7.3L PSD - How To: Replace Water Pump

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John Ubias: strap wrench on the waterpump pully gets it every time no fancy wrench no cluch fan wrench none of that

Matthew Witkowski: What type of coolant do you have in your truck? I have a 2002 7.3 with the gold coolant. That looks like Dex-Cool.

David Jones: can you just not sawzall the clutch since your replacing it and save time on removal.

Kristian Getting: Do you by chance have part numbers or a source for the tools you used? The 48mm (1-7/8") wrench I can find, its the holding tool (54mm) thats difficult to purchase by itself...

Konstantin Ivanov: little bit of cavitation there bud

Terry Martin: Whats the part number for that air filter?

Jose Mancia: Great tips. I'm about to embark on this journey myself and I'm not a mechanic

Mark Brown: wow dig the tornado sound effects and that bottom radiator hose trick was totally sick!  Presented by aggie radiator. :)

Andrew Stevens: Come to find out it was my pump leaking and I have a new pump and I'm gonna do the install myself and I wanted to ask why not leave the serpentine belt on while you break the clutch fan but lose? Looks like that'd hold it tight.

Eric Hight: I laughed out loud when you douched yourself with that lower hose

Andrew Stevens: Not sure if my water pump is leaking or not. On the lower radiator hose where it connects to the water pump has coolant on the bolts and coolant is leaking off my lower radiator hose. If a water pump is leaking will my lower connector hose have coolant on it? By the way the truck only leaks when it's been driven then shut off for a few hours.

Justin Sefcik: That puke doe lol

Juan Pérez: Did you use re-build one , (remanufactured)? Or ford? How much

EvinLee Archer: installed a new pump from federated, t-stat bolts went part way in and the back one snapped, takin pump back off, threads in pump were incooect

Bobby T: Good Job .. no vise grips ever ..unless you broke something off. ..lol...the pet rooster will not break ..seems like you are rushing ..you did a nice job but made your life harder by not pulling the hoses ..belt and sensors first ..you run a risk of no start after install if you dont protect those sensors ... The clutch fan is hard I agree .best is to loosen 2 of the fan pulley bolts if you can and wedge a breaker bar to stop rotation ..i use a a big pipe wrench to grab the fan clutch nut after that ..its a tight fit but really easy ..Ive also rented a fan clutch pully kit (advanced auto parts) in the past.. wich helps ..but still difficult ..nice job and thanks for the video..

queenofspadz: Do you absolutely have to remove the degas bottle?

Ma K: Is it really neccessary to waste everyones time with useless information on how to loosen a radiator drain rooster with the correct wrench or socket? There are not any persons who haven't turned a wrench watching. Next time just get to what is important. Thanks.

Joseph Krahn: Thanks for the video

Joseph Krahn: For those of you who don't have the fan clutch wrench leave the belt on, get a 1-7/8" wrench, and a BFH.  Giving it a few wacks worked for me.

Ben Miller: Thats about a bitch more like it! thanks for the video it was a tremendous help

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7.3L PSD - How To: Replace Water Pump 5 out of 5

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