34 Inch Body-Bling Hair Extensions

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Sara L: Whoa! That is an incredible price! Are you sure they're remy and human?

Monique Cantu: I have a pair and they are great. I've dyed them like 5 times and I've had them for 10 months and they are still nice, just tangly now because I washed them too much and they dried out.

adaywithaleks: Brows..

Makeup With T.A.: Nvm sorry. Phone totally cut out where it said mini house extensions. I've had both and had nooo problems with body bling. But do agree mini house suck terribly! Sorry:/

kaaliyah Barnes: I find it weird how everyone who told bodybling they're doing a review, THEY have good hair. LOVE BODY BLING IS A SCAM LADIES!!! They shed way too much! Tangle too much! DYED LIKE CRAZY! And is too much to deal with! The hair is very hard and can't hold a curl! I HATE THE FACT THEY ARE SCAMMING MILLIONS!! I want to help everyone here and listen THEY ARE INFACT A SCAM! The workers are so rude and when I tell them the hair is bad, they tell me I'M LYING and I can't have a refund. I AM NOT LYING!! DON'T WASTE MONEY! I WASTED TOO MUCH AND I AM VERY UPSET! IT IS NOT REAL HUMAN HAIR!!!!             DO A BURN TEST!!!

Skylar Rose: I have Minihouse8888 extensions and I LOVE THEM o.o I've had them for about 3 months now and I haven't had a big issue with shedding. I'm guessing you ordered yours in blonde, I have them in dark brown. Mine are holding up really well.(:

Jessica Cici: 9pieces

Amanda Rodriguez: Those eyebrows tho lmao

Not Tryin' To Hear You!: eyebrows.....LOL

kawaii thot: it would be a great help if you send me the link of the same hair you got because when i find the 32inch one, its like almost 200$ and not 150$ :l

Laura Divine: I love those extensions *__* How long do they last

itsaunicorn: i'm going to order some today (: yay

XxShybearxX: to u how long does these extensions last ???

Teairra: I live in Minnesota also :)

Jesse Michelle: how many pieces are in the set?do u know how many are in the 280 gram set?

The777Queen: check out my channel pls i m gonna a review this week about the body bling extension that i send back to them last week. I will tell u guys WHY in the review. subscribe pls. Its free :D

Lucid Kitty: you are so freakin cute XD

Airyn Muñoz: I don't mean to be rude or critical, but if you're only going to wear them on one side of your head (which would be super cute) I don't understand why you'd just wear them in like, one chunk of your hair.

Cat Gee: I didn't thin mine out at the bottom and they are super thin on the bottom as it is. And that was me getting the 250 grams. So this person saying that makes me think they work for this company

Aly Wilson: Do you still use these? Can you do an updated review?

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34 Inch Body-Bling Hair Extensions 5 out of 5

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