Navionics IPhone App Review And Tutorial

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Brian Barrey: That’s strange, my android phone looks nothing like your menus, any ideas why yours and mine are different?

Steven Baxter: Hey ! The app isn't on my phone and I don't know how to get it or download charts so why don't you start at the beginning?

Lolly Ward: Does this work with just wifi iPads? If connected iPad to a phones hotspot.
Or is it even necessary, I believe iPads without cellular actually have gps. Any thoughts?

Tariq Al-Hammadi: Good job and nice quick, yet informative, review.

Jeff Persenaire: Yes I did hit the sonar chart button, I know this lake like the back of my hand, I fish there two days a week. I have a Lakemaster chip in my hummingbird with hundreds of waypoints and this Navionics is totally incorrect or missing many details where walleyes hide that I see on the Lakemaster.

Jeff Persenaire: I downloaded the navionics app, and it's terrible.I have lake master maps on my hummingbird, that are 10 times better.The detail of the lake map of navionics is a joke.My kid could draw more detail maps.

johi0511: Cool review! We have an app which I think compliments Navionics. It's called HelloSkipper, could you please check it out and tell me your opinion about it? It has live webcam photos, weather forecasts and all the info you need about the ports

Darkfire889: OP will surely deliver!

Gary Doering: Just bought the app and already pissed. The menu bar at the bottom is not at all like the one on this video. There is no gps selection. I can't place waypoints. There are no good instructions on how to do any of this. I downloaded a map and that is as far as I got.

Collin Doran: Are you able to make a track save it, then make a new track and see your old tracks? I cant figure it out on my phone

striper8311: hi how come on my navionics east coast app i dont have download map, and many more selections in my menu?, thanks in advance

kantucky: Of course, I meant, ADD, not AAD

kantucky: Daniel, you gave the best review I've ever seen on youtube before. You knew what you were talking about and you move quickly enough to hold an old man who has AAD attention

65dirt: What do I download to have Texas gulf waters

james little: i have been using this app since it has came out and i use it very often, one of the main reasons why i got an iphone.

Landon Tucker: OR android

RailFilm Productions: @BassinNW ok thanks!

RailFilm Productions: Wow that is a really neat feature! Do they have this app for blackberry cell phones? Thanks for sharing!

Navionics iPhone App Review and Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Navionics iPhone App Review and Tutorial
Navionics iPhone App Review and Tutorial
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