Samsung S125g Review

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Aktar Molla: sir unlock kaise kere sim lock1

Bushra Prome: how can i open sim lock?

Morris W: this phone is old I used to have the same phone but mine was solid white I still have the phone but I don't use it anymore it's phone looks like it's from the year 2000 everybody wants to smartphones nowadays this phone is like a brick i droped mine a few times and it never broke and the battery last 2 days before I had to charge it

miguel colon: Hi, do you or any other people know if i can switch the card to a phone with camera?

torn mask: it's a very good basic cell phone without the bells n' whistles that most folks prefer these days! thank you for this video presentation.

Rosa Soto: My phone just locked up like nothing

Elly NoCare: They also do the job to annoy the heck out of you for the PUK code!

525Lines: Battery on standby seems to last a lot longer than my old phone.

Bass BoosterHD: This phone is a piece of junk. I went through 2 samsungs and they both suck. 


marcha davis: baby, there is not even a case cover made for that phone

Brenda Marie: People still actually BUY this phone? If you receive public assistance (EBT/SNAP), you get this phone for FREE. It is 1/4 the size of my phone. If you are looking to JUST make calls or text (slowly because it only has a PHONE keyboard), this is a no-frills option. The basic of the basic.

SJF FJS: Dues it have Bluetooth?

Corbin I.N.C: This phone is such a price of crap samsung gusto 2 a lot better in my opinion for only five dollars more.

Berry Thach: no games in it

Zayn Khan: I found you on Yahoo! Answers!

Jack Livingston: Sound volume so low I can't hear on it.

Arnold Sossou: i have one. should have gotten a samsung strotosphere 2.

medny: This phone is basically the same as its predecessor the Samsung T105G with somewhat different exterior; the screen and menu appear to be the same. So it is disappointing in that you expect there to be new or different features, rather than the same thing in a different case.

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Samsung S125g review 5 out of 5

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Samsung S125g review
Samsung S125g review
Samsung s125g review
Samsung s125g review
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