Samsung S125g Review

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Ka3Ty: Turning up the volume is easy. While making a call, or even as it is ringing, press the up side to the silver ring around the enter button and done. For some reason they send them to you on the lowest setting?

Corbin I.N.C: This phone is such a price of crap samsung gusto 2 a lot better in my opinion for only five dollars more.

KoalaCOD: I recently bought this phone and I was wondering if there's any way to unlock it so I can use it in other countries? Mine I believe is locked here in the United States, but I travel a lot. Would I have to call Tracfone?

clydecromey: Do you have any clue why the other person can't hear me when I make a call? New phone...I can hear them but they can't hear me.

Shugo489: Hey dude, when the keypad is locked, near the bottom left there's a green phone icon with a red crossed out circle next to it. What does that indicate? It's just on the other side of the text icon. I know the numbers signify how many calls or messages you've got. I see it on your phone too.

SouthernSalute: It's very similar to my dad's t105g, i told him he should upgrade to a better phone, I used to use tracfone, thank god I switched to tmobile, my old phone was the lg 430g, it was good but i wished they had a straight talk version also but I was disappointed when it was only on tracfone

gasdorfy munchy: THANKS !! new to cell phones i was puzzled why their are instuctions in the manual to remove the battery but not any reguarding the red button to restore power ?? WTF ?

Still Fill: I just got a cellphone like this. How do you turn on the speakerphone?

Shugo489: When I missed a call, the number in brackets went up and that icon stayed the same. Oh well, thanks for the fast response and info. I was just scared it meant I wasn't accepting calls.

bestprep11: You might have accidentally muted yourself: 1. DURING THE CALL, press the key below "Options." 2.Using your DOWN navigation key go to "Mute" and press the key in the center of your navigation keys. 3. To switch out of mute, press the key below "Options," highlight "Unmute" and press the CENTER key. Otherwise, it could be defective.

CWhite66744: How do I block an incoming number on my cell phone Samsung SGH-S125G Tracfone?

Goofy Goof: You're correct. No way to transfer to it using a cable or bluetooth, and many ringtones downloaded online don't work with it either. That's why they sell it for $8 or less.

bestprep11: Press and hold the red PWR/End key.

macroevolve: The non-pre-paid version of this, is the Samsung Duos E1182 that you can use with any carrier....not a tracfone.

Jack Livingston: Sound volume so low I can't hear on it.

clydecromey: Thanks...but they already shipped me a new phone and it looks like the old phone was defective. Thank you.

bestprep11: That's good to know. Thanks!

medny: This phone is basically the same as its predecessor the Samsung T105G with somewhat different exterior; the screen and menu appear to be the same. So it is disappointing in that you expect there to be new or different features, rather than the same thing in a different case.

bestprep11: I don't think you can install ringtones. No mobile web or multimedia messages.

Dawn Osmond: Thanks! Worked great :)

bestprep11: As far as I can tell, the crossed out circle indicates the number of missed calls. When I called the phone and ended the call without picking it up, the number went from 0 to 1. When I called it and took the call, the number stayed at 1.

Nobel West: I got this fone Friday Afternoon and happy with the tune it plays when i use the rapid refill feature on it.It replaces the old Moto W175g i had for hree years.Thanks for osting.

SouthernSalute: My current phone is the Nokia X2 for tmobile, I love it better then my old phone, it can play YouTube videos, better browser, lots of cool features, a full QWERTY keyboard, and more, wish it had a better camera though, it has a VGA camera, hope to get an iPhone next year.

unknownDragon1000: I got this phone. It said to charge it and I did, but then I can't turn it on. WHAT DO I DO? HELP!!!!!!!!

Arnold Sossou: i have one. should have gotten a samsung strotosphere 2.

bestprep11: The speaker phone option appears during a call (small speaker icon).

bestprep11: I'm not sure, I've heard the airtime system is in the firmware and remains even if the phone is unlocked.

bestprep11: I don't think you can. The ones that I know of that have this feature among Tracfones are the LG 420g (but not 440g) and LG 500g.

Berry Thach: no games in it

.:;El_Gallina:;.: Love this fone ;) as my back up one

bestprep11: True. S150g has them.

April TracFone: Hi Clydecromey, this is April from TracFone Wireless. I noticed your complaint on this blog and I would like to help you. Please send us your account information which includes your complete name, TracFone phone number and the phone's serial number so we can get this done immediately. You may send it to Thank you

unknownDragon1000: can you install ring tones? help me!

bestprep11: It's in predictive text mode (T9). To switch to "normal" mode, go to Messages > Create Message and move the cursor to the Message field. Select Options > Writing Options > Input Method and choose "Abc".

DarkAssassin929: I found you on Yahoo! Answers!

Dawn Osmond: Hi, could you tell me what all the symbols are on this phone to the left and right of the "0 +" button? I've tried texting with this and it makes up words, sometimes uses the first letter, then won't use the first letter, it's wacky! What am I doing wrong?

Samsung S125g review 4.2 out of 5

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