd working but now it prints a combination of Japanese English and what appear to  alienese symbols. I was having this issue before i had it working it seems i had the lcd wired wrong but this time i i haven't changed anything sense it worked. Anyone? I would greatly appreciate the help.

r3giz | Kanalas: lol my screen worked for a while but now it only shows cubes whatever i upload to it

Abbas Ahmed: Thanks Derek !

DestructionGaming: Can you Help me? i need a code where when the arduino is on it will say Swipe! on the screen. Then when i press a button it will say welcome then will auto reset

snaprollinpitts: thanks Derek, its obvious you know what you're doing, thanks for the info.  mike

Dhruv Jain: Could you please email me the code. I've been trying to crack the secret of the shield for a few days. Thanks, and have a nice day!

Flávio Duarte: Excelent! Congrats!

Norbert Huemmer: Nice Video i try to learn about it. This video is a good example for learning by doing. Ok proberly i would like to see something about 7 segment leds and how to read out Offset-Datas from some Games like Falcon BMS 4.32 or the Microsoft Flight Simulator X because i dry to build some instruments for Radios but don' know how. get all the information to display that radios on a 7 segment display with 4 or more digits seems to be the hartest way on it ? Maybe you find a way how ?
Thanks and nice day !

Ami Khimji: Great video thanks

fernando alfaro: VEry Clear Thanks!, is ti compatible with new Intel Galileo board?

Ryan Connolly: Great video, very helpful. Thanks!

bob young: quick, comprehensive, clear - GREAT overview. pete

iamdatdude1619: HI I LOVE UR VIDS! please answer this for me.ive been learning a bit of arduino and c++ so how come we didn't use printf function? also what happen to namespace and stdio.h how come every thing looks different?

BanquoTheMaker: Americans don't pronounce it, the rest of the world does ^^

igrewold: I think LadyADA website.

whitemousegary: Your code has a bug in it. A 16-character-string requires 17 character space. So, "char outputCount[16];" will give you a memory corruption whenever your program write to the sixteenth character. In your case, the problem would happen at itoa() and printIn().

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Arduino: Arduino LCD Tutorial 5 out of 5

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