Driving 2005 Honda Accord EX-L I-VTEC 2.4L Auto Part 1/2

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zedzero77: milan lucic

Lee L: Man.. You really like sayin "Milan".. Do you think you're in Italy by saying it so much?

jesussaves13: I think the i-VTEC got quieter because the engine was now a double overhead cam rather than a SOHC and other components were probably changed.

Steven Lebbing: Those Honda's are nice my cousin he has a 2003 or maybe it's a 04 Honda Accord Coupe 2.4 in server he got it new man those engine have a nice sound to them and it has over 65,000 miles on it he got it bread new so i think he has had it for like 10 or 11 years now he still has it well i did a cold start of it last night also i did a cold start on my uncle Honda CRV i beleave his a 2008 or 09 i know his is the 3th gen man both of those cars started right up in the cold those Honda's always start so well even that when it's really cold outside so if you wanna see them go to my channel Foosefan15

Dan Wang: but i still laugh. lol :) not being mean, I just find it funny. haha

mercmilan06: Well automakers don't equip vehicles with them for the hell of it. The only thing preventing your vehicle from moving is the parking pawl in the transmission. They do fail...and your car may or may not roll down a hill and knock over the sign outside your high school. That didn't happen to me but one kid's car did do that...best to fasten the car down just in case if just to take stress off the tranny.

Dan Wang: I laugh at people who use E-brake on automatics... I mean its a Automatic... -_-

SGDevotee: Wow, something weird I spotted when you turned on the car... why didn't it chime?! :O Just wondering, doesn't it have a chime to it??

Zach Davis: I have an 06 and its not a bad car. The ride is very compliant and it doesnt follow dips in the road like other midsized sedans. I think the 7th gen Accord has my favorite interior of the time too. And lets not forget that awesome engine!

ianmattl: too much power!? no such thing do you mean the gas pedal is too sensitive?

mercmilan06: The 2.4L has plenty of power and it's pretty darn smooth too, nice transmission. The V6 engine isn't needed for comfortable highway cruising either...I really like these cars.

Jakeman21642: Never realized you had videos on this generation of accord! What do you think of the 4 cylinder model? After driving my friend's 3.0 sedan around yesterday I loved it but I feel like the 3.0 is too much power for me not to mention gas would probably be a bitch.

Rolling Fanatics: K24 3

mercmilan06: I still liked the Milan better because it felt so much more substantial on the road and I liked the interior more. The Accord feels like a more high quality vehicle and it is faster, more fuel efficient, and has a more refined engine. The steering/handling on the Milan is more European feeling than the softly sprung Accord.

nemesis drifter: honda accord 03-07 are great I have a 2004 model had driven 219284 KM mileage I had the transmision problem but still its the best car I had

leerayray: Thank you for the reply. It's great to hear that the car is holding up nicely. This makes my decision much easier. :)

mercmilan06: Oh that was just me hitting the cruise control button on the steering wheel by accident...the car still has less than 40k miles on it and they just got back from Florida today in it (I live in Vermont). It's very reliable, has never broken, and they love it and so do I.

leerayray: What is the green light that was flashing in the dash @ 3:02? I'm looking at a used Accord. 2005 just like the one if the video but I have heard that Accords were plagued by transmission problems. I just wanted to know if your grandparents still have this car and how it's holding up right now.

Charlie Arvidsson: vtec did not kick in yo

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Driving 2005 Honda Accord EX-L i-VTEC 2.4L auto Part 1/2 5 out of 5

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