Cricket Huawei Pillar M615

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Xproject187: To freaking much ! You've been told how to pronounce the word correctly,yet you continue to pronounce it the way you think it should sound & tell your viewers to pronounce it any old way they want. Dude you're the very reason misnomers like this occur in the first place. The letter "H" is silent in "Huawei" & the letter "U" is pronounced as a "W",so in short the word "Huawei" is indeed pronounced "WAH-way". Search Youtube or Wiki for "How to Pronounce Huawei". PS: Codes shown won't help "Pillar"

Night Crow: This phone sucks ass and keeps on black screening. Are you on crack? freaking dumbass

Salem Howl: crapty phone and server

Nanchi Ivan: you can either record or download it from the cord to the charger to your computer or you can just hack the damn phone I cant believe you didn't know that

Brian Garza: does it has wifi

Addy Wright: Im looking at buying this phone online from the website.. BUT my only concern is from the picture.. it looks the the screen is kind of small.. any thoughts about the size of the screen?

Abuu020: how can u add a song to this phone with out a simcard ?

Jay Ay Gudino: Does This Phone Perhaps Have WiFi.?

Cine Mass: must use memory card.

Cine Mass: Remove back cover. near top on right is the spot.

Cine Mass: u cannot.

Cine Mass: its on the back right side smakk skot near top of phone on back. must rremove back cover to see.

Cine Mass: is incompatible with that feature. ask the Cricket tech dept

Cine Mass: It sux. According Crickets own Techs its "imcompatible" with full web access as it rarely is able to show pics like on FB or any other sites. I owned one for five months.

TheMightyAiricorn: I just got this phone a few months ago. one question. how do I remove the SIM card?? please help. thanks.

hershychic1: How do i change the ringtone?!

joey chavez: i agree with lulu the phone discharges fast and needs more technology i mean all phones of cricket are cheap and dont have the memory and needs a bigger cricket plz do something about it cuz your company needs to make this phone bigger and better

Family Videos: Can you use any SD card even if it is HD sd card with the phone. Nowadays are very cheap 5 bucks for a 8gb damm

VerifyVeracity: Can I use the 'Record' feature while I'm talking (using speaker phone) on the phone? The thing I'm looking to do is record both sides of the conversation. I use cricket service, & want a phone that will record both sides of the conversation, I used to have a phone with sprint (Samsung SPH-M520) that would record one side (the other person) for a few min.. I'm not a nut but some times I do some rather complicated calls & would like to refer back to see if I got the details right. Thanks a-lot

ashley smith: i did that but nothing happed what was going to happend

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Cricket Huawei Pillar M615 5 out of 5

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Cricket Huawei Pillar M615
Cricket Huawei Pillar M615
Cricket Huawei Pillar Review
Cricket Huawei Pillar Review
Cricket Huawei Pillar Review
Cricket Huawei Pillar Review
Huawei pillar
Huawei pillar
Huawei Pillar M615 Cases
Huawei Pillar M615 Cases

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