How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24' Widescreen LED Monitor

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Dominique Van Rooij: LOL it moves xD. I have the Samsung T27B300. Tried many times to tilt it but I was really afraid to break the foot off. I guess Samsung make's them a bit to stiff.

Mini Game Reviews: Thanks. No idea why this was so "hard to do". but thanks :) Samsung S24B150BL

gregerz20: thank you so much! I just bought my samsung sd300 24 inch screen and after seeing this I finally had the guts to push without having the fear of breaking it.

Jan Roger Oshaug: Thanks for the info. Got a brand new SD300 24" and was afraid to push back, felt like something would break. Tried it again after seeing this and happily nothing broke :) 

Modyz m2: Thanks alot i love you :D :D :D

TheSharKBG: you da real mvp! thx

alkoholiCAR1: can i rotate it from left to right?

GEE MANN: OMG. Really?

Exuro Sanctus: Holy crap man, I feel like a freaking idiot. I have been sliding a huge book under the front of the base for probably 3 years to transition from a sitting to a standing position... I always thought it didn't tilt and it was pissing me off..

tiger pumper: Used BX2235 idiot owner here. I too am guilty of propping up my seemingly un-tiltable monitor. Chargerfun34's quaint common sense logic has humbled me. I bow to you sir. ( why would a major company even make a non adjustable desk monitor? like duh!) PS- My base is forked, I used American nickels stacked on some wide Mexican coins as my prop! LOL!)

Tom Keegan: Maybe people wanted instructions on how to tilt because their monitor just broke while trying to tilt it.

victor poleschuk: We are not the Idiots the people at Samsung are. The reason people are having problems is because it's not in the manual ! It would help for those us that do read if they actually put pen to paper. Thanks for the Video much appreciated. 

Hong Nguyen: Thank you very much for showing me how to tilt my Samsung monitor. You are so smart. I am bowing to you.

Aliaksandr Rabinin: cheers mate !

Eoghan Bailey: Samsung should show how to do this in their instructions. Thanks for video, so easy when you have the confidence to push it back without the fear of breaking it. 

Salvatore Mucci: Well I'll be damned. It tilts. SA 350 here... it doesn't tilt forward much but it does tilt back. No one should feel like an idiot for not wanting to break their monitor. I blame Samsung for designing a crap tilt feature.... Thanks to Chargerfun34 for the vid. 

Geekopinoy: It took you freaking 3 minutes just to tilt the freaking monitor

Azani04: crap it works, lol. Now I need help solving the issue of my screen blacking out for a few secounds. CAN ANYONE HELP PLS

Mats Næss: oh crap, I'm stupid...

aragorn2033: i have the sim design, but the version is LS22A300BS/EN, and he dosent worc... :((

Ryan L. Williams: Mine does.... After a year of usage

Ryan L. Williams: Mine does.... After a year of usage

Terry Wigley: Thank you for the tilt tip, like you with it being new I did not think it had a tilt facility and didn't want to use brute force, seeing you do it gave me the courage, it brilliant now can move post it pad from under the front of the stand. I have read a lot of the comments that have been made, and agree with all but one, I also felt to be a bit of a thicko the video was the right length after all at the end of it like the rest of dum one I could now tilt my monitor thank you

haris javed: hey i actually tilted it after bit of struggle and watching your video thrice lol..thanks your video been of great help :)

HonkityTiddlefish: I was scared I was going to break mine, then when I did it for the first time it was a massive relief. I also felt like a twat for having to look up a tutorial on how to adjust a monitor...

marinesrock316: How to tilt the Acer monitor?

TheDouchebagery: shut the freak up you freaking retard

chargerfun34: @sardo97 Oh, you want me to make a video. Hold on, lemme get my camera. But no seriously, it's been asked upwards of 20 times. I don't know why.. It's as easy as pushing it back and forth

GTSNIPERFLY: ga dam boy!!

highlyhog: Great video. Gave me the confidence I needed to really torque on that son of a bitch and it finally moved just like you said.

AppleCakeGames: Do this work with a S24B150 ?

bogomoviltdt: Hi, Could you show some pictures of your work with the monitor?

Mihai Bogdan: da freak.. i watched this video hoping it's tilt down.. my monitor it's on a tall table , and i can't watch a movie from my bad because it seen darker from underside.. sorry for my english..

Jason H: my back hurted for 3 years finally relized i needed to tilt and their had to be a way,samsung (FX2490HD). P.S. Thanks chargerfun32

Donovan Russell: What's the best settings for gaming?

bamboo999: Thanks for this. I thought i was going to snap the plastic when doing this. I bought 3 though and some were easier to tilt at first than others. Some people probably just get really stiff stands.

pavelroman: Same feeling for me too. I think I'll break it if I push harder. Can someone confirm it can be done for S22A300H?

wpt729fx: Thanks, really helped!!! I have the Samsung S24B300H.

onebighoe: OMFG! i have had books under mine!!!

Iosif Nagy: I was a little bit disappointed with my Samsung SA300 but now i see it does tilt. Thank you, this helped me alot :)

Juan Valadez: Thanks! I have a 21.5" SA300 monitor and I thought it didn't actually tilt but it does as you say. Useful video!

Antonio G: Hey, thanks soooo much for the video. After trying all sort of stuff (putting books, boxes, ball-pens to provide the right angle), l decided to buy a platform or something to mount the screen on it. Here l found this video! Thank you!! Honestly, how on Earth can you figure out the bloody screen simply tilts?!! When l look at it the first time l took for granted it was a fixed in that position... Anyway, thanks!

Jake Mann: You can go eat a freakin' broken glass sandwich douche bag. If this is so freakin' retarded, then why did you watch it. Besides, if Chargerfun34 took the time to make the video, then the proper thing is to be grateful, whether it served you or not...cause it sure looks like some other people found it useful, including me. So go freak yourself, asshole.

sagari dey: Thank you !!!

VaultDweller1986: I had no clue this was possible. It really requires scary amount of force to tilt. Thanks a lot for the help!

Sakib Parvez: my one wont tilt!

monzteralive: i just unboxed a 20" model yesterday and it was quite stiff that i beleived this monitor cant be tilted....but this helped thanks @chargerfun34

WunderWaffe88: I bought too the Samsung SA300. And I thought that it can’t be tilt. So I put a book under it to get the right viewing angle. I was afraid to break it. It was really stiff. Then after about 30 tries it finally tilted. :)

GoldenToothBrush: I have a S22B300 and it doesn't tilt. :(

12OclockLow: Thanks! I didn't think it was tiltable despite the instructions clearly stating that it was. I was even going to return it, at one point, because I couldn't stand having to lower my chair and look up at it lol.

How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24" Widescreen LED Monitor 4.6 out of 5

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