Hyundai Crankshaft Position Sensor Replace Timing Belt Replace 2.4 Liter Four Cylinder

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Lukas Pence: Bravo! Thanks for this video!

2085batman: You rock man having this problem right now

al coss: thankyou for share. one question? can we cut that two wires (red/black) and put together with splite?

shake master: can you please tell me if that big bolt in the middle is left handed or right handed to replace the plate its self... and is it possable to splice the wire to replace that damn sensor !

Stephen Campbell: Excellent information video. Just had to get mine done. Maybe next time I will do it myself. Why Hyundai did not make the sensor plug and play I have no idea. Thanks again. Steve, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

DwansAve .: Great video! Much help. Im about to attrmpt this job on my 08 magentis/optima. 

DwansAve .: Great video! Much help. Im about to attrmpt this job on my 08 magentis/optima. 

smazz104: good vid - good job explaining.

wikispeedia: I was thinking of that route. Just cut, solder and put on some heat shrink tubing. Thanks for posting!

baldbollocks: Your a good man brother ! thanks a million ! !

Richard Hetrick: Thanks for the bid but it is true that you left a few steps out. Had to removed two pullys, the alt. belt and the ps/ac belt. I also had to loosen the timing belt to get the old sensor out and the new one in but I was careful to retention the belt in the exact same notches it was in when I started and the car runs fine. The only problem I've encountered is a mysterious oil leak that I'm about to have track down. Makes no sense since I didn't have to undo anything oil related.

Lomy50: please help, my 03 hyundai santa fe timing belt broke while i was driving about 15mph in a subdivision and I changed the timing belt by aligning the marks on all gears then the engine starts quickly and shaking a lot and i did took out the timing and put back again thinking i missed the gear and better this time but it is rough, one thing I couldn't figure out is where is the oil balance shaft plug on the left side of the block ?? couldn't find it please help me as soon as possible

gj90666: i hope someone can help me out, so i replace this crankshaft position sensor (on a 2.4) along with all the belt. but now when i try to start her up she cranks but wont turned over, can anyone help me out here?

Ralph Turner: Nice video. Very helpful

funkyjimm: AWSOME!!

cubmancan: The car may cut off unexpectedly and crank back up, this may get more frequent until it just won't run at all. It may run rough, be hard to start, or not start up at all. Sometimes mimicks a fuel problem. This is very common for vehicles between 100Kand 160K miles. The things just go bad, could also be age- 10 years, estimated. Other problems may also cause similar symptoms. There is an electronics diagnosis for it- check with Autozone, etc for code info. Good luck, hope it helps.


Khamis Zulkifly: very good for biginer to learn DIY..thanks bro..

brianwolfe86: Thanks so much for posting this! I had my CKPS replaced 2.5 years ago and they charged me $325 parts and labor (which turned out to be a deal, apparently). I'm now having the same problem with the new CKPS 40,000 miles later...I just got a quote today of $400 to replace it, but after seeing your video I'm thinking I may just do this myself. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for your replacement video. Thanks again!

Denia Hernandez: thank you so much! it helpme a lot to know more about my car :)

leejameswhitehouse: Many thanks for this video, might have to tackle this job shortly should it be the problem!

Boomr616: Thanks, same thing with my Sedona

cubmancan: @fdeldredge I don't really know if that would work okay or not. I'm guessing there may be a problem caused by the cutting and splicing. It might make the project much easier if it could be done without a problem. You likely need to ask an automotive electrical expert.

Corn Stocks: Thank you for th great video man! Saved me hundreds!

cubmancan: Just trying to be helpful. Left some common stuff out for brevity, and did state that a person needs mechanical ability before taking on the task, I think. Common sense, you have to remove belts, etc. I think I changed the CPS without taking the timing belt off- but it was tight. Overall, I hope the video is helpful.

Ronald Willey: For novice.Removal of the water pump pulley bolts are challenging.I removed the speed controller for access.Loosen wp bolts with the fan belt attached.I used a 10 mm gear wrench..For the power steering bracket,I had trouble accessing the lower bolt in front of engine. To remove the power steering pump I discovered that the 12 mm bolts can be access thru the pulley, however, discovered clearance problems continued.Eventually worked the 6 bolts out.Replacing the sensor worked.Thanks

lookafterlove: Hey Cubmancan, Im doing this same job right now and have a question about the timing gear on the crankshaft. mine is one peace with the gear attached to the harmonic balancer but urs is not? confused.

Roger St. Hilaire: Thanks the video was helpful keep up the good work will be doing my project soon on a Sonata 2.0L G4JP...

