Hatsan AT44 Tactical

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Lorin Stoll: Great review, thanks

usman latif dogar: thank you... so you recommend this to us... I love to get this one.. I hope it will be accurate like yours;)

Will gallant: would this be a good entry level pcp?

rocky76dude: Great my first PCP .I will get the scope for future field target

Harold Andeweg: @Rick, i am a lefty (left hand at the trigger). On standing shooting position, will i be able to reload this rifle (with my right hand) without taking it from the shoulder? Or is it too heavy for this.

Easton Monsen: Rick could you possibly review the new Hatsan bt-65 sb elite QE the future when it comes out in late summer thx

CEO Fishing: Are those 0.4 inch groups what you were consistently getting, or just one good group you got out of a bunch of 1 inch groups?

Trinavara: Can't we get a trigger system that incorporates a simple mechanism to turn the little rotary mag with every trigger pull like a revolver or even a cap gun? Why the need for a dramatic tug on an antiquated shiny knob in between shots? To me this is like a new Range-Rover with a Model-T hand crank engine starter ,good rifle otherwise.

Expert Airgun Reviews / AirgunWeb / AirgunWebTV: Humayun - It's right on the screen when I talk about which pellet shot best in this rifle: 4:18 in the video. FPE is 31.44 FPE


Humayun Zahid: Sorry but you dont tell me that how many fpe it give in .22 cal

Expert Airgun Reviews / AirgunWeb / AirgunWebTV: humayun - you are falling in that zone of can and should.. can it do it.. maybe.. should you do it, probably not.  Game like coyote should be taken with a large bore airgun of sufficient energy to get the job done without a perfect shot.   As far as full power shots per fill, count on 2 mags for most Hatsan PCP guns.


Humayun Zahid: Can it able to shot down cayote and how many full shots it fire

Wissam Mhd: Hi sir .I am looking for getting a pcp .I care a lot for accuracy. Iam going to use it for plinking .what you think it could be the best , hstsan bt 65 or at 44 , and in what caliber .and the regular one or the QE .thanks

Harbard: Not sure i'll get an answer here BUT: Will this Tactical stock fit on a BT65? Cheers!

João Paulo Carvalho: Sweet next toy

2RCHA: Rick, I just picked up a Hatsan AT-44/.25(single-shot), and was wondering if you can tell me If I can start using some of the more "lengthy" ammo(like my Favourite hunting round, the Skenco "UltraMag Metal Tipped round",,,,,I'm tired of having to use "stubbies" like I have to do with my AT-44 series magazines, Thank's Amigo, Andy

2RCHA: I got back into air-gunning when I retired from the Army, I first started out w/ a Crosman Phantom in .22, and quite a few others ranging in all sorts of pricing, and everything from Benji Trails/ Nitro Venom/ Webley&Scott,Cometa's, and a few of the "higher end" chinese guns, But all were springers/gas ram, Co2, I was always interested in the "Dark-Side", but the prices of some of these a/g's exceed some of my finest powder-burners, so I was very hesitant to say in the least. Then a friend of mine showed me his "Hatsan AT-44", I was hooked,LOL!, I then bought myself the AT-44.22 Pump Action, which was fantastic, then the following year I purchased the Hatsan AT-44"tact"1022, which is fantastic beyond all expectatitions, I now easily get 3-4" groupings @ distances in the 100 Meter mark(Meters Not Yards!!!LOL), The P/A is great for "Brush" hunting but trying to make a long shot w/ one is a little tricky at times(not being able to attatch a bi-pod, and roostering the beast in prone position suck's big time). I would put the "Tact" up against any and all comers, I blow away all of my buddies in distance and accuray(Especially the ones who own Benji Marauders, the only guy who can go shot for shot w/ me in accuracy just bought an "Evanix"& he paid almost 4x what I paid for my Hatsan,,,,and he only gets half my shot count ,and has to lug around a "buddy Bottle"LMFAO!), and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!! that all pcp buyers seem to forget(Non-Hatsan owners) is that you're always "Tethered" counting your shots, not travelling far from your vehicle(where your "Scuba/Buddy bottle"are, unless you want to "Bust A Nut" lugging a pump around with you, All I do is toss  1, or 2 extra cylinders in my rucksack, and I'm good for the weekend as far as air is concerned. After countless testing in the ammo dept, I found that FX "SmoothTwist" pellets @ 16gr,. are the best you can get/use for distances under 50M, A distances of 100+M the FX "SmootTwist" pellet @ 18gr,. blew the competition away(And actually give me a 1.5" higher P.O.I.).Last year I nailed a 35pd Turkey @ 85yds,w/ the 18gr,. "SmoothTwist" round,,anyway's this gun is capable of making shots you would never dream of with a "springer" even if its a Magnum.A must have for making those long shots are these rings: http://airgunsource.com/fx-no-limit-mounts-1-inch/dp/1895 , http://airgunsource.com/fx-no-limit-mounts-30mm/dp/1894   a little pricey, but if they'll help you put that Rabbit on the table, They're worth every cent) ,I have both guns paired with the Leapers UTG 4-16x44 AO Accushot SWAT Rifle Scope,   http://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Leapers_UTG_4_16x44_AO_Accushot_SWAT_Rifle_Scope_EZ_TAP_Illuminated_Mil_Dot_Reticle_1_4_MOA_30mm_Tube_Lever_Lock_Weaver_Rings/5191 ,It's an unbeatable combination in my books. I'd still cut off one of my nuts for a chance to own one of the New Daystate .303 "Wolverines", Now there's a piece of KIT!,LOL, Cheer's, Andy. And BTW, Great Video,,I should get my lazy Arse up to do something like that with my guns,except in the field, On a hopefully lucky hunt,LOL!.

Tyler Netherland: Should I get this in .22 or the benjamin marauder in .25. What would you buy?

BuzzKill: Is this one of the most powerful airguns out there ? 

Mark Bickell: Looking at getting .25 pcp. Would u recommend the at44 qe or benjamin marauder.there about the same price

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Hatsan AT44 Tactical 5 out of 5

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