How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24' Widescreen LED Monitor

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J Mae: Got a pretty good laugh after I saw how easy it was. For MONTHS, I've been setting it on top of books and wedging things under the front of the base so it would tilt upright. I guess I was afraid to break it after I put the monitor on the base. And yes... I felt pretty stupid too... especially because I'm a software engineer.. pretty embarrassing haha! Thanks Mitchell Camps!!!

Lil M: thanks.. so much! it worked.. i think was harder at first like you said. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

Aiym Zhumasheva: I feel so stupid

Alisher Sakipov: Seriously? Video to tilt a screen???😂

AndrewMT: i have this old monitor they say it has tilt im scared... i just found out u should tilt cuz better for eyes BUT HOLY crap IT WORKED INSTANTLY like i was putting in force but nothing was happening so i was scared. i held the bottom AND IT WORKS aka a crappy acer the al1916w

My Take On This: lot of unnecessary talk. time is running..go to the point

MosjosB: Thank you so much


Janice Weiss: I feel so dumb...there was no instructions and I was afraid of snapping off the base...thanks for straightening me out!

Aiko Olinares: Thank you for this video. This is exactly what I need. I'm so afraid that I would crush my monitor if I do this, so glad after watching this. It worked!

sl4p3z: wtf i tought i was going to break my new monitor at the start! S24D330H (the new version is the same thing)

Puddles: How do you connect speakers to it?

Sakura Hiyama: freak this man. I just got a similar monitor (SF350 27") and was wondering where the freak was the tilt. It came bundled with like 20 different papers, none said anything useful nor they mention tilt (but oh yes, they did came in all the languages of the universe). When will people learn freaking English if your language is Hrvatski, Srpski or something like that? The actual product manual must be downloaded from the website. Anyway, the manual there did mention tilt but it didn't say "Keep pushing with enough force even if it may seem that the stand will break". But your video gave me the courage, thanks. It requires a good amount of force (understandable if there aren't screws or anything else that holds it in place like my previous display).

Samsung stands aren't the best thing in the world but the panel is beautiful and it was quite cheap. Lol, good luck mounting a VESA stand in my unit when part of the plastic stand at the back is fixed to the display. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung sells a "special" VESA stand with enough clearance to skip that piece of plastic at the back that will get in the way otherwise.

Eric Acevedo: Ha! And here I thought my new monitor didn't tilt. I didn't want to break it being a brand new purchase but after watching your video I was encouraged to give it one more "heave ho" and sure enough it titled! Thanks for posting. I have the Samsung 27" LED Monitor (S27E310)

PikxelisLV: I was scared to tilt my brand new samsung S24D340, but thanks to this video i did it, and it worked.

Brian Duncan: Thanks, just got the monitor and was scared of breaking it! I can't believe I doubted Samsung

Filip Kiko: Thx. I was too afraid that I'll break it :D

Paul Tout: THANK YOU

Sabien K: Gosh you saved my life man, i thought i had to go return it.... thanks!!

monst3r103: Thanks for posting this ,i thought it didnt tilt ,I propped mines up with a book lol

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How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24" Widescreen LED Monitor 5 out of 5

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How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24
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