#Minecraft 1.5 MafiaCraft Mod Review / Showcase

What do you think about this video?

rupert484: @cooldude6385 Douche.

KittyCatEdits: Jesus Christ, you explain every thing like we're completely retarded.

snarksman: @jacobthehedgehog haha i just noticed that and thank god

Megapead: I wanted a Italian voice this is the only video I wanted a different voice

nigga4300: this is a good mod

Syed Shafi: u sound like a fat bastard

hellzone102: how the hell are there highest rated comments if we cant rate them???!!!

69xXSwagMasterXx69: @Redsean12 it looks cool and probably kills mafia 1 or 2 easier

brilliantmojo: i like this kid

SuperBadfishy: hey they deleted my comment :D

ImYamanashi: This was actually a good review, he knew everything

KittyCatEdits: @xXGirlMinecrafterXx Well, it was a bit overkill for explanations in the video lol

Kandyz63: of course the kid is the one does the mafiacraft spotlight if his mind wasn't already poisoned enough

1THEMINECRAFTPROJECT: hello --- Sent From Minecraftdotnet's AppRats (Facebook App)!

Nicolás Souza: this mod sucks

ByLundeify: dont hate on the kid hes awsome!

Kitten Stomper: he wants 100 likes hes closer to 100 dislikes

Mr Kerfuffles: Come on guys! He did a good tut, who cares if he's a kid...his voice aint that bad!

Tom Lundy: douche!

stevieo70: @cooldude6385 You forgot to say that you left a comment.

Nicolas L: If you guys didnt have lives you wouldnt be here...

AllasMC: @imaginyou4 Less they have a dark voice then 7 years old.

burrhe: @iAmRabid *facepalm* i'm commenting on his pronounciation of 'mafia'. being from England (God save the Queen) i was wondering wat the 'moh-fia' is, as i'd say ma-fia

donttrysht: Such a pointless modm though the video was fine


spencer phillips: ahhh sqeakers

kinno21: its just such a pointless mod?

wwefantnafan247: i have had this mod for like 3 months lol

R8ceboy16: guys who cares about his voice, he he was a bad reviewer then fair enough, but hes a good reviewer, plus he dosent even have a annoying voice tbh

SyndicateFPS: high pitched voice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

KITTKITT20: @dragonid1423 why?

ImBirzyy: Circle........WITH SQUARES!!!

Bubbleneck: pencil

Franztheboy: @langeleipe i want to change the recipe,but i don't know a different recipe

Keane McQuillan: @TheDesertEagle02 u cnt thumbs up comments on this channel -.-

burrhe: what's the mofia?

AllasMC: Why have all gun mod arrow sound? cant they just change it if they can code -.-

ascen kachen: @hellzone102 oh you like boobs 2 ;D

iAmRabid: @burrhe its just how some people say it, theres no reason to poke fun of someone either.

iAmRabid: @burrhe wow i cant believe you dont know what the mafia is lol

Redsean12: why would you make the baseball bat if the wood sword is better...

BlockyPigs: @KittyCatEdits Its better than not explaining anything at all

wowcataclysm001: badly made mod. with a 6 year old.


BlockyPigs: So what if hes a kid at least he came prepared and explained the mod clearly

nikosuper888yahoo: stop being sad to kids man. what is the problem with kids commentating?

SandShark Show: Kids have family and toys! what else!? if you dont have a life you wouldn't be commenting here

Gerkin Man: 2:20 " You just put a stick up there " TROLOLOLOLO

HolyShit YouAreDumb: your not the mod spotlight you prick

sk8alien: mmmmmmmmm beneful healthy fiesta!!!!!!!!

#Minecraft 1.5 MafiaCraft Mod review / Showcase 3.4 out of 5

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