Minecraft: Mod Showcase Dragon Rider Mod! [1.4.7]

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Enderdude56: Shur'tugal. And im on the book called Brisingr. Brinsingr means fire. Shur'tugal means (Litteraly) Scale flapper.

Psst! Murtagh is Eragon's brother!

KittyCatMeow: Why SEXY?

Dragensia Miron: NO ONE PUNCHES SAPHIRA!!!!

fatou sal: IT'S WORKED 0% DISLIKE!!

Icey Breath: why can't i get the real forge? everytime i click download it gives me a crapy zip file that does nothingĀ 

Jeta Thaci: Lol dude the dragon egg that teleports is the ender dragon egg it isn't part of the mod lol nice vid though

SleekYogi Awesome: It's an awesome mod 'cause I have it

Ef1k5: srsly dude? yoyu dont know what a dragon egg is? its been around for a while

justdancers: yoourr voice isss sssooo slloow

Wither RPG: Vot govno

FushyDiamond: how can I use the mod if I ALREADY downloaded the mod

Shon Enoch: Wtf

Bethany Maloney: I saw the movie and read the books.it was awesome

Jhon Donz: Can you tell sky does minecrft sto saying bad words

Jhon Donz: /dragon mature is a hack command Hahaha funny minecraft is not real why youlike minecraft so much? Its boring any way

Jhon Donz: Can you spawn a night fury in what is this game agin? Oh minecraft ok so like toothless

Kok Onn Ng: Want Forge ?

xsudo: /dragon mature is a command hack

pradignac steven: hello

SINEAD BRETT: dont call your dragon justin beiber XD nooooo!!!!

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Minecraft: Mod Showcase Dragon Rider Mod! [1.4.7] 5 out of 5

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