Honda Gx160 Carb Rebuild Part 1 GX200 GX240 GX270 GX340 GX390

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43128lucky4: i have a brand new 196cc clone that surges with the choke off at all speeds, i have heard these are set lean from the factory and using a torch tip cleaner to enlarge the main jet will fix the issue, is this true?

George Nesto: Thanks for this video! It did the trick on my snow blower.

Adrian Snyder: Oh, and I've tried to get the muffler off but I can only get one bolt out...the other is rusted badly...any tricks to try and get the rusted one loose? thanks.

Adrian Snyder: Just watched your video---I broke the carb down on a mid 90s Honda HRM 215 PDA and did a pretty good clean on it but not as thorough as you show in this video. Mower had been sitting for several years under a carport and I inherited the task to get it functional for a community garden. Well, the gas tank had water in it, the carb bowl was incredibly dirty and the main jet was plugged solid. I used a stripped twist tie to unplug and then the carb and choke cleaner... Anyhow, once I got it all back together, with new fuel and air lines and clean started 1st pull. That's the good news. The not so good news is that this unit has a throttle handle that shows, choke, fast run, slow run and fuel shutoff. It will start on choke and go immediately to fast run..but it won't drop to slow run or fuel shutoff. Could this be the petrooster assembly that's causing it...I partially disassembled it but put it back together. I'd like to have it functioning like it's supposed to. Any help appreciated.

jjjrickey: What is the pilot/air screw setting? I can't get my 5.5hp gx160 clone to idle off choke unless its hot but it will run above idle without choke. It's a brand new carb and I'm having trouble setting the pilot screw. Thanks!

Strong230: @sixtyfiveford ---i think it might be ok, i just broke off the nub on the inside of the carb but i'm not sure. Is it hard to replace the rings? I have two that kind of smoke a little you have any videos on replacing the rings?

buggatii12: my honda gx160 go cart was running well until i hit a bump now the lever to pull it seems jammed what should i do

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12 ........... The first thing you need to do is pull off the starter shroud. Then try turning the engine by hand. Look at your go cart clutch and make sure it isn't binding.

sixtyfiveford: @optflv ............ I am glad I could help.

sixtyfiveford: @videoguy1845 .............either

bobrossftw: @pl992077 the main jet holds it in if you cant thump it alittle and get it out you might go to like autozone and buy a boil kit and boil the carb cause it may be alittle coroded ect. that help

sixtyfiveford: @rebelson82 ......Awesome. I am glad it helped.

sixtyfiveford: @kurtinator303 ... The carb is being removed along with the fuel shut off.

optflv: I just wanted to say thank you. I borrowed a GX200-powered pressure washer that hadn't been run in a couple of years. The carb was completely gummed up with old gas, and this procedure had it purring like a kitten in no time. Thanks!

sixtyfiveford: Low oil shut off switch is my first guess.

Strong230: OK i have 2 questions i have 4 Honda GX160. Two of them when i start them up search really bad, do you think that is all carb? And i have a few extra carb but i think i broke off that tip on the idler mixture, is the carb junk now?

Mike Giammarino: Thank you for sharing...this helped me rebuild a carb on a pressure cleaner with less the 10 hours. Put it away a couple of years ago with no gas in it, but ethanol still messed up the carb.

sixtyfiveford: It should not leak if the gaskets and needle seat are good.

buggatii12: @sixtyfiveford how did you get the screws off so easily i have the same engine and it seems so hard what size socket do you use

sixtyfiveford: You're welcome. If you want to prevent it from happening again I recommend using ethanol free fuel for all your equipment (puregas dot org lists local stations without ethanol). -Moe

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12 ...It will create a lot of headache if you mess with the governor.

sixtyfiveford: I agree. But keep in mind most of the people that watch this video have never attempted something like this so I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.

FILTHYRICH: If i put on a straight pipe- type exhaust on my gx 160 do I NEED to get a higher performance airfilter and re-jet kit for the carb. or will it still run normal without modifying anything else?

