How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24' Widescreen LED Monitor

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Julian Heath: The reason you get so many requests is because Samsung's instructions tell us absolutely nothing so; your video is very helpfull!

Mona Lisa: I could hardly understand what this guy was talking about as his has a very strange nasal voice and accent. Who wants to listen to an endless boring lecture how a monitor tilts - oh , give me a break ! My son of six would be able to explain in a few seconds !

Diogo Garcia Almeida: Jeez! I thought it was a default thing...
When i mounted It, it was... like... 3% tilt down and i didn´t understand why.
Gonna try this when i get home (I have a LS24D)

Lulink: Had a T220 at work.
Thought I had to do something complex to tilt it.
Looked-up a tutorial.
Felt really dumb when I just had to brute force it.

7/7 would tilt again.

Kyle: Jesus christ I feel like such an idiot not knowing you can do this.

Alex Panowko: tiltageddon ! looks like the base is about to crack but then it moves cool !

Rakka Etoile: Thank you. Just purchased this and was worried it didn't tilt and I was too scared to test it out myself 😅

Ma Ar: thank you so much. I thought it did not have this option until i saw this :)

Dt0x75: I have a Curved CF39 Series and it doesnt look like it tilts but it does up to 20 degrees

nounoukos: Its insane how hard is to tilt it the first time. I tried some times after i saw the video, but i thought something will definately break if i push harder. I disconnected the screen and put it upside- down, removed the bottom part to get a better grip and it tilted so surprisingly easy, i couldn't believe it! This tilt mechanism is designed by Samsung specialists to make you look like a fool

FreedomForce100: Who would thumb down such a helpful video? Samsung NEEDS to mention the tilt in their quick setup pamphlet. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!

tazdaman351: This is Samsung's fault for being cheap, thoughtless bastards. They could have put a "How to tilt your new monitor" sticker on the monitor itself when it's taken out of the box, but they didn't.

Andrea: me too, bloody monitor, I was afraid to use extra force on it! Thank you for this simple but still enlightening video....

Buzz Creatorz: Thanks broo😍

Sammiezlag: had a monitor for 7 years.. just coincidentally found out it can be tilted today from this video >.<

Dan O'Shea: Samsung B2030 model. It was so tight I didn't think it would tilt. That's why the many questions. After a search and finding this video, I simply tilted back with a harder than thought effort and back it went. But I understand why Samsung made it this way now, so it wouldn't loosen too much over time.

Brian Allen: My model was S22F352FHU. The manual said it tilted but I couldn't figure it out..... Thanks a lot.

Sabidesk: Thank you so much, Really Appreciated :)

InsaneBassNinja: my did tiet I first I thought it didn't

Paolina Miranda: Thank you! So simple, and I feel silly for having to look this up. This tutorial is much appreciated!!

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How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24" Widescreen LED Monitor 5 out of 5

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How To Tilt The Samsung SA300 24
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