My ESEE6 Sharpening With Water Stones

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gary calvert: I have an Esee 6, thanks for the video. Gave me great insight to what my knife could be.

Rich Casale: Oh. man this guy is great!

Robert Saxell: very good

Spitch Grizwald: Does the blade coating clog the pores of the stone at all? Thanks!

Love Life: wow very good

Knifeaholix: skills!

Steven Parsons: I just noticed this video for 2011. I do not know how I could have missed it. It gives a fine view of the Doug Ritter/Becker blade re-profile. I am still looking at the Ritter for a useful field knife yet a bit hesitant knowing you traded yours off.

DONAR THOR: Nice job !

Geoff Rowley: Nice!

Chingus696: Very well done, sir. I am amazed at your skill.

Eurotrash4367: What does the Kanji shown on the stropping board at 15:25 mean?

Kaza Bazua: What compounds did you use? Going to try my hand at sharpening.

Vladimir Poutine: Hey, can you sharpen my knife for me?

Oto Vilemsons: Jack Sparrow :D

Paul'ie 4X: Say Heah, I almost got the Essee 6, But instead, I got the Rodent 6 when I found out I could have the top guard taken off and I had it thinned down, The steel is the SR101, and it's less than a 1/4" thick now and it looks like a Ratmandu on steroids, They did a Outstanding Job on it, I also carry it in my Spec-Ops Sheath and its one of my Fav's knives in that size, I always enjoy your video's, Thanx You. ,, .

alzathoth: I need a knife for hunting/skinning deer. choose between the esse 5 or 6, and why?

Zerofuxgiven: I am 15 but I saved up and got a Griptilian

I don't know where to learn about sharpening it - it didn't come very sharp

Mario Paul: This is my version of ASMR.

Alloran: I used essentially the exact same process to reprofile and sharpen my Esee 6. Same stones 220, 1000, but I used 6000 to finish instead of 3000 (I honestly don't think it matters, 3000+ is plenty). I agree with him completely, I didn't care for the original edge angle and dropped mine down to a slimmer angle (I couldn't tell you the exact degree but it looks like his Becker). The paste or slurry he was talking about isn't just his opinion, it is critical to polishing while you sharpen and smooths the process.

As far as his stroke method, some people like to do it like he does with fast circular strokes while other people like to use long slow strokes and it doesn't matter. He makes his knives sharp and all that matters is what is comfortable and consistent for you. All told, the time was the same for me as well, about an hour and I used the long stroke method so all is the same, except he is far better than I am so his results are better.

Paul win: You really have some skill with freehand sharpening......
I'm still working with my worksharp to sharpen my knives.Perhaps one day I will master the art of freehand sharpening.

My ESEE6 sharpening with water stones 5 out of 5

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