Samsung S125g Review

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Bushra Prome: how can i open sim lock?

Morris W: this phone is old I used to have the same phone but mine was solid white I still have the phone but I don't use it anymore it's phone looks like it's from the year 2000 everybody wants to smartphones nowadays this phone is like a brick i droped mine a few times and it never broke and the battery last 2 days before I had to charge it

miguel colon: Hi, do you or any other people know if i can switch the card to a phone with camera?

torn mask: it's a very good basic cell phone without the bells n' whistles that most folks prefer these days! thank you for this video presentation.

Rosa Soto: My phone just locked up like nothing

Elly NoCare: They also do the job to annoy the heck out of you for the PUK code!

525Lines: Battery on standby seems to last a lot longer than my old phone.

Bass BoosterHD: This phone is a piece of junk. I went through 2 samsungs and they both suck. 


marcha davis: baby, there is not even a case cover made for that phone

Brenda Marie: People still actually BUY this phone? If you receive public assistance (EBT/SNAP), you get this phone for FREE. It is 1/4 the size of my phone. If you are looking to JUST make calls or text (slowly because it only has a PHONE keyboard), this is a no-frills option. The basic of the basic.

Andrew awesome: Dues it have Bluetooth?

Corbin I.N.C: This phone is such a price of crap samsung gusto 2 a lot better in my opinion for only five dollars more.

Berry Thach: no games in it

Zayn Khan: I found you on Yahoo! Answers!

Jack Livingston: Sound volume so low I can't hear on it.

Arnold Sossou: i have one. should have gotten a samsung strotosphere 2.

medny: This phone is basically the same as its predecessor the Samsung T105G with somewhat different exterior; the screen and menu appear to be the same. So it is disappointing in that you expect there to be new or different features, rather than the same thing in a different case.

April TracFone: Hi Clydecromey, this is April from TracFone Wireless. I noticed your complaint on this blog and I would like to help you. Please send us your account information which includes your complete name, TracFone phone number and the phone's serial number so we can get this done immediately. You may send it to Thank you

Samsung S125g review 5 out of 5

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Samsung S125g review
Samsung S125g review
Samsung s125g review
Samsung s125g review
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Samsung S125G TracFone Review
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