How To Clean Your Walther P22 Or Walther P22Q

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TiVo Vote: Please nobody use air duster if any of the liquid is on gun metal it can break or blow seriously back when I was a teen and a locksmiths under study if the lock could not be pick or cut we would shake it up spray it on and in the lock and give it a wack with a hammer so you could only imagine what would happen if this happens to a barrel or slide please don’t do this

2A Fanatical: Any mods to help my p22 run the CCI quiet 710fps bullets?? I run my p22 suppressed. The action will cycle, reset the hammer, but it doesn’t go back far enough to eject the spent case. Is there any mods you know of to help out??

gito7chan: Thanx a lot for the video. I just bought A Walther p22qd from a friend and I want to clean it to make sure it runs great so this video will be my guide!

Rick D: I like to spray the parts I cleaned with solvent with some 91% alcohol. Dries fast and degreases the solvent better than soapy water and eliminates that step that you mentioned.

Clyde Berry: helpfull

Johnny Petree: First time seeing this video. Have you ever tried EEZOX?

jim pincollector: Great Video! Thanks! Just subscribed.

prezdead: just a quick question. i just got a p22 and after putting a few hundred rounds through it, the last half inch or so of the barrel seems to be all mangled up. Is this normal? Just worried now that my barrel is messed up

Richard Kennedy: Nice video Rich lol

Noah Diamond: The best cleaning tool I ever invested in for cleaning my firearms was a tooth brush.

Jeff Wissing: Just subscribed! Thanks for the cleaning video! I'm going to put a deposit down on a Walther P-22 this Thursday! I like gun! tired of all the negative reviews I've come accross! You seem to like yours as I will like mine too! Thanks again Richard!

experimental baker:
Boy, it's not like that music is irritating or anything....

Buzz Clark: Hi Richard. I just subed. Good advice on cleaning - I will have to try this. ALSO. I DO plan on doing the disassembly and polishing of the parts - hoping this will enable me to shoot regular ammo rather than expensive and scarce CCI Mini=Mags.  You people seem to be country folks.  I used to live in Kansas but when I was young my father moved us to San Francisco so he could work here.  I miss Kansas with all my heart.  Just wanted to share this.  Thanks for all the valuable info. Sincerely,  JAMES.

TheTidelpool: Thanks, just cleaned mine with your help.....

Hector Tinoco: Awesome. Straight forward and informative. Thanks

Kenneth Gober: Good video, Thanks for sharing...

BustersRyder: Thanks Richard. Great video.

Jose A: The video was a big help,thank you very much. This was the first time I cleaned it and had no problems.

richarddbeck: Thank you for watching!

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How to clean your Walther P22 or Walther P22Q 5 out of 5

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Unboxing -Walther P22Q
Unboxing -Walther P22Q
Request - Walther P22 Slide details and Logo
Request - Walther P22 Slide details and Logo
Walther Disassembly Manual
Walther Disassembly Manual

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