Marlin 795 High Capacity Magazine

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SequelFinalNight: Anyone notice that the model 60 has a 19in barrel and the Marlin Model 795 has a 18in barrel?

rifleman795: You have to try some will some won't. I think the people I got it from will.

rifleman795: Yes, they are but some sellers will send it anyways.


huntwithairguns: @fitbmxseries1 Interesting.

rifleman795: It is a Winchester and I got it a Walmart for about $30 if I remember correctly.

ultrabeastmode: awww man there out of stock already

huntwithairguns: @13xbox93 I thought you couldn't have high capacity magazines like this in cali? Therefor they would be illegal.

CharlieDoan: in my case,I will look for "metal magazine" just like 10/22 come out from FACTORY 25 rounds, I wait for this in many years...Guys try to call or write to Marlin a letter to strongly request high capacity magazine for this gun. Ruger can do, so do Marlin . Right? Agree with me guys. Thank you for understading!

rifleman795: Walmart for $43.97

rifleman795: @matthewHizzle That is one way to release the bolt there is two locks.

ScottPlays______: Do you know anything about the ProMag Marlin 795 .22 LR 25-Round from academy? I know nothing of it. I can't find if it"s good or bad, I was wondering if you have it.

fitbmxseries1: Ive seen people swap barrels over, looks like it takes alot of work though but would be a better barrel.

Mikenopolis: It's sad that a kid in other states can have a magazine capacity over 10 rounds and a responsible adult like myself can't because of stupid CA gun laws.

13xbox93: im not sure but when i go shooting i always see people with them

rifleman795: @uziairsoft I did not mean to hurt your little feeling, you plastic gun retard

13xbox93: do u know if those magazines are legal in cal?

rifleman795: they work good just one jams, they are good quality for the price

rifleman795: no i dont think so

Jake Brady: what kind of new mags are there?

Matt Thew: yo why Did you force the bolt foreward? does the bolt release not work?

TheCowboyfromhell87: @uziairsoft pos says uziairsoft. stick to what you know fake guns

Ch4osWe4veR: Will this work with the Marking 25n/925 bolt action? I know it may seem like overkill to put a 25 round mag on a bolt action, but it came with a 7 rd... Takes a lot of reloading.

buckman1967: I have two of these mags and I dont care for them at all....would be better if they were made of steel,at least the part that goes into the gun.

HaggardBacon: These mags are GARBAGE. I shot the crap out of mine.

13xbox93: what scope is that u have?

darta027: I bought this mag and it wouldn't feed the ammo right.

LeGit SheTT: piece of crap!!!

rifleman795: @master5775 what?

ScottPlays______: Thank you so much.

45 ACP: @rifleman795 no I don't live in commiefornia I can have 500 round mags if If would like. Would hate to see someone get in trouble for something as silly as a magazine restriction violation.

rifleman795: @zeppguitarded your excused

John Horan: I am sorry I said Magpul ,it is the Pro Mag that is the deal. Sorry. Academy is out of stock as of 11/30/2012.

CharlieDoan: Why don't you get Marlin 60? shoot much better than 795?

clubbbc: champion is no better wish i would have saw these vids before i bought them total junk

rifleman795: @uziairsoft your a piece of crap

dieselfury: academy has the 25 round promag for 14.99

rifleman795: You should check with a range master. I go to unitedsportmans in concord ca but I don't bring it.

rifleman795: No it wont.

travisbrkr1234: does anyone know if this mag will fit in a savage model 64?

D-rizzy Rell: @rifleman795 any walmart

zeppguitarded: Excuse me if i'm wrong, but "shooters ridge magazine sucks," nuttnfancy. yeah?

jdubvids: i have a did u mount a bipod on your 795? did u have to drill anything to add a rail at the bottom?

dozzy000: nice video man! thanks! you should make a video shooting with this magazine, i will try to buy one of these.

rifleman795: The armory in town and I think walmart has them for 50.

rifleman795: This scope is my overall fav of all my scopes it is high quality and very clear also asy to adjust. I use it for popin ground rats I dropped it and the gun landed right on the scope I expected it to be busted but it was fine and still zeroed. simmons is a great brand and i have no complantes about this scope and for like 50$ you cant beat it

rifleman795: Simmons 3-9x40

Phillip Gilmore: i just put that exact same scope on my does it do for you?

SmoothJK: @rifleman795 I think what he means is that you said "they don't really make any other high capacity mags for the Marlin 795" and then you put an annotation "Now they do!" So he's asking, what other high-cap mags are there?

dieselfury: i have two of the 25 round promags and so far flawless..... I am ordering me a promag 70 round drum mag soon

Marlin 795 High capacity magazine 4.6 out of 5

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