ASUS Router Quick How-to: DLNA Media Server Tutorial

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TCTheGreat: RT-AC68U, Firmware Version:, DLNA does not even show up in the setup media server page, only have options for itune server and UPnP server... what can i do?

GOOGLE USER: Well this is very interesting if you stop the video at 39 seconds into the video and you look to see if there's even a hard drive connected there's not.
So where are you streaming the videos that are showing in this clip from???

This is a total scam. This is the second ASUS I've had DNLA problems with. I AM GET Netgear. When I returned the first router to Best Buy I was on the speaker phone with Asus tech support. I was told to cut a phone line and hook it up to an RJ 45 socket of the router how stupid are they and this is when everybody in a story was listening?

MoK86: yeah this is bulcrap. it did the same thing and my tv and pc along with consoles could not pick up the hdd. i rebooted over and over and nothing would work. so i just turned everything on including FTP share and SAMBA and finally it was able to play the files. so you guys need to fix that crap because it was a headache

Cody Weisfeld: Not all my files on usb are visible on roku, iPhone tablet etc. what should I do?

HASO805: i connected to PS4 fine but then it does not show up anymore, the Asus router i have a external Hard drive and just disconnects

Patrick Luy: Is there a specific way I need to format the storage device? As an example, I primarily use a Mac as my main computer. So, my storage device, where I keep all my space consuming media, is in a Seagate external drive formatted for the Mac, and not Windows.

I have Windows 8 Dual Booted on my Mac. But I don't use it as much.

Ralph Malek: asus rt-ac68u and plex server 

Hi. I was trying for many hours do changes and adjustments but unfortunately I will need your help to start this server on my new router, Please advise what information do you need to help mi out here 
Thank You

nuero82: Asus, you haven't had DLNA working properly in nearly 12 months across multiple models! Once your ASUS router (mine is AC68U) gets the dreaded Endless Scan that's it! No amount of resetting or rolling back firmware brings DLNA back from the dead. Just like that, a feature that made me buy your product is just gone! A quick google finds that this has been going on for nearly a year

JONNY-STEVE-47: hi can anyone help,having some trouble connecting my new HDD. i have all my videos pictures and music on a Seagate 1tb HDD and when i plug it into my router it shows up and plays all files on any compatible device.

 just bought a new 2tb WD passport HDD and when i plug it into my router it shows that it is plugged in but says ummounted and i cant find the hardrive on my tv or laptop.            using router RT-AC68U   thanks

An ivia: how to set permission on new account, there is no option to add read/write permission to new account

Clifford Fernandes: Hi all

I have connected a HDD on USB 3.0 port and able to access from my devices. I would like to know if it is possible to transfer media from my PC to the media server any softwares or hacks to do that or the router itself supports it.

ZakZky007: Outdated info, is there a more current tutorial that would apply to DSL-N66U? Please.

Nitin Kumar: DLNA doesn't work on my RT AC66. It shows "scanning" all the time in the No file is shown in WMP, tried several times but nothing. It is so annoying :(

xondutube: Well, I got a new RT-AC68P and mine doesn't support subtitles. I can watch movies but without .srt support.

demian smith: can install Plex server.

Cory Wilson: Why won't my Movie artwork show up on my MP4's?  If I make a media player server using my PC then my artwork will show up on all devices, however if I just use my external drive plugged into the RT-N66U as a media server, then I get no movie artwork at all.  I can't find an answer anywhere on google. 

Advait Thakur: Like the hard disk, can we connect the PC directly to the router via USB, so that we can play the media stored in the PC ?

Kaynin: how do I add files to the storage after its connected and stuff?

Uk Gamer: I get nothing but dlna errors on my ps3 with this making phone having a nightmare

Alex Cryshan 1611: Well... I got my Black Diamond RT-N53 and can't do that, because I don't have a USB port. Thanks for wasting my time watching this and writing this comment ASUS

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ASUS router quick how-to: DLNA media server tutorial 5 out of 5

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