Roland Camm 1 PNC 1000

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davidianmcclain: I don't know about the PNC1000, but the CM-12 won't run under Vista. I had to downgrade to XP to get drivers that would install.

teeeeeglze: nice wrk , im trying to decide which vinnyl cutter to buy a roland gx-24 or q-series cutter from signwarehouse you got any feedback for me id appreciate it which would you recommend and why?

teeeeeglze: yes thanx it helped alot im gonna get the q-series its made by graphtec its pretty fast to and yes im getting the arms system on it for regestration marks .are you in the t-shirt buisness or what , what you use your plotters for

Milán Radics: Roland Camm1 PNC 1000a win7 driver You can use your plotter on this OS, or any another OS, just you must export your vector graphic to "plt" file, with the right parameters, and copy to the lpt1 port. for example in dos mode: copy C:\plott.plt lpt1 You can makeing one bath file to the Desktop Cut.bat: @echo off copy c:\1.plt lpt1 The filename must to be 1.plt, and export to c:\ and finnish :) Have a fun ! :D

Cincinnati: Do you have the owners manual for this Roland?

ali tazali: Please help, has a Roland pnc1000, but there is no drivrutiner him, how I used it with visita

Angel Taylor: i need the settings to configure a pnc1000, its printing but print werever he wants, im printing in word do i need some special program? i using cs3 but nothing its printing need help please

Philip Youngerman: ...manual?

king1ari: Hi duzmastr, I've got the same vinyl plotter like the one you have posted here (CAMM1 PNC1000). The problem is that I can't use it with Win XP, I'm still using it with Win 98. Do you know if I can use it with XP, and if yes how? I would really appreciate if you could response to my comment

Philip Youngerman: Where can I get a copy of the user maua

duzmastr: I do screen print, vinyl lettering and graphics, sandblasted signs, ect.

duzmastr: I am partial to the Graphtecs. I own a FC2100 and an FC5100 along with this Roland. The Rolands I have had experience with are good plotters, just a little slow. A lot of this now are going Digital Print so when you buy your plotter mack sure is has registration mark detection for contour cutting. That way if later you decide to do printing, a large format solvent or UV printer is all you need. You can use the same cutter to contour cut your prints. I hope this helped.

JumpingBob: could you put in vinyl instead of A3 pages?

mighty1921: Hello ho can I get a driver for this cutter because I broke my cd with driver. If you have a driver can you send me? THX

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Roland Camm 1 PNC 1000
Roland Camm 1 PNC 1000
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1100
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1100
Roland CAMM-1 Vinyl Plotter Video
Roland CAMM-1 Vinyl Plotter Video

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