JLS 2010 Airsoft Blowback Pistol Review

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Trevor David: Really Good review for first

james6358 - GhostNappaGaming: @lalalla50 no suggesstions... my motor just stopped working too. so I am down to one pistol now. But I don't even do airsoft anymore so not a big deal for me

Kristian B: lol i ordered this gun and they sent me the gun you wanted

SpetS: 15 bucks? damn they sell it for like 50 dolars here, i was going to buy this replica, but thanks to this video i will not

james6358 - GhostNappaGaming: dude....it was the first video I have ever made... Give me a freakin break

james6358 - GhostNappaGaming: i know... I did... 15 each = 30

james6358 - GhostNappaGaming: ... This was before i found out that this gun sucks balls... sorry

dominic970: JLS guns r rubbish.

792218005: Sweet. Thanks for making a review for this gun. I've been thinking about buying one and I've learned a lot of new things about it from your video. I honestly don't see whats with all of the negative comments...

SaifTheDarkKnight: where can i buy 1

TANEM315: wut the freaks wrong with all you other commenters, this review wasnt bad at all. its all useful info and the music wasnt too loud. u haters make me want to vomit

energizing: i just got the JLS 2016 but u just said the same thing over and over for 5 min

smokeyzombie: i h8 that orange tip u shouldn't use music in a review vid tho good enough for being a first vid

HansDieter94: you arenĀ“t cool

james6358 - GhostNappaGaming: what???

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JLS 2010 Airsoft Blowback Pistol Review 5 out of 5

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