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12 ...Yes, I don't see why not.

buggatii12: @sixtyfiveford ok thanks

sixtyfiveford: You have an oil bath filter. Fill motor oil up to the line and you're good. When the oil is dirty; dump it out and add new.

robbrie: Be sure to inspect the gaskets where the carb attaches to the engine. Leaky gaskets allow extra air and engine would run too lean.

rccarsarklow: thank you for the info on the carb stripdown,i've just done one on our gokart and it helped us out a lot,cheers.

Sean Reid: Great video , saved me lots of bucks. Started first pull !! First time ever!

James Vankevich: lite a match at 3:28

David Serrano: Thank you very much for the tutorial. Saved me from buying a new carb. Pressure cleaner works great now and actually started quite easily after I cleaned all ports and jet. Thougt the carb was toast with all the gunk in it. Again, Thank you!!!

sixtyfiveford: They should be threaded into the intake manifold. I would take the air cleaner off. Take the two nuts you removed and thread them onto ONE of the bolts/rods. Tighten the nuts to each other and you should be able to use a wrench on the inside nut to unscrew the bolts/rods.

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12... No just a keyway. It is only a suggestion as your description is vague. Maybe a few more details would help. What lever? I assume you mean the pull start rope?

william stockton: Thank you! Your vid saved my ass.

mickydunn2001: Is the tube where the jet slides in the emulsion tube?

tbr187: SixtyFive: Thanks a Ton. Watched your video and was able to take my GX160 carb off and clean. Seems to run fine now. Had a problem with gas getting into the oil case. Not sure if float was sticking or not. But sprayed it well like you advised and it seems to be running okay. Your video is a great service. TBR in Michigan

Beltmaker09: hi was wondering if you could tell me, i have a honda motor gx 160 but when you take the air cover off it does not have the big yellow thing in it like yrs whitch i awsume is the air filter but i take the lid of it has black foam in the lid and the bottom says oil fill line. whitch i think you put oil an the bottom of it. can you tell me if that sounds normal

sixtyfiveford: @vankyfwa ...............BOOOOOMMMMMMM!

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12.... They are 10mm. You will notice I am using a ratchet because they can be stubborn.

buggatii12: i was wondering if i was to buy a kit would it be the same when i put the new carb and air filter back on..??

sixtyfiveford: @buggatii12 ..... You could have sheared the flywheel key

RJJSINC: Sweet!!!! Thank for doing this.....I'm not very good at mechanics...and you helped me a TON!!!!

sixtyfiveford: @Strong230 videos of gx160 ring replacement yet. I have a smoking motor that I haven't got around to yet.

kurtinator303: @sixtyfiveford Yeah i know that, but you have disconnected the carby from the fuel line that runs directly to the tank. Instead of possibly damaging the fuel line, you can take the choke lever off the carby and the little knob on the end of the choke lever fits in the fuel line perfect.

sixtyfiveford: Awesome, Glad it worked out good.

mountfields: excellent !!! found it easy to follow, but engine still smoking a little, is it an easy job to fit new rings??? thanks for your time...

603hills: Hi, Great vid, the only two things I would add to this,baring in mind i've been a small engine service tech for a tool hire firm for years, is I don't agree with your comment about not removing the rmulsion tube and cleaning it properly, as the air holes of which there are several getting gradually larger all the way up the side of the tube always clog up / block completely with "varnish" (residue) if fuel has been left in the machine for some time without drainining ..continued in next comment.

sixtyfiveford: @mickydunn2001 The emulsion tube is behind the main jet. It is in the tube where the main jet goes. I did not remove it for this video as is was stuck and easily strips out. It is very very rarely dirty, so if doesn't budge I don't remove it. By spraying through the bottom and through the passage in the front opening of the carb it forces carb cleaner through the passages(@ 5:00 in the video).

sixtyfiveford: Great to hear...

eliot joe: dude. just got a project kart. same engine. same rebuild. thank you much!!!

Honda gx160 carb rebuild part 1 GX200 GX240 GX270 GX340 GX390 4.8 out of 5

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