How I Did My Marley/Havana Twists

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Sadie St. Hilaire: Best video I've seen thank you!!!

Geo Smyth: It looks gorgeous hope I can achieve ir👏🏾thanks

Lyss Nara: This was really the most helpful tutorial I have viewed so far, you mention most of the little difficulties normal people would have doing these twist. To bad for me I saw this the day after I did my hair myself.

Kendra Malone: I just wanted you to know that this video was the best I have seen so far. Thank you so much. I hope you begin to do more videos. AND you're really pretty. Lol

Jamia Mack: if your going to do smaller parts how many pieces do you use??

Ify Ify: You are so beautiful!!

Ashley Stewart: Should i do it while hair nappy


Brianna Rohz: This helps a lot. I think I can do it myself instead. Thanks

AlwaysSetApart: second try and I got it!!!!!! THANKS!

Mel Mel G: I did it and it took me hours! started at 3 and finished at 11pm and still didn't look right! how did you do the back of your head? that was most difficult for me. everyone can do the front easily but no video shows how to  maneuver your hands when doing back. I did braid the root so maybe I will try to twist this time.

Tasha Perry: Call me if you can he is my MAN 832 4941302 :-) ,A Do not Call Him Rafus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{

maya sharp: Thanks this was extremely helpful

Hillary Simmons: I'm using yarn instead of synthetic hair. How many pieces would I need to achieve your thickness?

Drea_TheArtist: How did you keep them from being fuzzy as you twisted? Mine came or really fuzzy.

Keenya Williams: Loving your Marley twist. Thanks for sharing your tips. New subscriber here.

TREASURE83: You look like Vashtie Kola 

Vatricia: Thank you for explaining parting for this style, I was unclear on how to do it in the front.

Ongelique Pyles: great tips in here

Rachel Curtis: Are you located in the DMV area ? I'm very interested in getting my hair done like this

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How I Did My Marley/Havana Twists 5 out of 5

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How I Did My Marley/Havana Twists
How I Did My Marley/Havana Twists
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