SOG FastHawk: Tactical Wood Chopper

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Cipher TheDemonLord: Wal-Mart has had these priced at $20 twice now I think during Christmas shopping time. Finally gave in today and got a stainless one to try.

Paintballinmike1: I wish someone would do this with the Gerber downrange.

Jack Hanlon: I only use this for throwing purposes not cutting tasks.

Zach Henderson: I've been through 3 in a week p.o.s. The first was bent straight out of the package on top of that the grind was all fudged up and I thought ok must have been a Friday job they were just ready to leave work so returned it the second one had a messed up grind too but I was like well at least it's not bent the very first piece of wood I hit with it knocked the head loose I called sog and they said it was abuse that I was not supposed to hit wood with it even though the package says great for chopping and clearing vegetation go figure.. Walmart let me exchange it a second time now I have a new one that I'm scared to even look at wrong for fear it might break . Do not buy if you expect a good woods tool I don't even know if I trust this as a weapon . I know I would not bet my life on it and have zero trust in it but hey it looks good on the wall at least

GuitarGodgt: I dipped the handle of mine in plasti dip. I hated how slick the handle was. Feels real nice in the hand now.

ianrsigel: LOL!!!

pilgrimfarmer: We have been using, and abusing, a couple of SOG FastHawks since Christmas. No issues at all yet, very satisfied. So satisfied I bought a third one as a backup. Man are those things SHARP!!! from the factory. We have found them to carry easily, and chop with incredible force. Seems like it makes a better weapon than a tool though. Over all, I prefer a small 12 inch machete to a tomahawk for general purpose use, but the FastHawk certainly has it's place, and is a good investment.

solaceofwinter: not designed for outdoor use? what was it designed for then?

Cr0cket20: Huh, I thought it did pretty well considering its size and weight. Nice.

MrLeonidas0001: Yeah, I use the FastHawk quite a bit, but not like this - so I think you did quite well!

jjongeneel22: that crap blade will bend from JUST wood in the first hour. Price wize not a bad buy, but definately not a work horse

MrLeonidas0001: And pretty neat technique! Never seen it before - looks like a lot of work, but its effective.

2shirtsproductionz: Thanks

IdealHolsters: Have one. Too time consuming for me. Sawvivor and a large camp knife for splitting has been the best setup. Side note, the SOG Fusion Fasthawk is very light weight. Nice review :)

S Bre: I thought this was for putting into peoples head. :/

TheWilderness333: Great tool and demo. Wish I still had some snow :)

2shirtsproductionz: whats the first knife on the left in the intro 0:01

Andrew Smithens: Or shins

The Late Boy Scout: I suppose it could if you lash it properly. :)

Sixpack1970: I snagged one of these about 4 months ago for $25 on sake. I broke a light within the first hour and had to put it away. I think it will serve me well while backpacking though.

Ed Schembri: Would you say this tomahawk would split larger wood? If not, I wouldnt have any use for it as my knife (Fallkniven S1) can baton easily through thickness like that. (if im perceiving the thickness correctly) Nice video

Glock Brothers: Would you Call it a Toma-Hawk, or since it's so little and light a Chicken Hawk? Nice in-use Review.

The Late Boy Scout: Haven't tried that hatchet. I'll have to get a hold of one and see what I think. Based on how it looks, though, I think that Fiskars hatchet is probably better for this kind of work.

The Late Boy Scout: Kershaw G10 Hawk.

EmpathyWorks: 1:25 good grief. I think ill stick with my machete. :P

The Late Boy Scout: Never tried that. I'd be a little wary of having that blade facing up at me.

ianrsigel: I prefer a heavier hand/wood axe with a thicker-wedge head. What most people object to is the additional pack weight when humping gear over extended distance. While that is certainly a concern, the energy expended carrying a few more ounces is offset by the lesser energy needed to split or chop wood with with a more effective axe head.

suburban sentinel: Nice demo!

Steeleprophet: It throws nice too!

TooMuchT.V.: I got one for xmas this year. Not a bad little hawk. The grip texture sucks though, I dipped my handle into rubber, it's great now.

Videonation365: 1:21 --Whatchya doin? "Oh, just beating my wood.".........."It's getting hard here".."I need a hard surface to drop that big ol log onto" lmao, im sorry. I haven't been able to be immature for three years.

clangerbasher: There are so many different tomahawks on the market. It is hard to sort cheap and "value" from "you must be having a laugh". I found out the other day Mora make a small axe. Eager to try the latter.

MrLeonidas0001: Man I love the FastHawk! Great vid bro!

Patrick Lundström: Was this axe ever really mean't to be used for chopping wood? :)

TheStig000: Man, it looks tough to work on that snow. There's nothing hard to work on!

The Late Boy Scout: Didn't realize that. I'll have to check it out.

The Late Boy Scout: It would be less work on softer wood, or with a heavier axe head. This tomahawk head is relatively light, and the wood was a type of oak.

tj m: You ever try planting the spike in a log and splitting the wood over the blade baton stile ?

mikedifeo: Good vid. I bought 2 of them. I have them in my vehicles for emergencies. They are cheap enough that if I ruin them I can get replacements. I like the way the handle is becuase it acts as an electrical insulator and that can be handy in an emergency.

MrEasytarget925: Interesting way to test the fasthawk. Awesome job

MakingTheCut .: Really want to get an axe/chopper for my system. Great video

Ron Jeremy: the fasthawk is made for throwing but still gets the job done.

Tactical: do you prefer this one or the full size? thanks for the vid-Tac

305ssmonte: That is a good method.Very safe.

The Late Boy Scout: Nice. It's a fun little hawk.

Carson Pedroli: Could the Fasthawk go on the side of my Maxpedition Falcon II?

MrRemi528: not designed for outdoors? um it was designed to be a campers tool.

DakotaLD22: Looks like a good digging tool for Burying Logs

matthalo871: I dont think its really meant to do work like an full size axe I think its more of a door breaching tool or back up if you drop your knife in a fight.

The Late Boy Scout: Pretty much for splitting heads n' stuff. :)

SOG FastHawk: Tactical Wood Chopper 4.9 out of 5

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