DJI Naza Installation And Setup New Guide -- Part 1

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Mo Bilal: Can i use 6 channel transmitter

hari prasad: How to connect Naza M lite and Brushless gimble to 8ch receiver?

I Wonder: does the naza m v2 power up the receiver ?

Rian Acklin: all you guys not connecting should understand that only 8 wires (Quad) should be plugged into your Naza. The 4 from ESC M1 - M4. The S-BUS servo lead from port X2 into the S-BUS port on the RX!!!! The V-SEN servo lead goes into port X3. Then the standard L.E.D. and GPS connections go in their designated place. Thats it fellas...I had problems until I switched TX and RX. I went from a DT7 and the accompanying RX and never achieved flight, let alone connection to Naza. So I wound up buying a Radiolink AT9 with the R9ds rx and connected and flying within hours of delivery...Hope this helps you. Oh yeah the TX and RX are less than 100 on Amazon with Prime next day delivery...

Dilip L: Hi i have some questions, a total newbie.
Can you put some detailed pictures of the wiring between the naza and the receiver (which colour cables are on the upper end on both the parts...naza and receiver). and then the right way to connect the esc to the naza. thanks

swankypotter: will this system work with any tx and rx?

Olavo Morais: You would like to send me the setup that you use in this video of the assistant naza ... a link of yours for me to download here.

TPT Vlogs: very good

Saransh Lakra: What ll happen if i connect bec esc without cut red wire to naza m lite?

Julien Stafie: can anyone help me to ?...i have flysky fs i6 transmiter with ia6b receiver and i cant get it to work with naza m lite ....kepp showing me the error ""abnormal cfg error...." yep im a total noob ...i just falowed some videos on youtube ...but nothing seems to work ..

trump wilson: can I install this on a eachine tilt rotor,so I can have auto pilot features?

manuel montes: that stuff can work in my brushless syma??? please

Mr. Technoholic: sir which controller should I use for controlling camera

shoaib khan: sir, Please help me
how to make connections between quanum i8 and naza m lite.
Help Me.

Julien Stafie: please help to make conections between flysky fs-ia6b and naza m lite ? can you help me please ?

Waimea Boy: i can't even connect mine to the naza m lite assistant. i waste my money

Kyriakos Nikolaidis: sir i watch your video for many years and would like to tell you that you make great jop!!!
i have a question and i need your help..... i have the ((( naza m lite))) and for transmitter the (((flysky fs-i6))). its work evrethyng great..!! BUT i update the firmware to have 10 channels but now i need help to choose the better receiver for the dji naza m lite... i dont speek very good english but i have see many videos and tolk about IBUS PWM PPM.... i dont now what to do at this point ... on dji menu i have 1. (tratition) 2. (d-bus) 3.(ppm) what its beter to choose? (((Flysky-FS-IA10B)))-(10ch-Receiver) its work with dji naza m? or its beter to choose the Flysky (((FS-iA6B))) Receiver PPM Output w/iBus for Flysky i4 i6 i10 ?

Steve bridgesSteveBridges: I have a question, I had set my system up as per you 3 part instruction, worked great, Thank you. But now I am building a new quad with DJI NAZA and the Futaba T8J radio, when I went in and tried calibrating the receiver the stick movement does not show up in the DJI assist program. I can arm and disarm the motors with the stick movements but it does not show up in NAZA, any ideas?? Any assistance would be appreciated

carlos casas: I \solve my problem with the connection , is just that the board is so picky with the kind of cable we connect .

carlos casas: hello , your videos are great , I m assembling a supercopter also , but when I try to connect with any computer my naza don't connect or show on COM ports , what to do ?

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DJI Naza Installation and setup New Guide -- Part 1
DJI Naza Installation and setup New Guide -- Part 1
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