Installing Sample Libraries For KONTAKT

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OldTangPiano: How to add nkx or nkc files?please help :(

Dearies Pelt: subd 12/17/14

Andrea Spinelli: THANKS A LOT!

Gory Bloodfest: Thanks. 

uigh: Nope i gave up on it.

SammyVOfficial: Kontakt doesn't have a way to batch load multiple presets... am I missing something?? It should scan the master sample folder and automatically import any .nki files. Pretty sad that a sampler that has been around for this long is missing this basic feature.

Orange Tree Samples: @PlatSoul Did you register Evolve Mutations 2 from the Native Instruments Service Center after installing it?

josias galindo: i have the same problem

Emin Avdovic: STUPID !!!!

constantinNYC: Fantastic video and short too! Thank you very much!

Chuck Maurice: you must be freaking stupid if you can't extract some random files...

Ashwin Rao: Hi Greg, I have these 3 files here called Ex_001.nkx Ex_002.nkx and Ex_003.nkx etc, I did copy them to my samples folder that i created and even was able to find this folder through the kontakt player browser, I did find these three files inside but how am i to use them, i keep clicking on it and nothing happens, what are these files anyways? Thanks!

King Kaas: Hello.... I am also facing this problem.... how can I get rid of.... can you send me some of new contact library links???? pls help me.....

Burak Karakurum: thank you so much. i can install a patch of Kontak buy how i might add that pach to the library? (the left side on Kontak as you know).

゠mw゠ vocaᴜᴛᴀᴜ: I've managed to get it running in standalone, so I'll try to get it to work in my DAW too. Thank you though.

snugglebear97653: I'll have you know that after 8 months. I did figure this out. Sorry i disappointed, Mr. Norris... I'll also say that the problem wasnt extracting files (because you are a freaking idiot if you cant extract files) i was having trouble having Kontakt recognize the files.

Dj Kady: thx dude :)

Kyle Vallely: I need help. When I load mine, it says 'The patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly' I need help, please?

Preston Soper: I get a error stating, "This patch in encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly" I'm not using the library that you had in the video, however I am wondering if you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thanks! I hope to hear back from you ASAP!

CrankCase08: After watching this I'm more confused than ever.

uigh: When i want to load the Vienna Concert Grand Library, it just tells me, Could not add Vienna Concert Grand. What should i do?

Dj Kady: dude help me .. i got kontakt 4 , and i downloaded the free Download Kontakt_Factory_Selection_120.iso from the site Native instrument .. but when i load an instrument or anything it says " the patch cannot be loaded (unknown error)" ?? is it because i got the old version of kontakt ?

EbadiBeats: How come it doesn't show up in the libraries tab? I saw some other people using 3rd party samples and they use it from the library and there are a lot more options.

Orange Tree Samples: A lot of time and effort went into developing the sample library, so sorry, but the VST is not free.

TheTimelessSound: ok so im trying to put the kontakt library on there and when i open one of the NKI or watever they are called i click on one of the patches, i.e. "Acoustic grand piano" and it comes up saying "151 files are missing". how do i make them unmissing? im extremely frustrated and i cant seem to get anything to do with KONTAKT to work correctly, so any help would be VERY much appreciated. thx in advance.

luiswega: how u open nkx and nkc files???? help !

Anna Grig: and if you don't have the engine rar?

゠mw゠ vocaᴜᴛᴀᴜ: I'm having the same problem. Have you found a solution yet?

layman lay: maybe your brain is just shallow.

Orange Tree Samples: Well, it's not really Kontakt's fault, it's due to how RAR extraction works. Unfortunately extracting multi-part RAR files isn't very intuitive.

Ashwin Rao: But i am able to hear individual kit pieces like snare, kick etc

TheButterflyAutopsy: hey i have the , when i try to drag a patch to make it work in kontakt 4 it says "this patch was generated by a newer version of the application please upgrade your copy to load the patch" , can you help me ?

Orange Tree Samples: @dtpossx All you have to do is update your version of Kontakt using the Native Instruments Service Center. That error message means that you're trying to open a newer NKI patch using an older version of Kontakt.

Rens Greveling: Thanks! Was considered useful!

MrDjshortij: My one says that there Are samples missing ?

SteelDrum Music: Thanks, rock!

Orange Tree Samples: Bear in mind, you're Chuck Norris. All it takes is a glance from you and files extract themselves.


alex reyes: PLEASE! Help me. I have followed your tutorial, but when I try "file-> load", I just an error message saying: "The patch could not be loaded (unknown error)". How can I get around this problem?

Alex Christopher: I need help fast when i load it it says there was an error loading the .nki file idk why its making me go crazy!!!

layman lay: sir! i did exactly what you said but now my questin is,so everytime i want to load that instrument i have to go to files then load? cant they be on the left side forever? if they can how do i?

Painkiller Beatz: i load with your tip my Vienna Symphonic Library but kontakt just show me a rack not more not the full plugin i need the plugin interface to create my sound ...

snugglebear97653: this crap is way too complicated... freak Kontakt.

d3tach3d: how do I open the .NKX for symphobia :(

Danny Draper: Cheers! Just downloaded a Waves Factory Marxophone and this helped out with loading it up. There was no instructions in the download or clear enough ones on the WF website. Is there a way to have files like this saved as library icon on the left hand side like the other Kontakt libraries?

N13Dubstep: Hi. I'm having an issue with Kontakt 4 and Evolve Mutations. I've always been able to open them in Kontakt. And now on my new project, when I try to load an instrument from the Evolve Mutations library, I get the message : "This NKI has been opened using a newer version of Kontakt". But I've been using it in older projects, and also I have the newest version of Kontakt 4. So I don't understand whats wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Leshyster: No kidding. Glad to see someone agrees.

SomeRandomCat: Thank you for this video.

TheBusinessisgood: probably because the instruments you are trying to load are only available for kontakt 5 and not kontakt 4.

D34DP00LGUY: You can get Kontakt Player for free, a stripped but functioning version at the Native Instruments website. If you really can't splash out, enjoy finding a cracked copy that won't make your web-browser into some nasty-ass Russian porn.

Installing Sample Libraries for KONTAKT 4.6 out of 5

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