360treflipskater360: this is awsome! thank you so much. ive got to replace the timing belt and the sensor on my girlfriends 2002 hyundai santa fe and this video just helped me out so much!

Ralph Turner: Do you know if there is a cam sensor for thr 2001 accent 4cyl. DOHC 1.6 L

Mary Beattie: Timming belt replaced on my 2005 2.4 santa fe cost £659, inc parts. next day went for a run got about 4mls car cut out. called out AA auto .took about 35mins, mechanic connected to commputer came up with crankshaft sensor fault. tried to start but just turned over,said it could be dirt on sensor short on wire or faulty sensor. was about to trailer me home after checking for faults. turned key car started. Got home just as it cut out. next day at garage new sensor fitted. Cost £256. 14/9/03 UK

WAYIISHY: about to go do it now thank you !! ill let you know how it goes.

HalfCupOfJoe: Whats not mentioned is that timing belt removal is also required to remove this sensor and it's unnecessarily long harness, which in turn means re-timing the engine and its corresponding balance shaft(the sprocket on the right in this video) is absolutely necessary, and if re-timing is not done 100% properly, you can end up bending valves and/or the balance shafts out of phase which can make the engine sound "buzzy" or "raspy" when revved. And don't forget the smaller balance belt behind the re

alfredo6495: awsome help thank you so much !!!!!........ SAVED ME SOME MONEY....BY THE WAY ALL THE WAY FROM EL SALVADOR........

chanthyvang: thanks alot u r the best.

Ahmed Alsaadi: thanks for the video i have Kia optima 2006 2.4L 4C same engine desain. my engine shack hard and the car stalled while drive is that symptoms of bad timing belt and CSPS ?

Chris Miller: Thanks for the quick reply! I have an OBDII scanner and the Torque app on my phone. There are no codes being thrown, and I was unable to find anything out of the ordinary. The symptoms you describe are pretty much exactly what I'm experiencing. I was starting to think the engine was either starving of fuel (Pump, Filter, Pressure Regulator), or air (clogged Cat. Conv.?) My S.F. has 130,000 miles. This problem only started after the valve cover gasket oil leak, which probably saturated the CPS.

magilla2567: Thanks a lot for a great vid.

fdeldredge: Would there be any issue with cutting and splicing the wire thus saving two hours of work? Ref: (3:00)

jarrell gines: did you drop the engine because i noticed the red jack stand under it

lawnside82: keeping them cams still were a pain untill i found a little trick use 2 17mm wrenches hold both cams at there timing mark with some muscle because you will be fighting against the spring tension, then just slide in between the teeth one of those 10mm timing cover bolts with the built in washer.. the washer will wedgie between the gears and hold them still.. worked just fine for me!

cupcake1556: Thanks so much I have the same issue and the vehicle is at pepboys for $545.00. Uncanny but they said that it will take an additional 2 hours because thay realized it was more difficult. We also had a timing belt previously replaced. Great advice to replace it with the timing belt. Where is the replacement video?

jahanzebakhter1: This may not be the best approach what I am suggesting, but I am thinking since the wire is already there, from the original CKP, then instead of removing the other components, to try to fit and route the wire along the recommended path, why not just cut the wires at the ckp and attach the two wires to the new CKP. Ofcourse it will mean cutting the wire from the new CKP as well. Provided that the original wire is ok,which I think can be checked with a multimeter. Labor can be saved.

Mark Regiec: Thank you for posting this very informational video. - While the job itself may take some time & patience,, it doesn't seem too difficult for someone who has some mechanical skills.

lawnside82: im kinda in the same boat, my car starts up reall fast but the passenger side at the motor mount vibrates like hell when reved up. sounds like i dont have a muffler.. but when i take the bolt out the mount its quiet.. smh im just glad its running.. been on the front yard for 2 years out of commission...

John E Harshman: let me know if it works,

David Smith: Thanks for the video! A picture/video is worth ten thousand words.

Tim Fischer: Thank you! You saved me $1,000. Folks at firestone wanted to charge me $1,200.

MrJadey1369: this is a great video but i seem to be having more problems relating to this, did you change the angle sensor as well as the CPS? also make sure you replace that crank balance belt just behind that angle sensor or else its another $400 labour in the future getting there for that belt. i would also like to see the second segment you suggested.

TheKingdomToCome: Your the greatest person. I'm so glad you posted this video there is nothing on the web that shows the sensor, even thought it's a rampant problem on those 2.4l's

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Hyundai Crankshaft Position Sensor Replace Timing Belt Replace 2.4 Liter Four Cylinder 4.6 out of 5

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Hyundai Crankshaft Position Sensor Replace Timing Belt Replace 2.4 Liter Four Cylinder
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