The Flow Hive For Honey Bees, Love It? Hate It? Or Undecided? Price? Review Of Quality Control

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Frederick Dunn: At 12:07 my commentary begins... I know that bee keepers are normally very patient people, thank you for keeping an open mind on all things related to bees and bee keeping... and Thank YOU for viewing.

Joe Palooka: Very interesting. The FlowHive is definitely an intriguing and well designed item, but as a beginning beekeeper I'd much rather start from Ground Zero with a traditional system. I'd rather go through the learning curve. Beekeeping is a lot more than about making quick profits. As well, I noticed the comments below about Chinese copies, which should obviously be totally avoided. If you invest in one of these, they should be absolutely top quality from the original makers.

Thamba Thamba: I want this, how I will bought this..?

Hilal Ahmad: Please give anyone answer.
Q1 How and where the bees enter in top of the box ?
Q2. when we get honey where bees go ?
Q3. When we get honey in upper box, at the same time, is it necessary to get honey in bottom boxes ?
Q4 why are there two or three boxes ?


AnimalMotherV2: That is really unacceptable for the price of this unit...this should really come pre-assembled. And to have to put in more of your own time fixing their shotty craftsmanship is really discouraging.

Skid Loader Beginner JCB 260, Bees, Farm, Pets: checking prices in 2018: here:
7 frame $527
6 frame $ 469
4 frame $ 397
3 frame $ 339

July 2018

6 frame $ 749

Well that's out, so I looked at adding flow frame to my existing: cost:
Classic 3
US $259.00 + $24.00 shipping
Classic 4
US $317.00 + $28.00 shipping
Classic 6
US $389.00 + $30.00 shipping
Classic 7
US $447.00 + $33.00 shipping

Skid Loader Beginner JCB 260, Bees, Farm, Pets: I had no problems with my commercial unassembled BETTEREE hives, but the Bushy Mountain, OMG I was miserable.....4 medium supers, two complete 10 frame bee hives, what a nightmare that was....OFF...

ford tractor 2407: I've been thinking about bee keeping for a few years now. I met a gentlemen that is a bee keeper in a training course I was doing for my job and I find it very interesting. My family loves honey. We are not interested in it to make money but to have honey for ourselves and friends along with the benefits that the bees get. I've been watching several of your videos and wanted to ask if it is feasable to do just one setup for personal use or would bee keeping demand expansion? So is it possible to keep one hive going?

Jim Luff: Im in QA an I would of wrote a NCR on those dovetails. Somebody would of been in trouble

The Professor: Wow, I've seen your other flow-hive videos, but this one is really upsetting. The lack of detail and the quality is extremely sub-par, it really isn't a good look for the company. I understand these are the first-wave production models, but these should be 200% quality, not 20%.

I would have returned this myself, as I don't feel that I, or anyone, should have to spend extra time to make sure everything is correct.... Besides having to put the hive together is pretty annoying in itself, and I've heard many complaints about this fact.

I also noticed that the plastic has some little bits on the end of some of the comb which hopefully wont fall out into the honey collection, but is still annoying to see that they weren't cleanly produced.

@ 8:25 do I see chipped metal(red/silver part) on that ss wire....?

Eagle Falcon: How much is this box?

khin solieng: I live in cambodia can I buy beekeeping?

s c: Box joints.

Vadim Noir: when day comes to take all apart and clean it.. you probably destroy bees whole family.
there is should be minus hidden somewhere

Hilal Ahmad: Can I built wooden automatic flow beehive in home

Peter B: Hey Fred Short screws r for window they do tell you in packet just need to look mate ::)

mbrock5532: Nitpick, but those aren't dovetails, they're box joints. Dovetails have angled sides, box joints are straight! Good video, though, and interesting.

Andrew Lynam: they are not dovetail joints!!

SkyRaider: WoW    Is There Any Quality In Any Thing Now Days?    That Is Just SAD, That They Can't Do A Dove Tail Joint Any Better Than That. Dove Tails Are What 1000 Years Old.

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
The Flow Hive for honey bees, Love it? Hate it? or Undecided? Price? Review of Quality Control 5 out of 5

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The Flow Hive for honey bees, Love it? Hate it? or Undecided? Price? Review of Quality Control
The Flow Hive for honey bees, Love it? Hate it? or Undecided? Price? Review of Quality Control
Flow Hive Review
Flow Hive Review
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The Flow Hive for Honey Bees 2nd Honey Extraction Review and Testing
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