Cricket Huawei Pillar M615

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Heifzilla: Nice review, thank you.

tareq younis: @ana622 no apps but still are accessible through the web

ronnywilkes: Where do you put the micro sd memory card on the phone? There isn't a slot for it. How do you take your battery out of the phone as well?

michael_kngihtly: can you download opera mini

tareq younis: @PandaButtPoop the txt is conversational and the facebook, am not sure if you could do that but i believe you cant since its not an app

Salem Howl: crapty phone and server

VooDooAssassin2: how do i use the repeat and shuffle on the phone i can not find a detailed user manual any where.

FatPotatoe: And for anyone who's curious about how to unlock your phone, the 4-digit code should be that last 4 digits of YOUR phone number!

tareq younis: @snoopdogg63 the last 4 digits of ur phone number

tareq younis: @kaceyhowell they do make cases that would protect the back of the phone, but for the keypad you would have to get a pouch and not put it in your pocket. :)

alawabidingcitizen: Hey thanks for the review. Do you know if this phone works with the $25 prepaid plan?

tareq younis: @michaeljonas3319 no it wont download Opera mini, it still has an ok web browser, not the same you get with smart phones though

tareq younis: @Mackie305 cricket does not charge for activation all you have to do is purchase the phone and pay the first month of service which starts at $35/ month unlimited talk text and long dis

markuschanthao1: @tareqyounis- where can you get some earphones?

PandaButtPoop: what does txt conversational? im talking about does it have an inbox with the persons name or is it just in any order?

yolie857: Can you install the Facebook app? Can you show a preview of either the Facebook app or the site Can you show how txt messages show? Do they come out in a chat format? Ty

ana13rdz: Where is the microSD slot at???

J1FF13: I love this phone! I got it today, the only problem I have with it is that there isnt a Micro SD card in the box with the phone lol but Ill just get one from kmart :)

hershychic1: How do i change the ringtone?!

TheMightyAiricorn: I just got this phone a few months ago. one question. how do I remove the SIM card?? please help. thanks.

Leonardo Cabral Canales: dont get this phone my mom has it and she has trouble with it i got the samsung comment its better than this one same price as this! :)

Cine Mass: its on the back right side smakk skot near top of phone on back. must rremove back cover to see.

SpOrTsFaN588: What is the phone lock code?

EPTXSTEVEM: @tareqyounis what is conversational ? I am sorry I was plainning to get this phone and watned to know.

heyben369: Why did you do the video in black and white

tareq younis: @80skor the sound quality is great and the reception is better than previous cricket hansets, its a pretty good phone

ThePortlin: Thank u !!!

Mark Moglia: Im gettin the huawei piller this friday .does any know if it comed in a flip top square box like he had .because the box you get a radio shack or else were sucks balls. you cant save it.

Roseline Pierre: Can I watch videos on my Huawei pillar?

jason cotal: can you download youtube to it.

MsGewd: If you go to Facebook on this phone, can it upload pictures to Facebook ??

Jessica Swoboda: how is the broswer??

Richard Okpala: phone did not come with sd card

Cdog inth'house: This guy paid the "full retail price for his phone"?(79.99) nearly $80.00. This same cellphone, (HUAWEI PILLAR) only costed "me" $40.00. I bought it at a cricket store too. I dont know about him, but "I" prefer to look for ways to save money on products by buying thme for a lot "less" elsewhere.

Gina Marie S: Cricket is a cheap phone company! Dont buy the phones.

alwayzjolly: I know this may be a dumb question but Can you get youtube on this phone?

midnighttwilighter: Does this phone support a memory card? If so, where do you insert it as I don't see any slot. And if it does not, then how do you transfer pictures to your computer? I tried using the USB cable that goes with the charger but everytime it keeps telling me to insert a memory card!!

Abigail Baldwin: Thank YOU!! U have the best review video ever!!! Thank you a lot!! ^.^

Itzel Lopez: navigator doesn't work:(

Donna Pier: How do you add music to this phone the Pillar by Cricket

tareq younis: @Redrumxtina it does support a facebook shortcut i would call it cause its not like an actual app but no yahoo messenger app and it has a memory card slot so you could trasfer pics to the computer

userofname1: Yeah, well the guy at the Cricket store sold me a phone, promised I could port my number in, said it had a nice camera and I would be able to upload pictures to facebook, told me the phone came with a free cover and to pick out whichever one I liked, said I would get unlimited everything for 40.00 a month. I shoulda known better. He lied about everything AND charged me for the cheap ass plastic cover! To be cont.

SuperTroll291: Screen so small!

popaname: What is the difference in this and the Penicall. I am deciding which one.

cruzgua: have you found out???

Cine Mass: must use memory card.

Bill Crafter: I had it it sucks. I got rid of it and went to get a at&t fusion whitch is amazing because cricket is gay. its a VGA camera whitch is only 0.1 megapixles which is terrible.

prettymzmicia: Does this phone plays any type of videos on it I need 2 know ASAP PLEASE

glennsmooth: $30 for this phone on amazon and a flat $25/month unlimited text and data + 300min talk plan. The phone is amazing for this price!! I'm ditching my $150/mo. Smart phone plan. Only question: How to lock the phone????? Even tech supt. Told me to find a cricket store which don't exist.

virtue520: Nice phone, would you please let me know what the P/N for the battery? thanks!

Cricket Huawei Pillar M615 4.2 out of 5

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