Dirt Bike Idle Fix

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Frank Leferink: I have a yz250 that won't idle smooth and when I rev it it will stay stuck on 3/4 throttle with the grip in the normal idle position for three seconds or so but it won't stop if I hit the kill switch when the 3/4 throttle thing happens... Any ideas?

Peter D'Avignon: Hi I have a 2000 Honda Xr100r and I just cleaned the carb and put it back on. Whenever I kickstart it up though it immediately revs at a high throttle and I've tried adjusting the idle screw but no good. Any help?

anthony bargas: i just got a 93 kx125 and when i test rode it it felt like it was bogging but still had power in the upper rpms then when i got it home it was really slow in all gears i havent taken anything apart yet where do you sugest i start to solve this problem? oh it also struggles to idel but it starts first kick with the choke off.. im thinking its running way rich or something any help would be appreciated. thanks,

FUNNYman1808: I have some crapty ass after maker fake ass upgraded 50cc and it starts after I clean the spark plug. But then when I stand it up it shuts off. What do you think?

Ashton Lanier: clean the carb. and check the air filter.

Drake Wall: Hey my bike was running lean and I went down on the needle in the carb put everything back together and my engine would just keep revving more and more and more I have no clue what it could be everything was fine before exept running lean I didn't take the carb all the way off my throttle cable seems fine but could it have a hang in it somewhere

Mrufcman102: check the oil? Just clean the crap out of the jets and just clean the carb alot

barbara amason: I have a big bear 4 wheeler. Hasn't run for couple years. Cleaned it up. Drain gas tank. Put fuel injector gas treatment. Replaced battery. Will crank and stay cranked. Until i try to give it more gas. Then it goes dead. What must i do? Sprayed carborator cleaner in 3 times. Suppose to help w the choke too. What's your thought on getting it to stay running so it can be ridden.

Alloy Censi: Hey i have a crf150r not that, that matters. i just got it and i was wondering if you could make a video on how to do that. or if someone could just tell me how over a comment that would be greatly aprecciated. Thanks :)

Tyler Drumm: when i turn the idle screw on my ktm125sx nothing happeds the bike is running to boggie and low i just did the top end so thats not the problem anyone now how to fix it?

Blake Rooyakkers: no comprestion???

Cameron Guth: ive got a 2001 cr 125. it runs good except for the idle speed. it wont idle for more than 7 seconds. and i have no clue where the idle screw is. any help?

offroadvehiclelover: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nice vid, dude.

offroadvehiclelover: Oh yea and it's getting worse everyday I ride it, so going to research as much possible to fix the issue. The first day it only stalled once, the 2nd twice and third several. The bike runs and never stalls while riding, only idle.

offroadvehiclelover: My problem is when the bike idles it turns off after a min or so, sometimes even earlier and I noticed the idle on it is bad like it wants to turn off.

Jlaxplyr: hi i have a honda 125 and a baja 70 and the 70cc baja doesn't idle i did everything u said and doesn't work i kick start it and it runs for like 2 seconds and then dies out and the 125cc honda doesn't start all together... if there is any way for u to help me please reply

Nick Sacré: mine is really weird sometimes it makes these really long revs like yiiinnnnnn....yiiiiinnnn or it keeps the revs up for a really long time i think my bike is dyin :'(

Tyler Kennedy: I have a ttr 50... Just cleaned out the carb... Starts on first kick but wont run in first gear

JoEy Nard: @kawibbyrule ur prob not useing the stock jets for ur bike

Justin Novgrod: I have a yamaha125ttr that won't idle. I have cleaned all jets and carve, the idle screw does not change the rpms

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