HOW TO Clean & Rebuild Tecumseh Snowblower Carburetor PART 3 OF 4

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Mike D: very helpful --thanks

KootenayBoy DIY: great video thank you, I have a question Im hoping someone can answer, on the front (out facing) side of the carb there are two holes and a small crack I know the crack is not stock but are the pin holes? Im having a hell of a time with gas pissing out the carb and Im Im wondering if these holes are supposed to be there indicative of another issue (bleeder or bypass etc) or if there not normal (I ask because they are in line and look like they are designed that way? but Ive also heard these carbs get holes because of the gas eating them

Jordan sullivan: what's the model number on this carb?

gail: DONY my lawnboy easy mulch mower..WHAT si the MEASUREMENT to adjust METAL float on tecumseh carb? some say 11/64th drill bit but people say its different measurement in a metal float verses the white plastic float..let me know..thanks.gail don't have tool

gail: DON..One big question..the PLASTIC FUEL INLET FITTING (ON MY LAWNBOY TECUMSEH CARB -mower) ..when i removed old fuel hose the part started does not i need to replace? it goes around in a circle, but NO gas leaking..thannks again! I know its press fitted Gail

lilgay reign: what is the number of the kit

Kleffner Music: hey donyboy73 can you give me the spec of the width on the Tecumseh carburetor tool. Spacing for the float to bowl.....i.e. .25 .125 .187 or 1/4 1/8 3/16 if all you got is a tape measure

W. Gator: W. Gator 1 second ago
Don, CTC is still playing your video here in Gander. I have a problem with my lawn mower. It sucks the primer bulb in an then shuts off, I hook it out and it is good for a while, then it does it again, what is the problem and do you have a video on it?

Ed Woosters: Don such excellent videos, total detail, no camera shake, thorough. 

My Tecumseh carb problem is thus.  Shortly after I start the snow blower then make a right hand loop turn gas pours out of the carb.  I pulled the carb off today to inspect it and found where the fuel is coming from.  To the right of the welsh plug above the # 516 very close to where the priming bulb tube comes into the carb is a tiny pinhole.  It looks like it's supposed to be there not like corrosion or a crack.  Another strange thing, even if gas is pouring out of the pin hole the engine keeps running though rough because the fuel supply is inconsistent. 
Ed W

jdt1130: Hi Don,

First, excellent videos.  You are great at what you do, and you help so many people with your videos.

I have a Craftsman snowblower with a Tecumseh engine.  I'm having carb issues.  Gas is pouring out of my carburetor.  I'm fairly certain that the bowl gasket is sealed properly.  The gas flows out when I unscrew the bowl adjustment screw past 1/2 turn.  So unless the adjustment screw is tight against the fixed nut of the jet, gas just pours out.  What gives?

Benjamin Marshall: thank you so much. I had to rebuild a carb on a go kart and you helped so much. we would have never gotten it done without this video

slimjimandpepsi: hey donyboy, my 3 hp tec. carb on my snowblower has a hole on the side, is it missing a needle or a screw?

donyboy73: let me know how you make out

Thomas Blankenship: That explains why we don't feel fuel, we change both o-rings on the emulsion tube and used the back end of the drill bit to put it in place. Thanks for getting back so fast.

donyboy73: the bulb in the tecumseh only pushes air in, you may want to check the emulsion tube, there are 2 o-rings, do a search onmy channel for emulsion tube

Thomas Blankenship: Like the others I want to thank you for the indepth videos. A friend and I are rebuiding LEV120 with a 640142 Carb. The engine is all together, we rebuild the carb but now it will only run when we pour the gas. I doesn't feel like the primer (new) bulb is pulling any fuel. This project if for the Rehabilitation Project in our area. Any suggestions, we are out of guesses.

Al Pratte: Hi Dony, first...Great videos! Thanks for posting. I have a Tecumseh 8hp Noma snowthrower that just won't start. I worked great last season, now won't turn over. I changed the plug , but still nothing. Any suggestions? We have a blizzard heading this way. Thanks in advance. Al, in lil' Rhody RI

G Bob: The needle and seat on the float eh! I'll try that tomorrow. Great videos by the way keep it up

donyboy73: check the needle and seat

G Bob: Hey Dony, I tore my carb apart as usual without any issues. My problem now is that when I shut the motor down I'm leaking fuel like crazy!!!!! I've never seen this before and am stumped as to what I've done wrong. My float bowl is lined up exactly the way you've done and doesn't seem stuck after checking twice. Any ideas?

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HOW TO  Clean & Rebuild Tecumseh Snowblower Carburetor PART 3 OF 4
HOW TO Clean & Rebuild Tecumseh Snowblower Carburetor PART 3 OF 4
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