DJI Naza Installation And Setup New Guide -- Part 3

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Nihar Ranjan Mahali: Hello sir, nice video....i have a question that is this dji naza m lite supports i-bus connection with receiver...?

Choe Seonghun: Very helpful for F450 setting

Mario Nardoni: I plugged in my Remote LED into my PC but every time it says USB Malfuntioned, anyone able to help?

Eren: His pentium d with w7 is faster than my next gen i5 with w10

Casa Del Amo: i would rather have Flight mode 1, M/ATTI/GPS , then use a second switch as flight mode 2 , which will give you FS/ATTI

shawn richards: I bought Futaba T8J and F450 Quadcopter with Naza Lite. The DJI assist software I use is DJI NAZAM Assistant 2.20. I downloaded the drivers so my LED unit is recognized by the PC, but when I move the reemote sticks the display screen doesn't move at all!!! I don't know if I haven't downloaded enough things yet. ANYONE HAVE ANY CLUES, THANKS

Olavo Morais: You would like to send me the setup that you use in this video of the assistant naza ... a link of yours for me to download here

Addin Thatt: at about 8min you start saying what you are going to do but doesn t make sense if you don t say why you are doing it

Waimea Boy: i entered zeros configuring the gps and it was fine. i measured and entered the xyz and results were the same. wondering why have the xyz if it doesn't make any difference in gps performance.

Jo Ong: Hi Ali,,,When I first time connect as per your video exacctly,,,there is a beeping sound coming from the motor or the esc just cannot distinguish which one,,,,can you help on this tq

carlos casas: finally ,I believe my setup was done on the naza m lite but doesn't start motors and neither acquire satellites signal, how you solve that problem

carlos casas: when I move my switch A on my Turnigy TGY i10 fo between the left side blue box to failsafe and then to the right blue box in the slider , why dont show me Manual and GPS selected in blue

Drohne Schweiz: ALISHANMAO
Are u using naza v2? how is that possible? naza has only 8 channels. I have a retractable gear, lights, pan and tild for gopro and fpv , and i dont find the way to connect all of them together, I'm using futaba 14sg with sbus. its a f550.
1234channels are movements,
5 gps,altitutde, manual
6 curs lock , home lock
7 failsafe.
8 empty
so i only have channel 8.
Please help!

SEKAR GNANASEKAR: hi, I like to build a quadcopter with gps, but I don't know where how to start build one, so pls guide me to build one,I like to do with the quadcopter is fly it A point to B point using gps location, (and I am in india, Chennai) pls tell me where to get the parts all so. i

Naveen Sharma: plz share gains value for f450

Chris James: Thanks for the walk through Ali! I've got everything working except the control mode selection. My Naza M Lite assistant shows the 'manual' selection disabled and moving the switch positions of switch C & G (my T8J has 2 3 position switches which are C & G, not C & E) does not move the mode slider from Atti to any other switch mode. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

So here's my setup:
Futaba T8J TX
Aux-Chan setup: Ch5 = SwC
Ch6 = VR
Ch7 = SwG
Ch 8 = DT6
Futaba R2008SB RX
DJI Naza M Lite with GPS
Channels 1-4 from RX to Naza A,E,T,R in order
Channel 5 from RX to Channel U
Channel 6 from RX to Channel X1
Channel 7 from RX to Channel X2
V-SEN wired to distribution wafer & plugged into port X3
DJI e310 motor & esc combo pack (4 motors)
Multistar 8000mAh 14.8v battery
AND... a quad of my own design: (ignore the orientation, its upside down)

Naza Assistant 1.0
Stick calibration = good
Voltage monitor = good (set for 4s)
Control Mode Switch = * Stuck in "Atti." * (manual dropdown box disabled)

I've walked through all 3 videos in this series several times. Any thoughts on what I've go configured wrong?

Nasos bhta: Hello i have a problem:i connect the battery,bind with my spectrum dx7s and then connect it to the computer with the cable that it came.I open the program but it doesn't detect it.i tried in another computer and the same results.What can i do ?

hopcup1: could u please make a video of what setting u need to adjust on ur radio and u receiver if i was just flying a basic quadcopter with kk.2 board???... i had a range problem with my radio and lost a quad....

VideoCandyuk: Ones you get to the field do you have to wait for the GPs to connect or ?

berkhatn: Go home works without gps? I don't understand when speak, not native speaker - please, write even if you say the same in video. What would you recommend for area, where gps signal oftentimes losts? Thank you.

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DJI Naza Installation and setup New Guide -- Part 3 5 out of 5

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