Korg Kronos Vs. Yamaha MOX8

What do you think about this video?

tartan11463: You choose fail level competitors. It should be kronos vs motif xf.

OracleParadiser: About nothing

Alex Celaya: how u gonna compare a kronos with an mox8

J. Lewis: Yamaha has great sounds, piano, and such depending on the type of music one is going to play. Korg has great synths. I would personal use the MOX8, which I have, as a main and stack the kronos on top for synths. It wold be an awesome combination!

AliothSenator: What do you prefer?

Leonardo Valenzuela: These are very different keyboards with different capabilities and functions, is not a fair comparasion. None of these instruments are better than the other, everything is up to the user's needs. Saying one is better thant the other is ignorance. And yes, i own a Kronos 88 and i am very happy with it, and a Motif XS6 as well.

Basari Studios TV: Lolz...this was a waste of time.

lakshmere: Great Video. Don't listen to the haters. Thanks for this comparison dude.

Unulx: Not really...

Gbower27: Lol and you could buy 2 Mox8's for the price of the Kork....

ZenergyMusic1: horrible review... bad audio, not a true comparison.

Rivalo: You know the price difference between the MOX8 and the Kronos. The Kronos costs around €3000 and the MOX8 costs €1500

Ola Ola: I bought the Kronos a few months ago, and I can definitely say I'm very satisfied. Don't get scared of the keybed issues it had, they've adressed it and all new ones should have it fixed. It's better in my opinion because of the warmer and thicker sound, as you said. And having the big touch screen allows much easier and more advanced options, specially when working with waveforms and being able to also visually see everything you're modifying.

pouya khoshgoo: Im actually a big fan of yamaha, but to me it seems that the kronos piano is better than th other one, it sounds much warmer and thicker than the other one, I actualy want to buy a workstation but i really cant make decision, i dont know which on to take, Kronos 88? Or Motif XF8? Can anybody help me with this?

Veronica: i dont know which one is which but the second sounds like it needed toooo much effort to sound decent

johnb4u2: I love my Yamaha MOX8. I love the sounds on it. Lightweight 88 key for playing out. I went and played on the Kronos for 3 hours today and I would honestly rather have my 1700 dollar Mox8 than the Kronos for 3K.

DiBella Soundtracks: imho, this comparison inside a small room was a very good idea, understand that if one sounds better than the other in a small room how much more better it would sound coming from a PA system in a concert hall.....kudos to Yamaha, the MOX8 takes the prize for piano sound. sounds much more crisp and the low end is awesome as well, im sorry korg, but the piano on the Kronos sounds like a dated casio keyboard with built in speakers compared to the MOX8......lol

Mysterio F.T.S.: I' d rather listen the MOX? even if Kronos is a (very) good workstation, yamaha's sounds (piano) are better for me on this video. maybe the comparison should have been made with optimal quality registring conditions. If you' re able to make it, it would be easier to make its own choice. thanks for posting! :)

chessdude67: You would have to record straight into your computer for the listener to get a fair idea. I sold my MOX6 because of the unweighted keys. I'm now shopping around before jumping into the MOX8. I like it, but I don't feel that I need a full workstation with my Logic pro on my Mac. Nice playing...Thanks, Tim

Mysterio F.T.S.: i d'r ather the piano 's sound from the motif: it is fair, that there is more reverb on it than the kronos one. anyway, the best piano sounds ever listened came from steinway extension.

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Korg Kronos vs. Yamaha MOX8 5 out of 5

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