New Gamo PBA Bullet Vs. Crosman Destroyer .177 Caliber Shoot-out

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T: Will these Gamo's kill a skunk with a 30 to 40 ft range head shot?

Randy Blount: I've come to the conclusion that the Crosman destroyers are the best all-around pellet, they leave holes like a wadcutter, expand like a hollow point and penetrate like a pointed pellet. it's the best of all three worlds, I shot a sparrow using my Crosman fire with a destroyer and I hit it in the chest and the pellet went all the way through and came out near its ass with a trail of guts behind it! I found the pellet in a small crater just behind the bird in the mud and it had perfect expansion!!

curt wiebe: i prefer h&n hornets or spitkrugels for hunting very accurate good trajectory the hit like a frieght train out far

Kyle McCabe: great video but the intro sound audio gain is a little crazy compared to your voice

juniornowack pwi: Love the crossman ones i use them and will not use anything else

dopeofthepope: PBA are crap, they are just too light for high powered airguns (even for 12 fps). No accurate shots possible because of their supersonic speed. Destoyers are good to create some nice wound channels and they definitely have some nice take down power but they just aren´t accurate, too. Try Crosman Premier Hollow Point for supreme accuracy and nice wound channels up to 25 yards - by far the best pellets, in my opinion. For long range shooting above 25 yards, JSB Exact Heavy are ideal. 

Don Wilson: Did you not know Befor you did your test the Gamo pellet was not designed to expand when it hit the target the destroyer palette made of led was made to expand when it hit the target so that means the destroyer is going to make a bigger hole doesn't mean it penetrates better just going to make a bigger hole

Felipe Bravo: Personally, I prefer a cleaner non toxic wound. More meat to enjoy. PBA kills, I know for a fact.

JESUS OCEGUERA: It definitely tricked me, at long camera range the chicken looked like a goat's skull, but yea crosman destroyer pellets do a very good job plus and they're loud on my new gamo rifle sounded like I was shooting a .22 or but thats cause the pellet type they say other pellets are a bit quieter.

Jon Verde: Its a dodo bird he kept in his freezer!!! jk great video, dumb people suck.

Mikal Pedersen: @ Brice cook , you sir are absolutely stupid

Danny Ross: I'm an air rifle trader, so I shoot a lot of different air rifles to test them for accuracy at about 10 meters.  Invariably, at this distance, the Destroyer is the most consistently accurate of the pellets I try.  I'm not a hunter, really, so it's nice to now that they are also a good choice for performing in game.

Brice The Cookie Monster: Is that a rabbit your shooting that is dead if it is I am reporting you to the wild life police

BloodstainedSinner: Pretty low fps rating. I personally know that the Crosman Destroyers out of a 1200fps .177 pellet gun will blow a hole in a rabbit bigger than a .22lr. Why? I have no clue. I would assume it's because the Destroyer is made of soft led, and just mushrooms and explodes on impact, thus doing more damage, whereas the .22lr would typically go in, then split a part.

Nathan Hardesty: I use gamo coppers all the time...dropped 7 squirrels the last time I went...I mean, it's not chicken lol. I'll try these destroyers next time I'm at the store...thanks for the vid!

Nebojsa Kvrzic: I have benjamin and the velocity is 500 m/s so its really powerful

jake hernandez: if you gun was around 800 - 1000 fps that would be a lot of damage but at 465... not so much

sdphoto: You wouldn't get the same damage but there are others out there suited for different fps guns. I would still stick with led, the PBA's and other non led pellets just suck. If you are going to hunt tho I would suggest testing out a bunch of pellets. You can also look up an fpe calculator that will give you the foot pound energy associated with a pellet out of your gun. 12 fpe is a good level but requires more fps, all tho a higher fps gun give you more options even a .22 upgrade if your serious.

Lyecdevf: I thought at the beginning of the video that I was watching a skull of some animal. Only after you showed it from up close did I realize that it was a chicken.

reidairsofter: no, you would be far from this kind of damage. however you would see simular damage but not this much as he is using a 1000 fps air rifle(im assuming) and your pistol has 465 fps. the rifle has more knock down power

New Gamo PBA Bullet vs. Crosman Destroyer .177 Caliber Shoot-out 5 out of 5

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