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Quime Cam: You should get what you pay for. If this company pride themselves with 20 years of experience they should stand by it. And do the right thing. SAME !

brian king: If you drive your car on this in the winter there should be no warranty at all what so ever. Salt is a very corrosive caustic chemical. Its extreamly detrimental to concrete. You got potholes from salt. Welcome to Ohio. It is what it is. You dont like it move to Florida. You should have gone with broom finish on the driveway.

Michael Verano: Definitely an little bit of a weak mixture. But in most cases the contractor does not have control of what actually goes on at the concrete mixing facility.

This guy does sound like a guy with way too much time on his hands though. There is no such thing as perfection in any industry: accounting, medicine, law, construction, etc.

Imagine if his clients held him to the same standards---he would not be living in that nice house!

Simple: if he had done his research as he said he would have realized that acid staining is the only process that works to the highest standards of outdoor weather combined with a breatheable sealer, proper maintenance... and all folks need to be realistic about outdoor concrete. Concrete pourers tell me one guarantee: ALL concrete will eventually crack, exfoliates, spalls, etc. in extreme weather, especially if it is improperly maintained or not maintained (just like a car or your favorite polo).

I still can't believe that people do antiquing, dyes, coating stains, etc.

I've noticed that few, if any folks re-seal their concrete as required maintenance. And lots of dodo's use destructive pressure washing on their concrete and they use improper cleaning chemicals. As far as coloring---hey, use an acid stain process with proper prep.

Chava303: You probably threw salt on it you MoFo didint you

Concrete Chiropractor: I've been in concrete work for 38 years. Regular concrete is a headache enough due to temperatures, chemical additives, air entrainment or lack of it, etc. , when the concrete company batches the truck. Now you add colors, release agents, etc. to the mix. You also need double the guys to do the install.
You don't see to many people get wealthy installing residential concrete. Better off opening a women's lingerie shop !

Randy Sheldrake: As a concrete contractor in Canada ,you need to know 2 things ,1 colour your concrete in the mix so when cracks and chip happens you dont see it ,and 2 never pour concrete 56 days before your first frost . Concrete needs to cure before it freezes.So in ontario outside concrete pads never get pour ed after the month of august. If you do this is what happens .

DC-Friends: Great job ... thank you for taking the time to produce and post ...

pit man: This is a top job great work I'll take my hat off to the concretor no bullcrap, you steve on the other hand there is so many things that i want to say to you and call you but i don't know where to start. All i can say is that your a miserable lady

Les Blair: Speaking and acting like a lawyer doesn't make you correct. You can't look things up in books or the internet and think you're an expert.
Concrete is an organic material. There is only 2 things you can guarantee about concrete: it gets hard and it cracks...or in your case it "pops."
I didn't see and surface cracks so it looks as if it was poured with a good slump, not much sun-wind, or with a surface retarder before stamping took place.
Color is the hardest to match perfectly from one pour to the next. The aggregates and water used in mixing can affect it greatly plus, not mixing it long enough on site or at the plant. Humans add the color and even using a scale we can be off.
Pouring in November is not an issue unless it was freezing or close to 40's at night it could effect the strength of the slab. Covering the concrete would be a very bad idea and I'm sure they didn't do that. Humidity can also effect the finished look and strength.
Far as your "pop-outs" some of that could be caused by non washed stones. After they are crushed they have to be rinsed so that the Portland will adhere better and that seems like it could have been an issue and if that's the case its the plants fault NOT the contractor.
The top isn't spalling so it doesn't look like the contractor used lots of water while finishing plus I don't see any "burning" which means he didn't close in the top before stamping.
For the antiquing problem, it could be the contractors issue. When we use antiquing (powder releases) and don't clean off the excess and then seal or seal too early or seal when its too warm or too sunny, you'll have that problem. Sealing should be done about 48 hours after for best results.
So my opinion, with 30 years concrete experience is; its the plants fault. It seems to me you would accept them to fix it. You wanted it to be replaced which would fall on your shoulders. I could pick apart your front door on how the brick even shook when you closed it or the column supports that hold up your porch roof. Give me 20 seconds to walk through your house and ill find more "horrible work" that was done.
My issue with there work would be not cleaning up the "squeezing" from the stamps or their lack of detail in the riser of the step but all-in-all it looks pretty good.
Before you go on a YouTube rant with zero knowledge of construction or concrete only the knowledge the internet or a lawyer can instruct you to say, put some years in. Years dealing with "unhappy" homeowners. Tough employees and hard conditions we work in everyday.
After those years you put in maybe you'll understand that concrete is organic and it does what it wants from job to job...

edgar4531: this dude looks like he has too much time on his hands. he is trouble

Cod Man: you got tour $24g for afew hundred dollers of concrete? did the bell not ring?

Joan Byez: I agree, when you spend so much for a job why should there be this many problems? Stop giving this guy a hard time, he is doing us a service by telling us what to do to avoid the problems he had. He is not an idiot like some of you say because he has the right to expect this expensive job to last longer than it did. He, like me, remembers when good service was a norm in our youth and middle age. Work today focuses on speed and getting as many jobs done as fast as possible. So, if you think he is being picky it is only because he recognizes what used to be the norm is no longer and we really shouldn't be putting up with it.

Phillip Forbes: Thank you very much sir ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Am in the process of getting a back yard done and come across the most important piece of information. Thanks a million sir. God bless you, hope you did get to settle your business with those people you mentioned.

RR SS: Acid stain it.... maybe?

logdon17: Yea i would be pissed too, not because of the small problems but because of that price. I am getting a patio, some smaller walkways, and new front steps done for 3 grand and do not expect it to wear the same as stone which would probably cost 15 grand. I know I am not paying much and dont expect perfection, but this guy got ripped off.



Jeff O'Shea: No contractor will adhere to these recommended terms he advises


contrapunktapus: i'm a concrete contractor and this brings up some points why i stray away from stamps in northern US, depending on how deep the stain has been worked, it is going to to get cracked/chipped during plowing and shoveling.ย  unless the concrete is colored itself you're luck if you get a 1/4 inch deep after wood floating it...

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Stamped Concrete 5 out of 5

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