Straight Talk Huawei Ascend Y H866c Review

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Black Man Rising: This phone is absolute CRAP!

Thomas Webb: Does this phone take wwe2k

justsniped: I have this phone and frankly its not that bad
1: good size
2: very good battery, have it fully charged it'll last all day
3: good armour, I've dropped this thing a lot but no scratchs or broken idems

Bad things about it.
1: bad quality camera, if your looking for a cheap phone with a good camera, it isn't this one
2: low memory: this thing only has about 100 MB
(system memory)
3: can't run big apps or games, it lags a lot

good for small apps for like Kik, snapchat, IG, YouTube, etc

Janee Winland: Most likely, they took away the extra pixels from the camera because of the amount of time and tech they decided to put more attention into the computer of the device. Not really worth the amount of money overall, they ask for it. IMO.

Philip Gil: WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmstudios03: His camera whited out n I cant watch the video

alexis zoump: how can you check when your minutes expire asapĀ 

kdeezo326: SAVE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT GET THIS LOADED PIECE OF CRAP. This phone is for the old people that don't care about the speed, music, games, quality calling, and the slow txt messages. This phone IS a flip phone with a screen on it. YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ON IT. Automatic stupid slow updates take up space, too much space for nuthin, and wastes your time. #TeamAndroid/Droid: go for the galaxies and verizons
TeamApple/iPhone : go for the 4s and above

Devin Brutcher: I have the same phone but if you don't have a case and you drop it it will brake

Austin Revalee: dam auto correct

Austin Revalee: this phone is without a doubt the worst piece of crap phone I have ever had and I do not recommend for anybody ever made this phone should go great we jump off a freaking* bridge

brandon lewis: I own it and its great (huawei ascend plus)

brandon lewis: The huawei ascend plus is WAY BETTER

brandon lewis: This phone is pretty underpowered

bananakush4321: I rooted it and then my screen cracked. This is I swear the worst smart phone I've ever had, completely terrible.

Mark Jackson: How do you unlock it

stephani minguez: i bought this phone an i was ok with it for the first two weeks but now i can't have more then 62 contacts and contacts have erased them self and my netwok doesnt always work and i have lost pictures and i can only have one or two apps down loaded even tough i have an 8 gb sd card i would never tell anyone to buy this phone

marquita reynolds: with this phone u need to purchase the insurance pack bc something always happens to it and u cant add many apps. I don't like it at all.

devyn whatsherface: I've seen this priced anywhere from $99 to $199. My old phone finally shat itself and I found this one reconditioned on straight talk's site for $49. Since the phone that just quit on me wasn't a smartphone and cost me upwards of $80, I figured this would be a decent introduction to the android/smartphone world. I'm sorry to see a lot of people complaining about it. How the wifi? This is the main reason I opted for a 'smarter'' phone, since mobile net tends to suuuuuck. Well, and apps.

SergSpace: What happened with video after 1:38? Why it's blank?

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Straight Talk Huawei Ascend Y H866c Review 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk Huawei Ascend Y H866c Review
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