Samsung Galaxy S2 Wont Turn On

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King Alagon: Is there any solution in this problem plss tell me I really need help

spike and the phone ABANDONED: Try a different charger

Truth hurts: Hi, I got your same problem with Samsung s2 doesn't charge or come on. Also I got a second battery from eBay and doesn't charge at all. I have tried to push power botton and volume up in the same time for 15second, but nothing is happening. I really don't know how to fix this problem

Naser Khan: Can anyone help please My Phone S2 Fell in water like 3 months ago and like When it felled in water i used tissue to dry it off and kept in sun but When its dried It wasnt turing on So we went to store and bought new battery it turned so i kept for charge but again it was going low on charging please help to solve the problem

OMG_Itz_Ali: same

Anthony Raskin: same thing with me

RagehunterXD [GD]: same problem kinda cus it does show it's charging but i never charge i even keep charging over night with the phone powered off so if i can't fix it i am getting a new phone

Ryan shirhabil: u have s2 plus not s2

Ahegao Senpai: I have a samsung galaxy s2 with me right now. Had it since 2013 early months. After 2 years the phone decided to quit on me sadly :( and the only games I played on it were. SAS 3, Bloons Tower Defense Battes, And Minecraft Pocket edition. This phone was my child hood or fun time to use :c now it wont turn on ;-; it will charge with that blue thing unplug the charger blue thing is still there help me!!!

Umar Mughal: Hi!!
Friends i have soution to this problem as my own phone was not turning on .Change your battery and then make sure your internal phone is alright make sure phone software is not damage .if changing battery not help try to install software update but you should change your battery fist so your phone will work

Zeeshan Fazal: i have also a porblem in my samsung s2. beacuse my phone want turn on. any one have any idea oss plzzzzzzzzzz sent me the solvetion. thanks

Shadowrezz: Hello!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that I've had for four years. Last Sunday, I managed to drop my phone into the toilet. I took out the battery, SIM-card and SD-card immediately, and brought my phone home. Next, I cleaned it with alcohol to clean up any remaining water and particles, left it to dry on a towel for two hours, and then put it a plastic bag with rice and sealed it. I took out the SIM-card the next day, because I had to put it in another phone, and it worked perfectly. The SD-card works too. The phone however, I left in the bag untill today (Thursday, 4 days later). I took out the phone, put everything back in, and tried to charge it. The lights on the bottom of the phone lit up for a second, and then dissapeared. I tried to take out the battery and hold the power button to release any remaining charges (did it two times, first time for one minute, second time for 3 minutes), and then tried charge/turn it on again. Still nothing, just the bottom lights lighting up. I tried to plug it into my computer, and at first it showed up, but a little bit later, there was a message that said "Device malfunctioned", and the next time i tried it, no message showed up. I've put the phone back into the bag of rice, but the warranty is exceeded, and I'm not sure what to do next. Any tips?

TheRealYonex: Help pls help me . I have the same problem with my moms phone. After I installed twrp recovery I turned off the phone then I was going to boot it up to recovery mode but it won't work then I tried turning it on it still doesn't work I even charged it but still nothing happened I tried all the thing u said nothing ever worked

shemar reid: clean up the phone

Zeeshan Hashmi: hi buddy i saw your vides i have note 4 it wasent turn on i apply all farmulas like power home volume buttons but it did not works

adia fuller: mine will go to the 4g screen and shut off help plzz

mark hayford: this wont work for my phone

Rob Fassi: you need to solder a new charging port

Nassor Mahrouq: Hey my phone is not switching on

Philip Baarssen: Let a professional chamge the chargepoint
Its burned out i think

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Samsung Galaxy s2 wont turn on 5 out of 5

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