Puerto Rican Quesito Recipe

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masczone: I am sure they taste great. But they are not authentic Puerto Rican quesitos. Dont get me wrong though. I will those too.. LOL.

AidaLight Truth-B-Told: Girl more power to you I'm Puerto rican and I definitely appreciate YOUR appreciation for one of our best treats you go girl. You mix them a little different then we do but they still look great.Awesome.. Good job I enjoyed watching your video..cute B-)

Vicky Rose: These are so good my husband is Puertorican and we get these every time we go and the sugar is good but what they use in Puerto rico is the big crystal sugar and so we use the Cupcake Gems Shimmer White Sugar.. Thank you

diana nevarez: Very easy to do. :-)

IHaveNoIdeaWhyGoogleLetsYourNameBeThisLongWaitItGetsLongerSeriouslyWhyAreYouStillReadingThis: I grew up with quesitos and you have missed some things but you did a good job. I live next to a great bakery that my abuelo owned called la imperial in ponce puerto rico and ugh the treats there are amazing....I love manitos and quesitos so much.

Jasmarin Montes: You can use the same paper that comes with the package or the wax paper too.

MusicBeat!: I am sorry but you have messed up on a few important details. I was raised in a bakery . You did a good job. Oh also it's better to use parchment paper so they won't stick

victor pacheco: I'm literally about to get dress and go to walmart and get the stuff to make them right now! lol

Juan Ramos: Thank you so much this video is awesome! I had watched a shorter video but your step by step was much better, now I can never have a not warm quesito too good warm!!

Luz Camacho: this video taught me how to make these. i've made them lots of times since first watching it, and everyone loves them. thanks girl!

portlandgirlj: my friend was looking for this recipe thank you for posting your video . what did you use for a camera?? cant wait to try these

Carmen Y Nicholson: Nice video, ya me dieron ganas de correr a la cocina a hacerlos.

bigpingui: I love puerto rican food, quesitos are the best

Victor Lebron: The recipe is good you are just missing two steps........... You need corn syrup to glaze them after they are done ok!!! You did a great job and you need to close them at the ends.... Also offer the variation of guava and cream cheese quesitos those are the best!!! Thanks for posting this video!!!

JESSY Lee: This looks good I will have to try it,, and if you need a good rolling pin they have good ones at home goods...:)

Michelle Gonzalez: Thank you thank you thank you for making it look so easy....I am going to make them today!!

Christina Elkins: I am Puerto Rican and everything you said about the quesitos is true they are DELICIOUS!!! My mom makes them every sunday and they never get old you can also add some sweet strawberry dip on the side nice video.

Jonelly Navarro: Se me hace la boca agua... Que rico! Gracias por compartir como hacerlo en casa...

ShawneePoo1115: @ChayanneLover I just made another batch this week , and they keep getting better every time i make them. * Be careful they are ADDICTIVE * ; )

Sayei Sayago: I'm going to make them. they look delicious!

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Puerto Rican Quesito Recipe 5 out of 5

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