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BASKETBALL GOING DEEPER: Enjoyed the video just was bothered by the mic good content tho

Emanuel: Take the blueprint of ( out of the park baseball 19 ) add a hall of fame with a gamescore. As in Alphas getting a certain game score for completing task .at the end of career gamescore shows hallfame credential . Using Jordan as a blueprint. 6 rings ad alpha x amount of points. That makes drafted players and GM viable and tangible . Then add player interactment and coaches and staff matter more system. Flush them out more. Then with storylines like big free agent in off season acquire lebron from your owner. Then Lebron has side quest that must be met like I like to play with another player with a gamescore of at least x amount and so forth . They can reallyyyyyy flush out gm mode 2k sports getting lazy .

Out of the park baseball shows you how to make a gm mode with more interactions with players like football manager 2018 . Personalities should matter with more variants so that you can really get a scope of what it means to manage people let alone athletes. Step up 2k for the real GM and franchise players.

PRADA-G: Definitely enjoyed the video man, really insightful! Keep it up, the 2K community consistently overlooks MyGM/MyLeague.. SMH
NBA 2K18 MyGM Review/NBA 2K19 MyGM Wishlist @OperationSports 5 out of 5

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NBA 2k18 MyGM Review: The Next Chapter Gameplay
NBA 2k18 MyGM Review: The Next Chapter Gameplay

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