Hatsan AT44 Tactical

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AirGunWeb: Ben Coates The AT44 Tactical has the same powerplant as the AT4410W just with a tactical stock. Cheers, AGW

poeciloteria: Are you going to do a review on the Hatsan AT 44 PA?

James Roberson: Can you fill the cylinder with a air compressor ?

Neil Pick: I have an AT44 Tactical .177 calibre. As you know, here in the UK our air rifles have to be sub 12ft/lbs, mine runs at just short of 11 and I'm still getting 72 yard kill shots. Brilliant rifle, and for the money, I doubt there is anything on the market to touch it.

Oscar Fuentes: i like the look of that rifle a lot. Can it be charged with a hand pump just like the marauder does??

2RCHA: I have two versions of this shooter, The Hatsan AT44/P.A in .22, and the new tact 1022, These guns leave you in Awe, they're that good, I can easily make "Loonie" sized groupings @ 100yds!!, I've found that FX SmoothTwist pellets @ 16gr,. are the ultimate choice in Lead, while in Alloy, Gamo PBA Armours beat out H&N Baracudas, and FTT Greens, while Crosman SSP's provided the highest consistant m/v of 1190-1200fps!, even with the supersonic speed it still put all the shots in the Black @ 25Meters.It's a shame we can't get the Hatsan Sound Suppressor for this gun, It would be the cherry on this sundae, but The AirStripper is excellent, and does its job flawlessly.I highly recommend getting at least 6 mags, and a spare air cylinder, which provides for a whole day in the field w/out the need of a scuba tank or buddy bottle, A shotgun sling is a MUST! for the P/A version, other than that, Its the best PCP on the Market in its price range, and highly recommendable.

austin igbenebor: could I attach a tko muzzle break to this?

jon desousa: Hey bro is the air Venturi halestorm .22 the same as the hatsan at44p if it is how many good shots u get and wat foot pounds of energy on hatsan at44p ok let me know later bro

natedoggxl: Which do you prefer, the AT44 or the Dominator?

JesusG90247: Which one would you recommend hatsan AT44 Tactical .22 or Benjamin marauder synthetic stock .22 ??? Any scopes you might recommend also, Thanks in advance .... 

Ben Coates: Is that basically the se platform as the hatsan atw44w-10 just with tactical stock?

Roy Poud: im used to seeing the chrony ,not jus takin some ones word for what a gun will do. them 60yd shots,,,,,i mean targets look good tho.

Taad G: What do think about the Dragon Claw Air Rifle from Sam Yang in .50 cal? I'm thinking about getting one but would like see a review from you first...any chance of you doing one? Thanks!

Richard Northwood: Great review! Are you going to review the Hatsan Galatians when they come out?

Daniel Slagle: Thanks... I did not see the other vid.

gromann: Those groups were... stunning, if they make a .25, part of me wonders if it'd be under 1 moa@100, just add that hatsan stuff is very well priced and... dayum

saltire546: So if i busted my stock you would want to sell me a new gun as you dont keep spare parts that crap service dont you think ?.

AirGunWeb: Take a look at Hatsan's USA website for the stats on the gun.. Or email me directly for the exact link. Cheers Rick

Yusuf Akar: gruplama çok iyi diğerleri gibi

MrCetin122: bende aldım harika bi tüfek

EthanJM: Seems a bit much to have an automatic safety engage every time you load another pellet.

AirGunWeb: It is all about the tactical stock. Cheers, AGW

AirGunWeb: The DB will be too much for most any backyard. It is a field hunting gun or a range gun for sure. Cheers AGW

ibrahim888982: Great review

longbowdt: Rick, how long is this rifle? nice review btw. your usual spot-on effort. thanks!

AirGunWeb: All the AT44 and the BT65s load the same way. I believe I've covered it before on the BT65.. take a look at that vid.. the AT44 and BT65 get 10 shots per magazine in .177 and .22.. 9 shots in .25. Cheers Rick

ZeroWolfAlfa: I have been looking at either Hatsan BT65 or AT44, and saw this.. but realy, how is the differance, in .25 cal.

max maxmus: @AirGunWeb @AirGunWeb Hi Rick I just bought the hatsan 125 .25cal after looking around seems like the best all around gun for hunting small game next I want a .357 pcp gun have you done any reviews of one or are you planing on doing a review of one soon?

AirGunWeb: My Pleasure guys.. glad you like it.. hope that it is helpful and useful! Cheers Rick

Waylon Haskie: Waiting for the Galatian IV, man that rifle is awesome.!

joseagonz2941: Hey rick im between marauder and AT44 both. 25cal which is more powerful

Marquis Iloinen: What is the difference between this (tactical) and the normal at44-10? Is it all about the cool look?

Notoxic30: I never seen any gun review saying the gun is not good.. i wonder why. For me personally no more Hatsan after the 125 i have bought 7 months ago it broke twice already.

AirGunWeb: Expect to see it available mid April to early May.. pricing should be out a little sooner. Cheers Rick

AirGunWeb: I started with 190bar. Cheers, AGW

dragon celt: hi rick witch springer from hatsan you refer for target en small pest , sry for my english i hope you can read it , nice vids keep up the good work

Eddie B: Bet you can't wait to test the Galatian.

AirGunWeb: Since an air rifle is not considered a firearm you do not have to get a certification. Cheers, AGW

Kito Grova: Great Video as usual Rick. Thanks for it.

AirGunWeb: We do not have a price for the stock. Cheers, AGW

pyrosus: i got hatsan galatian IV 5.5mm:D

Taylor Speer: marauder or at44 in .25? for hunting. which has better power, accuracy, FPE, ease of use, and range. thank you

AirGunWeb: You will have to contact Hatsan USA. Cheers, AGW

Robert Vindevoghel: Yes... your right. Mybad... All the your newer videos now have perfect camera position. Thanks for responding. Keep up the good work!

André Roque: Hey! I have a question. Since the stock is ambidextrous, I'm assuming that the reloading system/lever system can be adjustable (and by this I mean change to to other side for the left handed people). I would appreciate a reply. Thank you :)

isofaster: loved the review . im not sure if you have done this already , but if not , how about doing a video about chronographs , tips and hints on how to get best results indoor and out , lighting , angles , etc . thanks =)

AirGunWeb: The AT44 in .25 shoots around 870 fps. The BT65 in .25 shoots close to 1000 fps. Cheers, AGW

AirGunWeb: The Dragon Claw is a beast of a rifle. it's overkill for anything other than hunting large game. I may get to a review sometime this year. Cheers Rick

Jack E.: Would the Hatsan AT44S-10 be a great gun for small game hunting?

AirGunWeb: Safety is a bit deal these days.. fortunately, the location makes it very easy to disengage when you are ready to shoot. Cheers Rick

Hatsan AT44 Tactical 4.8 out of 5

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