Honda Gx160 Carb Rebuild Part 1 GX200 GX240 GX270 GX340 GX390

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Robert Jarvis: Good video but lighting is insufficient to see what he is doing. I also didn't see how the gaskets were removed/installed.

unrepeatable raddish: nice vid though :)

unrepeatable raddish: my gx390 carb looks completely different to pretty much everywhere theyre advertised....has a manual choke slide on the my generator came with a carb with no fuel stop....but theres a fuel stop on all replacement carbs.....i know this requires a 12v out from the engine etc. but where is it?

Tony Leary: Worked great, thanks for the walkthrough. My issue was that little brass jet nozzle was clogged. Along with a lot of carb cleaner, I used the tiny wire from a bread tie to push the clog through.

Karthandler: 3.46-"make sure you have a clean work surface"

Roger Lund: great vid.............I can do this......those 3 little holes on my gx 390 were key . Thank You soooooo much. and you kept it short!!!!!

Fernando Ceja: mi nombre es Fernando estoy buscando un carburador de un motor kholer 24 horse power Este es mi numero 2246227950

Mentorcase: Also don't forget when you remove the main jet to also take out the emulsion tube and clean to make sure all the holes are not blocked or gummed up, this is a major cause of hard starting and needing to use the choke to keep it running.

Luigi Provencher: I just started to take mine apart & I decided to take the valve cover off to give it an inspection and I noticed that one of the rods has come out from underneath the lifter and now the lifter is loose. Any idea what I'd need to do to fix this or is it junk now?

Luis Cardoso: I have this same engine and it cranks but never starts would this make it run if I cleaned out the carb

larry shulman: excellent video. I want to fix this thing myself since the dealer never offered to do the right thing. only an issue on cold start.

larry shulman: my honda is not even 4 years old, it has never started easy,  and sometimes impossible when very cold. gas was good, plugs changed, i feel it either had bad gummed up carb from first season (it sat unused after purchase) or a defect in choke/carb.
runs fine when started, restarts warm fine, and no other issues. probably doesnt have 25 hours on it.

chris harwood: Thanks for this it helped me get my snowblower going again - I've got 2ft of snow to clear :)

Dylan Hohn: do they all have the same carbs? Could I use a gx160 carb on my gx240. 240 parts are a little harder to find. Thanks in advance

madisonelectronic: Do yourselves a favor and antiseize all bolts and screws, especially if they are steel to aluminum. Use approved antiseize around the muffler if you are unlucky enough to have a catalytic convertor. Cheap or incorrect antiseize will "poison" the cat and it will not clean the exhaust.

Shock Wave: How often should one of these engines get serviced if used on a building site for most of the day and getting turned on and off maybe a dozen times a day ? 

43128lucky4: i have a brand new 196cc clone that surges with the choke off at all speeds, i have heard these are set lean from the factory and using a torch tip cleaner to enlarge the main jet will fix the issue, is this true?

George Nesto: Thanks for this video! It did the trick on my snow blower.

Adrian Snyder: Oh, and I've tried to get the muffler off but I can only get one bolt out...the other is rusted badly...any tricks to try and get the rusted one loose?

Adrian Snyder: Just watched your video---I broke the carb down on a mid 90s Honda HRM 215 PDA and did a pretty good clean on it but not as thorough as you show  in this video.  Mower had been sitting for several years under a carport and I inherited the task to get it functional for a community garden.  Well, the gas tank had water in it, the carb bowl was incredibly dirty and the main jet was plugged solid.  I used a stripped twist tie to unplug and then the carb and choke cleaner...

Anyhow,  once I got it all back together, with new fuel and air lines and clean started 1st pull.  That's the good news.  The not so good news is that this unit has a throttle handle that shows, choke, fast run, slow run and fuel shutoff.  It will start on choke and go immediately to fast run..but it won't drop to slow run or fuel shutoff.
Could this be the petrooster assembly that's causing it...I partially disassembled it but put it back together.  I'd like to have it functioning like it's supposed to.  Any help appreciated.

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Honda gx160 carb rebuild part 1 GX200 GX240 GX270 GX340 GX390 5 out of 5

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