Headlight Bulb Replacement Ford Focus

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Vorn Field: When anyone says it`s easy you can guarantee it isn`t

adamscott: Tried doing this at 1am apart from everything stayed in situ - How hard can it be to change a bulb on the passenger side? Well it took 3 freaking hours for me to do - the retainer clip being a complete nightmare and could barely see anything past the battery! Yes I suck with mechanics etc but what a crapty  design - will probably remove something to access it better in the future.

j callaghan: Holy crap that's totally not needed, I can do it without all that nonsense!!

robbie7green: you don't have to do it this way, I wasn't sure how to do it, so went to garage and guy had it changed In 2 min, you take back light cover of , you just force it off. change bulb and click cover back on again, garage charger me £6.99 for their trouble. :-(((

kamandagcom: You just need to take the battery cover not the whole casing, unless you have really massive hands. Its pretty easy as long as you have an idea the sequence of removing it. The hardest part for me is removing and putting back the weather cover at the back of the headlight!!!! Apart from that everything is easy!

Muncie Robson: I had both head light bulbs changed today at halfords. It took about 5 minutes to do both and no tools were used whatsoever. I have an 04 mark 1 (facelift) focus. I watched so I can do it myself next time! I am no DIY enthusiast but I'm confident I can do it next they need changing!

cheekymonkey61: This guy ,does know what he is doing ,but ,its a lot easier just to take the whole headlight off, believe me, its 2 nuts ,and then the big black plug, and then the whole head light comes straight out ,this little job ,is a pain up the ar**,just to change the bulbs :(

JONATHAN3034: Also, use your phone's camera with flash to get a helpful pic of what you're doing!

JONATHAN3034: This bulb is a real pain. The bulb compartment cover cannot be swung up and open because the pan that the battery sits in is in the way, meaning you have to remove everything as described in this video. I couldn't be bothered to do that so I firced it up and it broke the retaining points for the top of the cover. Now it just clips in with the wire holder which seems to do the job on its own anyway. The fiddly part is the retaining clip for the actual bulb, which is a total biatch. You have to make sure it goes AROUND the black plastic part at the back end of the new buld and doesn't get caught up in it instead. I found it easier to do if you fit the retaining clip around the bulb a bit before you push it fully into place. Hopefully this helps someone swear a bit less than I did!

Miguel Pereira: Isn't easy to just take the headlight?

cicstommy: Note to anyone attempting to do the passenger side bulb: it's a pain in the f***in ass! U wanna give yourself a couple of days really lol
@alistairyoung dude tell me about it, I struggled for ages with that cover, just at the point when I went to grab a hammer to smash it to pieces I managed to get it to clip in, so dint have to remove the battery etc. Very poor design tho, wonder how much dealers charge to fit a bulb these days?

alistair young: wow! this is like micro surgery ive managed to replace the 2 bulbs and figure out how the clip goes on the right way i did this blind as its almost impossible to see what your doing its taken about 1 hour to do this simple task as i didnt want to disconnect battery as i dont know the code to re-connect it ....anyway i now cannot fit the black plastic cover back it seems impossible to get the lugs of the cover into the holes provided as there is always something in the way . i must admit it was a bitch to get off in the first place god help me...................

Keith Melton: Isn't there like only 3 bolts and a clip to remove the headlight assembly?

Jay Dubster: Thanks for taking the time to video this dude, really appreciated.
As for all the smart alec's below shouting 'you don't need to remove anything, 2 minute job' etc, I don't see your frikkin '2 minute guide' to solving this bastid of a problem!
Bottom line is, Ford designers need shooting for this design, no wonder so many cars on the road only have one working headlight grrr 
Keep It Simple, Stupid!!

Snail915: On my mums car... That clip is a fricking mick take! Why can't they make it like a house bulb? Simply twist out, pull, put cables on the new bulb, push in, twist click done... Oh wait... Thats how my peugeot is done...

iboldilox: You Sir are a true legend. Why manufacturers insist on making it so difficult to change a simple headlight bulb is truly beyond me. This video really helped. Once I'd seen the video, I managed to do the passenger side in under 20 minutes. I couldn't unclip the hoses from the battery tray once I'd removed the 3 bolts holding it in place, so just lifted it a little & managed to move it out the way enough to get the job done. Sadly, I forgot to put the dust cap back on to the rear of the headlight before I put the battery back in place. Luckily it only took my a couple minutes to sort it out.

In all honest it took me longer to do the drivers side, due to the lack of space behind the unit.

Personally, I recommend you have a mirror & a torch to hand to be able see behind the headlight & you do the passenger side before the drivers side to get an idea of whats involved when replacing the bulbs.

possibiltieshorizon: Great video, but if I would have known it is so complicated putting a bulb in I would have let Halfords put it in for a couple of quid when i bought the bulb.
Thanks you have saved lots of angst and money.

Nic Dougall: Thanks!

googleboughtmee: '99 1.8i MK1, i took the battery cover off but I don't think I even needed to do that to be honest. didn't seem to make any difference. Drivers side was just as easy as passenger, perhaps even easier, to get to.

Malita Adrian: bullcrap! only somebody with disability's need to remove the battery

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Headlight Bulb Replacement Ford Focus 5 out of 5

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