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Kelvin Ijomanta: Install Manager cannot find a required path. The package for
"Photoshop 3D Bridge for DAZ Studio 4.9+ (Mac 64-bit)" requires that the
installed path for "Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 (64-bit)" be defined.
Make sure that a path for this application is present on the
"Applications" page of the "Settings" dialog, then try again.

Painters Punch: +cris33311 Thanks Cris. After 3 days of reading and retrying it has worked out by uninstalling the plugin, reinstall after adressing the cs5 for the install manager then open PSD go to general settings on windows, then llok up for psd plugins folder in external plug ins modus. selected that file and restarted the psd. and i am enjoying my cup of tea :) Cheers, on You. 

MadbatThe1st: Part 2 would have been nice.

Bill Frisbee: Doesn't look like the bridge works with Photoshop CS 6 version 13.1.2 or the new Creative Cloud.


maqeurious: Is there a part 2 of this video? Id like to see how the 'across seams' works.

wcthrill: I loaded the 64 bit for PS CS6 and I notice that when I load a photo of a face and try to use the transform tool to fit it in, PS freezes and I hang to shut it down. Is this a common problem?

jvdesuit1: Bridge should also wok with Photoshop Elements; not everybody needs or have the financial means to pay for the CS versions! Again do not limit DAZ to professionals exclusively, you're not the only ones who might be interested in 3D's possibiilities

cris33311: this plugin needs to be activated from Photoshop,read my first comment how to activate the plugin(folder).Ppl should vote that post to be above of all comments ,to read my instruction tips,the plugin in working fine ,i've tested it.

Febeleh: Seconded. Does it work with CS5? I too do not see it in the automate menu in PS CS5. It's all good in the plug ins folder in DAZ.

wcthrill: does this wrk with CS4? The file is in the plug ins folder in PS but I dont see it from the Automate menu

Marlo Socolov: awesome - I have it installed and was trying to find out how to use it - the basic steps - this was extremely helpful :) thank you!!!

twalling: Yep, just checking in, 3 months later, to see if that "later video" ever came out. Guess not!

Xenopticon: Part 2, you say? Textures across seams...? Need this badly, please! ETA?

twalling: Was that second video ever made?

cris33311: wish i could help you but i never been into SecondLife also didnt worked to much with exporting/importing files in/from DAZ, but google " second life wiki texture tools" (2nd life wikia),you'll find a video tutorial for CS3 or some useful links,tips.You might find some free content on "shareCG" (i have a portfolio there but not textures) or if you can't find an answer,try to register on DAZ website(it's free) and post your questions on forums.DAZ community have a lot people and very helpful.

cris33311: Correction : Seems DAZ likes to use /install things on C as default

cris33311: ..specially if the DAZ and ADOBE are installed on a different driver (D,E,F...) not the main C.Seems DAZ likes to use/install things.I recommend on installing plugins,shaders,scripts if it have a Uninstaller to keep checked the Uninstall option; if later something it's not working bcuz of the different drives.I only refuse uninstallers for normal content (clothes,props..etc) bcoz if i would accept these too i fill to fast the drive ( C) with A LOT uninstallers and i don't like that :)

cris33311: you welcome mathal07 :) Took me some time to figure it out why this plugin doesn't work in CS5 with only the files, but the trick is to activate the DAZ plugin FOLDER.The bad part is if someone uses another folder activated from an external plugin then must deactivate the old one and activate this one everytime uses CS5 with DAZ..there is only 1 folder option available in CS5; and DAZ have 4 files created in a folder! not just a simple .8BI or .8BX plugin file

Theknowingguy: Thanks alot man... it worked... you saved me a lot of time :)

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3D Photoshop Bridge - DAZ Studio 4 Pro Free 3D Software 5 out of 5

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