YFZ450 Chain Adjustment & Chain Lube

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Omeezy Live: Is this the same for a suzuki ltr450??

bvigo381: Very clear and concise, extremely helpful. Thanks a lot.

The Mechanic: motor oil will fall off your chain thats why when you don't run the bike for a while the pistons become dry unlike grease

Dakoda Johnson: awesome video vary helpful

Ryan Matthews: good ass video man. thanks

SKINGRIPZ HG: saved my ass brother. forgot about the hole to stick the allen wrench in and couldnt remember while doing it. much thanks !

Alinda Hamerpagt: Thanks for your great video. I couldn't find a good description in the service manual.  This year I did al the periodic checks myself and this was the last piece of my work. Now my ATV is ready for the crosstrack.

ToGodBeTheGlory!: more vids!

Good Times With CANESTIME: Thanks man, good tutorial and I've had the same issue with slinging lube from alot of the different lubes out there ( 4 to be exact )
Doing oil changes on our YZ450 & YFZ450 this weekend so I'll use the used oil trick....I'll be back if it slings, to cuss you out ;)

grenick85: nice video man, im picking up a 2009 red and white yfz this weekend, very excited! 

Steffan Ricketts: does any one know how to tighten a chain on a 2007 polaris predator 500. if any one does know how to then subscribe and send me a video on how to do it.

Alex Mazyck: Great, You are spectacular at explaining things unlike most you tubers who skip important details. I am definitely liking and subscribing!

joshnya661: Great Job !!!

Platinum Beanie: my disc wont move you know why ?

jarreau2001: Yeah on any vehicle you want to warm the oil up so any particulates will be suspended in the oil and the oil becomes loose so it drains easier. Obviously shut the bike back off before removing the drain plug or filter though.

RichGarcia Tv: ok thanks! and one more question before you change the oil on your bike do you start it up first?

eze83: Great video sir! Helped me adjust my chain perfectly. Nothing wrong with a little motor oil either ;)

Eric: Benefits to using off-road specific chain lube is they often have a wax-type component in the mixture so it will 'stick' to the chain, so to speak. Motor oil, on the other hand will fly right off. Not an issue, however, when it's contained by the engine casing..just not my recommendation for any external parts like the chain. Otherwise, very informative vid.

jarreau2001: Oil doesn't splatter for me. WD-40 is a cleaner not lube. I would never lube a chain with WD-40

RichGarcia Tv: hey i really really really want to lube my raptors chain but before i do it i see you used oil to lubricate it does it splatter all over the place when your riding after applying the oil? and also would you recommend using WD-40 to lube it also?

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YFZ450 Chain Adjustment & Chain Lube 5 out of 5

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YFZ450 Chain Adjustment & Chain Lube
YFZ450 Chain Adjustment & Chain Lube
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