PS3 Easy Platinum Trophy

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MrPerksOnly: @BillycatBoyz1 Thats nothing Ive had the account I use now for almost a year and I am 5 trophies away from 600 trophies I dont even play that much

787Dante: Dead Space isn't an easy platinum and G.I. Joe is one of the worst games I've ever played.

Samaitis: @fudgehog68 sucks

SSJvegito501: haha, dead space may not be time consuming but it's difficult

jonathanrollings: @04Werderfan That was my first plat. Such a great game. Would have platinumed the others but they had to add multiplayer.

Rick Wolvers: I hate this music!!!

RJCloud09: @rrichard83 no the gta4 platinum is really easy just long...... ppl get long and hard mixed up

TanookiBear: Madden 10? god I would kill myself before laying a finger on that platinum.

RagingFly: song name?

Angel R. Aranda G.: Easy Trophies sucks dude, games likes Cloud with a change of Meatcrap, Up and stuff they should not have the Platinum... and why the freak do u put Dead Space like and Easy Trophy Game? Is not that easy to get,

ZeroHRTv: Transformers dark of the moon is very easy too mate, check out my channel for my top 10 easiest plats

kevownzu: wreckonize89 = trophy whore in training.

ThreeDaysOfDan: i was trying to be happy by watchingt this b ut no u have to put up a song that made me cry , ugh i hate geting dumped n then arguing n crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw thanks i scored 3 platnums!

DRDRA1997: burnout paradise and tekken 6 its too freak easy (my only platinums ;) )u only need internet in the booth for have platinum and to have terminator salvation its very good for the people who need gold trophies lol

IwillBlow YouUp: kinda crap games.... =.=

roflmao826: How the hell is Dead space easy??

remolocity: madden?

FlAvIuS861: terminator just go and finish the game on hard difficulty and u get platinum

Andres Torres: Hey dude what is the name of that song???

MrDaantjuh13: Lol black ops is easy and i almost got mw3 platinum

ZeroHRTv: so is trine and terminator, very easy, i have made my own top 10 easy plats, soon i will be doing a vid on who to get 5/6 plats in one day, check out my channel :)

tekkitout taylor: What about megamind I've got platinum for it

Nahkriin Grimes: it was easy but it took me a while to get it cause i have life unlike some other ppl

stiko1996: @alivape mw2 isnt that hard only spec ops . gta 4 its pretty hard online freaking wanted trophie and petrovich...

BIGMIZ16: what about megamind

C. Mickel: @ojmar1 Hahahhahaha, that was the funniest platinum trophy ever! And all of the trophies were gold ones!~

slashthe2nd: Resistance 3 is easy as well

rrichard83: @xXimbehinduXx haha true.

787Dante: @RJCloud09 I couldn't get trophies on GTA4

DrumDrumDrumDrumBoy: @BloodGTRproductions lbp is easy man, i got it under a week and yeah i know what ur gonna say (acing, prize bubbles and hearts), so if u need help just ask questions man!

Mathew Mohan: lol i have the platinum trophies for Cod5,Cod6, Little Big Planet, assassin's creed 2 and burnout paradise...NOT EASY GAMES

G4MERM4D09: @04Werderfan feathers take Ages tho

XxShAnE07Xx: you forgot the Game SAW, that one is to get the Platinum Trophie

HkForby: People care about trophies? News to me :[

MrRaid3n: @Fish61324 Aint being literal because technically every human being has a life.:P But it's so freaking hard... I mean, I'm finding difficulty with the giant scorpion on Titan atm, let alone Zeus. The rest was easy. Only Get Stoned from Challenge of Olympus is the really hard 1 that i have yet to complete.

RocketBoy762: dont get G i Joe Hanna Montana and terminator salvation. the points u get arnt worth your dignity...

Bruin: @eshawman im at level 5 with 200 trophies and i had my ps3 for 1 year

Kavoz92: DEAD SPACE?!?!?!?!? And where is Terminator Salvation???

aav727xx: this song is irratating and its not even cool...this songs every video i put on!

vaztard1: try white knight chronicles easiest

RJCloud09: @MrRaid3n just to let you no ppl get easy mixed up with long it is easy just long.....

ZeroHRTv: Very easy plat, I have made a vid response of my recent top 10 easy plats 2012, check it out

Sergio Savino: @omeed2222 No , hannah montanna is the easiest.

vivasto: Lol u forgot megamind, terminator salvation, lbp, lbp2 and burnout paradise

Yui tachibana: gran turismo 5 is the hardest trophy in the ps3

Hellstenen: The easiest game to get a platinum trophy in is: 涼風のメルト - days in the sanctuary - Right now 97.5% of the players who have this game also have the platinum. It got 11 gold trophies and 1 platinum trophy. It takes 1-2 hours to get it. You don't even have to know japanese.

Joe Davies: any1 no what this song is called please ?

drumz20089: Just Cause 2 is an easy plat, but sometimes requires patience.

Joshua Chua: lol years 3+ games so easy, EXCEPT LITTLEBIGPLANET

MrSpidermanfan1: please terminator salvation just complet the game on hard then do it again on medium platinums in your hands

PS3 Easy Platinum trophy 3 out of 5

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